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  1.  Have had computer issues lately.  Anyway I'll try to answer your questions.

    I was an AVIATION MACHINIST MATE and was a mechanic on a flight crew and also assigned to an engine test cell .

    It took me a while t get things moving but I will say that trying to get rated for PARKINSON service rated IS NOT something that an individual should try on his/her own.

    I quickly realized that an attorney was a must.  I hired Hill & Ponton in Florida to take the ball and run.  If I didn't wi'n it was to cost me nothing.  I quickly found out it is all about presentation.  I will say it did cst but nothing was taken from my settlement.  A bill was sent to me from the attorney office.

    I did have to pay $2000 for a doctors letter as my outside doctor and VA. doctors did not mean a lot.  The $2000 was paid by the attorneys office and was included in my total fees.

    My BVA case was as follows:  Citation number A20009507 dated 5/28/2020 and docket number 200213-66979.  

    . I am still in another issue related to this case but attorneys have appealed the issue of how far the VA went back.

    My advise is get a  law office that will take case with no fees unless you win the case ( pretty sure bet that if they take it then it is very winable ).

    Sorry it took so long and thanks for all yu do for the vets 

    1. Berta


      The decision is at the BVA here:


      This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


      would d it be OK if I post the BVA decision at this thread? Or you could?

      Would it be OK if I posted the BVA decision on this thread above?

      Or you could- BVA decisions do not identify the claimant.

      We have someone who has a similar issue trying to help her husband- 

      Lynette- he claims exposure to AO and to JP-4- in Okinawa.


      The thread is a little messed up but maybe your case would show her what her husband needs to do.He was crewman working on F 16s.

      This is wonderful news to read the decision!

      I will read it again!

      You are so right that many of us need attorneys and IMos. She says her husband has a lawyer who thinks he can win the case- but Hill and Ponton are VERY good with claims, and they paid for the IMO and you paid them back- that is  great- I hope her attorney is willing to do that for her husband but I have seen no real evidence of exposures so far in her posts.

      I gave her the best advice I could think of- I just hope her attorney is as good as yours was!

      I saw a AO BVA award many years ago that was very strange-if the vet was with the Army Engineers and directly sprayed the pipeline in Alaska with AO ( a fact that they did use AO there)thenit made sense butnothing in the decision revealed how he was exposed to AO. I have a Nehmer lawyer friend at NVLSP and sent him the decision and he was as puzzled as I was.

      Our blog radio show producer would be interested too in this decision- He has claimed AO disabilities for Decades-VA, BVA ,CAVC, BVA, CAVC denied ,denied but could not prove his AO exposure- he served in Alaska.

      Thanks Cecil,





  2. In September 2014 I found out I was eligable for benefits ( knee related at 10% ) I also found out I should submit another claim because of parkinson disease. The claim was filed and was immediately denied because I was not "boots on ground" Vietnam. I did some research and appealed the decision. I then hired an attorney and submitted a ton of inormation to the firm. Things like MOS, TCE labels, test studies, doctors statements, pictures of myself and others at cleaning stations, aircraft, etc. I also presented EPA statements and EPA test of the last 2 bases that I was at that have b
  3. I had a SC TKR 13 months ago. My ortho has told me to work on my straightning for at least 6 more months. At last appointment it was 10 to 15 degrees from straight. Knee is now rated AT 30%. Should I request an increase and also request the 100% ON A month to month for 6 more months. Also, my right Hip ( SC at 10% ) is giving me a fit. Have been getting shots for pain ( that helped a little ) today had the deep bone/muscle injection today. Should I also request an increase from 10% on that.
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