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  1. Hi OTEY 2171, I am presuming you are having an acute exacerbation of MS and will be receiving the prednisone/steroids via I.V. for a five-day course? I have MS (service-connected) and I have received the I.V. treatment once; it was a three-day course of one thousand miligrams per day. MS affects everyone differently as do the treatments for MS. I had the treatments on three successive days and after each treatment I felt so weak and wiped out; the exact opposite of what the treatment is suppossed to do. I would like to tell you that retrobulbar cataracts are a side effect of steroid/prednisone treatment. I hope you feel better soon. Sincerely, H.G.
  2. First off, I want to say Hadit is NUMBER ONE for information and T-Bird is the best!!! Happy Holidays to all. ALLEN: the aricles/links are informative and I read them with great interest, just wanted to say thank you. H.G.
  3. Great going Berta! Mega-congratulations for earning your degree! HolliG.
  4. Hi, I read the case and saw ovaries are mentioned also. I know a female veteran who had recurring ovarian cysts and it was decided to remove one ovary plus the fallopian tube and the cysts. So, I wonder if she (or all female veterans with a similar situation or even menopause for that matter) should apply for loss of a creative organ? One never knows what will be on Hadit and that, in my opinion, is the beauty of it. Hadit Rocks! H.G
  5. Hello, perhaps Mil.com (or whomever) is attempting to implement widespread panic in our Hadit community and if that is the case, "THEY" should be ashamed. Before I begin my own personal panic I plan to page back to where I first saw this topic come up (anyone else interested page back several times and look for Berta's post) and read. I agree with dman001948 in that this is scary, however, it can be viewed as a heads-up, an advance warning, if you will. Save as much money as you are able, now instead of later. Explore insurance options for loved ones. But, to me, this sounds like a way to tax the C&P money. My husband said in all likely-hood, someday taxing the $$ from the VA would happen and despite my protestations to the contrary, he told me Social Security $$ was tax free at one time. Hmmm...this country had to find some way to refill the coffers after the war, aha! Taxes. Fast forward several decades. Interesting times. H.G.
  6. Hi JR Reihs, I signed many documents, submitted many documents, requested many documents for and to OPM. Of particular note is your statement about the "downside"...exactly my point here, I can not and will not take a chance at jepordizing (sp?) my hard fought for VA and SS should anything go wrong. H.G.
  7. Hello Free, many thanks for your informative post, I appreciate the time you took to explain the different options. I am seeking a M.A. in Psychology, my undergrad degree major is Social Science and a minor in Psych. I retired from a federal civil service position a few years ago, applied for disability retirement which was approved and along with federal disability retirement, it is mandatory to apply for SSDI. As part of the FERS (Federal Employment Retirement System), the applicant must sign legal and binding documents to acknowledge awareness and the illegality of seeking other employment. If the retiree does not adhere to the terms of their retirement, $250,000.00 or a maximun of five years in federal prison will be imposed upon the offender. The SSA says I can not make any money. My husband and I depend on this money. Also, as my dear husband reminds me (out of his concern) I am ill and must take care of myself lest I slip further down the slippery slope of unpredictable multiple sclerosis. Again, I appreciate the time and effort you took with your post. Free Spirit, please accept my heartfelt thanks. Holli
  8. Hello, I will preface my post with an apology lest I unintentionally %*#@ anyone off. :) First, I am thankful and grateful for the compensation and benefits the VA has seen fit to award me for my schedular 100% service-connected, T&P diseases of multiple sclerosis and asthma. At this point in my life I would very much like to earn my Masters degree at my B.A. alma mater. I do not learn as well in an online environment, interaction with fellow classmates works best. It appears I fit in no category for VA help with financing my Masters; I have spoken to the Voc Rehab rep and he told me I am not eligible. Independent Living? grab bars are already installed in my tub. The bulk of my time has been spent searching for grants, scholarships, etc. The Stafford loan appears to be my best and only option. BTW-I am a peace-time era vet with two sets of active duty: 1st:Sept. 80-Sept. 84. Honorable Discharge. 2nd: Feb. 85 - Nov. 87- Honorable medical discharge for asthma. The first symptom of MS appeared during the second enlistment while stationed in South Korea. Any thoughts, information, suggestions will be so very, very much appreciated. Also, I do not want to come off sounding like a spoiled brat because I know both personally and from Hadit, there are folks worse off than myself. Have a good day. Holli
  9. Hello, a veteran rated 100% s/c T & P (multiple sclerosis) is ineligible for federal educational benefits. I already have a B.A. (no federal aid with that...paid all my own tuition) and was seeking assistance in earning my Master's degree. No dice...I spoke to the Federal Voc Rehab person and the State Veterans Rep. The reasoning is since MS is incurable and I will not be going back to work why should they shell out $$. So, to keep my brain active I am looking forward to taking a class at the local community college come fall. Take care. H.G.
  10. Hello Berta, it sure is nice to hear from you! From one of your posts awhile ago I saw you mentioned AMU which prompted me to check them out. AMU sounds excellent and would work out fine since I basically stay at home. That is wonderful about your B.A. You go girl!!! Interestingly enough, I spoke to Teresa last week about the Chapter 35 issue, etc. Hopefully, a voc/rehab will be approved and I can earn my masters in National Security studies. The AMU curriculum sounds challenging, which is a good thing, a good work out for the brain. Mega kudos to your daughter also. Talk to you soon. Take good care. Holli
  11. Hi Time, I appreciate your post. My VA neurologist has said many times, "if you don't use it, you will lose it"...meaning the brain! He is joking yet he is serious. I guess I am confused about schedular and how that figures into the equation. I am 100% s/c P&T, disability retired from my former job due to my MS. Currently there is no cure for MS, so, all things being relative, I will not be getting any better, only worse. I totally understand your statement about not to be punished and I have to tell you, it kind of feels this way, my wonderful husband tells me the MS is not my fault and he is soooo right. In my search for info on earning a Masters degree, I feel stonewalled, especially when I attempted to get info from the local county vet rep. It feels like I am trapped in an episode of the X-Files! Any idea of how to get the ball rolling? I have paperwork but all of the questions pertain to future employment. But there will be no future employment. It's crazy. The input from folks is much appreciated but GW1's post about being 100% P&T kinda concerns me. Thank you for your post Time. Holli
  12. Hi, thank you all for your information about the voc rehab/education questions I had. GW1 Vet, congratulations on your ucoming graduation w/ your B.S. !!! From the info, it appears I am not eligible to earn my Masters degree via the voc rehab route as I was granted 100% P & T and my multiple sclerosis makes it impossible to ever work again, plus the asthma. At any rate, I am thankful for what the VA has awarded me in the way of PX/commisary priveleges, etc. Take care you all. Holli
  13. Hi, voc rehab/higher education seems to be a contradiction (if a vet is 100% P&T why is voc rehab even offered?) Plus, what is the situation with the education? I no longer work, disability retired, 100% P&T (asthma and multiple sclerosis), however, earning a Masters degree (I have my B.A.)from online AMU is of interest. Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated. Thanks, H.G
  14. Hi Berta and Pete, I believe the VSO does not have a clue. Here is something funny (funny like ha ha or funny like pitiful...it is your call), anyway, about a year ago I was at the courthouse waiting to see another VSO and the boss VSO happened to stroll on by to say hello and I mentioned how rude and how quick to answer the VSO in question was (I had called the VSO in question regarding a supposed debt I owed). The boss VSO said words to the effect of, "he's one of my best". I am wondering , one of his best what?!!! Best givers of incorrect information? Best rude VSOs? :D And here I thought the dental situation I am embroiled in is a pain. Well, one thing is for sure and that is I am determined to hang in for at least, at the very least, for ten more years! I will be 55 then. Thank you both for the valuable information.
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