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  1. Good morning all, Thank you so much for helping me out. I hope this is a little clearer to what I am trying to establish. I am exactly referring to 38 USC 1114 - Rates of Wartime Disability Compensation. I am a combat disabled veteran rated at 30% according to the above reference, c) if and while the disability is rated 30 percent the monthly compensation shall be $376; then from 38 USC 1115 Additional Compensation for Dependents B) has a spouse and one or more children, $259 plus $75 for each child in excess of one; It states monthly compensation but I have not been getting any funds from this. Do I have to apply for special monthly compensation pay through the VA? OR Do I have to apply for Combat Related Special Compensation because it is combat through my service? Neither reference tells where to apply for benefits. Its not clear to me. Currently, I am receiving 100% P&T, 60, 50, 30, 30, 20,20,20,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10. I do not receive any special monthly compensation pay. I believe that I am entitled to SMC based off of the information in the USC 1114 but don't know how to go about asking for it. I have spoke to several VA reps and the just send me a request 21-526EZ in mail. Thank you for all the support and help.
  2. Good morning, Thank you for your response. I have read both USC 1114 and 1115. I will read 38 CFR 3.350. How do I file for special compensation pay for the entitlement based on the USC 1115? Please be patient with me for I am just learning about this.
  3. Yes, the link you posted is what I referring to. Is this considered to be Special Compensation Pay or CRSC that I put a claim in through my branch?
  4. Good afternoon all, I'm new to the forum. I am 100% service connected combat veteran who received 30% for PTSD. Under the USC 1115 it states that I can receive $376 for my 30% rating for special compensation pay. Do I apply for this or is this paid under CRSC? Thank you in advance.
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