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  1. The dry eyes from the CPAP is minimal in my opinion. By the time I went to the C&P I was using a nasal mask and would use a sleep mask if it was blowing into my eyes. I even got a new nasal mask where the exhaust is forward instead of up and my symptoms are essentially the same. Its just discouraging and down right insulting to be told the cause of my dry eyes that I've experience for 13+ years after this surgery, is most likely caused by a CPAP that I've only started using for about a year. Thank you for the input. I also can bring up a 90 day report for my CPAP that tracks leaks so I may use that. Cuz it does include the frame at which I went to my C&P appointment. I'm not ready to try nasal pillow just yet. I don't like things in my nose. I started using a full face mask in the beginning and switched to a nasal mask. Made it much easier to get a seal that is for sure. Thank you for the input.
  2. Realistically I had issues with dry eyes after surgery. I even told the examiner that the symptoms are no different since using a CPAP. I've already made a request for my C-file. I know the CPAP argument is just an easy method of denial. I even saw a VA optometrist and he said the dry eyes were normal from PRK surgery. I will say I probably could've gone to the doctor about it while I was active duty but since they told me it was normal I didn't go which in the grand scheme of things backfired. The civilian optometrist I use was prior navy and performed PRK surgeries so I most likely see if he will provide a nexus rebuttal to their arguments. I appreciate the inputs. For what its worth these things I could in my current c file about PRK and dry eyes. Don't know how well they would hold up in an appeal. If my sleep apnea appeal is successful then I will definitely use this as well.
  3. I mean the dry eyes which was this claim was for. I did have a left eye pain claim that was denied that was filed back 2008 my apologies for not being more specific about that. This claim was only for bilateral dry eyes.
  4. The PRK surgery was done while I was in the military by the military at Keesler AFB to be exact. The reality is I've had dry eyes ever since the surgery which done in 2005. I originally denied a claim for the left cuz the guy that did my claims did Eye Pain and I'll be honest I didn't know anything back then. Also since the surgery was elective I was under the impression that I couldn't make any claims against. As far as sleep apnea I'm starting the appeal on that now to get it secondary to my service connected GERD. It seemed odd to me to say the VA examiner said the PRK surgery could cause it but not make it service connected at even a 0%. At least 0% I could atleast get eye drops without a copay.
  5. I made a claim for bilateral dry eye from PRK surgery and was denied. I'm wondering if I could set some opinions on what the appeal battle would be like for this. Here is the Reasons for decision below: Service connection may be granted for disability which began in military service or was caused by some event or experience in service. VA examiner noted that although you have a history of PRK that could be contributing to your dry eyes, you also use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea which is most likely contributing to your dry eyes. It was noted that you do not consistently treat your dry eyes. Service connection for bilateral dry eye syndrom (also claimed as bilateral eye condition) is denied since this condidition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. Appreciate any advice on this.
  6. For what its worth I'm fighting a similar battle. I'm service connected for GERD and I got denied Sleep apnea secondary. For me using the CPAP and treating the sleep apnea reduces my reflux by a large margin. I went from taking 300mg of ranitidine 1-2 times a day for my reflux and heartburn to only taking 3 pills in the course of a year. There are a bunch of articles and research papers linking GERD and Sleep apnea. The only problem its like a what came first the chicken or the egg. There are also a bunch of things I found that show using a CPAP can reduce GERD and in some people increase GERD symptoms.
  7. I was active duty from 2001-2008. In 2004 I had PRK surgery to correct my vision at Keesler AFB. Initially after the surgery I had to use eye drops during the healing process. Years later while active duty and now I still get serious dry eyes. Even still on active duty had issues with dry eyes as well as blepharitis. I see this conditions can be rated. My question is since the PRK surgery was elective, am I able to get service connection on those condition. Or would it be more likely denied because the surgery was elective. Thanks.
  8. rigo8582

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] C & P for sleep apnea.

    I'm currently waiting for a decision for my claim of sleep apnea. I had a sleep study that was done through the VA prior to making the claim. Chances are you're going to need a sleep study done. This just my $.02 but I think you'll have to have a sleep study done. With claiming it as secondary to PTSD there probably to be a study to see if you have Obstructive and/or central sleep apnea. My claim is secondary to GERD. Just last week I received my CPAP and now just waiting on the decision of my claim. Good luck with your claim. Also having a sleep study isn't all that bad. If anything it was very informative for me. It put many things into perspective on many of my symptoms.
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