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  1. Thank you everyone i did apply and it was approved.
  2. I am 100% smc-s I severed feb98-feb2001. I live in NJ and was wondering if i can apply for the NJ property tax exemption. My question is I never saw combat and only deployed to the MFO in sinai egypt, and the rules for active war time vet per NJ are New Jersey amended wartime service criteria for the 100% Disabled Veteran’s Property Tax Exemption effective January 16, 2018. Wartime service in a specified geographic location for a minimum number of days is no longer required. If the veteran was on active duty during any of the statutory service periods listed above, he or she meets the wartime service criterion for exemption World Trade Center Rescue & Recovery September 11, 2001-May 30, 2002 B. OperationNorthern/SouthernWatch August 27, 1992-March 17, 2003 C. Operation Iraqi Freedom March 19, 2003 – Ongoing D. Operation Enduring Freedom September 11, 2001 – Ongoing E. "Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard"–Bosnia&Herzegovina November 20, 1995-June 20, 1998
  3. 100% + 60% = Housebound by law/reg/court decisions.

    Since you have other awarded conditions, they may eventually be used to increase

    SMC. (So you may or may not be completely done!)

  4. Got the letter finally 100% p&t award smc s housebound I do have a question what do i do about health insurance for my wife and kids now. I have filed for ssdi a few weeks ago. thanks in advance. do i file for champva? 100% major depressive disorder 40% back l-2 l-3 l-4 fractures spondlyosis 60% radiculopath right leg 40% radiculopathy left leg 10% fascial scar right leg
  5. diagnostic technician automotive 18 an hour take home about 250 a week after insurance and child support im at light duty work restriction at work cuz of my back being bad its service connected
  6. I have a claim for IU my question is I filed for it but am still working will that cause a automatic denial since i am employed. any help would be great...
  7. I had a C&P 2 months ago for a claim to increase my back condition. i got a letter yesterday saying they denied the claim but also reduced the radiculopathy of my left leg from 40 to 10 %. i filed a NOD today cuz this is bull. The C&P doctor did not even check my back let alone the radiculapothy of my legs he talked to me for 2 minutes and said goodbye wtf, I am so done with fighting the va it is time to throw the towel in. I guess i will have to stay at 90% forever....
  8. yes i still do currently work i have to since i pay child support for two children my boss is a vietnam vet and its not a labor intensive job so i get paid to pretty much follow him around. I dont use the va facillitys i use private doctors, I have tons of medical evidence private psych evals imo ime pain evals etc etc, should i re appeal the 30% descions and go for a higher descion or just let sleeping dogs lay ?????
  9. So today I got my appeal decision today they gave me 30 percent for major depression I needed 50% to get to 100% the c&p exam results showed stated I am extremly depressed and the rater only gave me 30%, what should i do appeal again ????
  10. So I went to the hearing and basically the DRO set me up with a C&P for psych eval, He said if all goes well there should be no problem at getting a rating of 50% based on all my medical evidence and what the va psych says, which will put me at 100 % so i have to wait now and see, thank you all for your help.
  11. No i havent haid a C&P of any sort i just sent in all my medical evidence from the psych drs and a imo from my pcp saying my depression is due to chronic pain from lowerback which is caused by service connected injury. from what i take the RO wants me to get a exam and told the VSO to tell me that it would be a waste of a trip for me to go tommorow because all he is going to do is set up a exam, But this all sounds shady to me
  12. I have a letter that says i a have a DRO hearing nov 17th at 2 oclock in newark nj. should i go or ditch it and do what the service officer said and wait for the letter for the exam?
  13. I have a DRO review tomorrow but a service officer just called me and said the DRO said we should postpone the hearing because he is gonna order up a exam for me to go to. the appeal is for Depression secondary to chronic pain. what do i do not go to the hearing or go. here is the message i recived from the service officer "This message is for Joshua Hill. My name is Joe Buck service officer with the New Jersey Department of Veterans Affairs. Calling in reference to your schedule. DRO hearing schedule for tomorrow afternoon. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. My number here is 973-297-3230. The gentleman who were scheduled to have the hearing with Asked me to contact you and explain you that he is going to set you up for an exam at that we should postpone the hearing tomorrow and till we get the results of that exam. He said he may be able to go ahead and service connect you based on the results of the exam to be setting up. Please give me a call. My number is 973-297-3230. Take care. Bye "
  14. and one last question i have never done a appeal or been to a dro before and it is for depression should i change how i am like i havent shaved in 8 months what im trying to say is do i go how i am or do i have to clean my self up ?
  15. I also have evidence from 3 psych drs that are treating me 2 are phd's they all preety much say the same thing in there notes depression is caused from pain due to service connection back injuries. I hope the appeal is cut and dry.
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