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  1. Any update? Mine finally went to Pending Decision Approval today after being in preparation for decision for about 2 months (a few hours after I asked via iris for them to expedite it too - not sure if it's coincidence or not). Not sure what to expect with the timeline now.
  2. Hi, sorry I am confused. We are supposed to check out bank accounts or our eBenefit account to verify our banking info is accurate? Doing both but just want to clarify. Thanks!
  3. Thank you both for the feedback! Obviously I am hopeful that it's because they see a nexus somewhere, and not because they are going to deny it. I guess I'll just have to see. Mostly just curious if anyone has had a similar situation where there was no C&P and no clearly stated nexus (that I can see at least), yet the claim was accepted. Just a little nervous because I don't feel like I've even had the opportunity to explain to anyone the knee claim. There is no event in my military record that would show a knee injury, and I never saw a doctor for it until a couple years ago, it's just from overuse. Fingers crossed
  4. Hi All, I filed my first/only VA claim just about a month ago. Included is a claim for my right knee. I've had problems with it for a few years now and it pretty much hurts all the time. I've done a number of physical therapy sessions with my private health care, and have requested an MRI a couple times to no avail. My physical therapist is pretty confident that it's patellofemoral pain syndrome and apparently there wouldn't be much they could do even with an MRI? That's about as far as I've gotten medically. Anyway, when I made my claim, I sent the VA the records of my PT sessions and my visits with my doctor, but I only see "chronic right knee pain" as her diagnosis, and I don't see any causation verbiage anywhere in the records I have (No idea if VA got additional records from my health care). So I was surprised when they scheduled 3 C&Ps for other body parts, but none for my knee. Now it is in the Preparation for Decision phase, and no C&P for the knee still. I did read that "chronic pain" is now rateable, but would they assume it's service connected without any medical rhetoric stating that? (It definitely is - and I would have zero problems with proving that nexus). Anyone had a claim like this or have any insight? For reference, I served from 2010-2014, OEF, M249 gunner (for some reason), was active Army so obviously tons and tons of running/ruck marches, and did plenty of dismounted patrols in AFG. So perhaps they get it? Thanks in advance! And if you have any questions about the rest of my claim don't hesitate to ask.
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