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  1. Hello, My head was broke open pretty good in an aircraft maintenance accident. I think I got 10 staples at the ER in Camp Lejeune. I had not thought about this in 20 years until my wife shaved my head because I was sick of my long hair due to COVID barber closures. I read somewhere that there is compensation for scars. I was not sure if this would even be worth pursing. Do they have any rules around where the scar is? I have included a picture of the top of my head and the drawing from the doc at the ER from my medical record. I am currently 70% rated mostly for back and secondaries to that. Not sure if this would be enough to move the needle even if approved.
  2. I just finished a mental health C&P. I have to say the experience was excellent. The female doctor was very thorough and took the time to listen. She asked a question - How is my relationship with my wife. I replied my wife typed up a detailed description of how it was going. Have you reviewed it? This was a buddy letter that I had submitted about a month ago using the online system. She said she would have to "Look" for it. This really disturbs me not know what they got and what they didn't. Should I wait for decision or should I take some kind of action now?
  3. In my case I don't have a problem with them billing my insurance since this was a check-up bloodwork and not related to my SC. My grievance is the amount they billed for the blood-draw and lab work.
  4. Since I recently moved to another state I decided to try the VA Primary Care facility near me. I am 50% service connected for back. The PCP wanted to order some blood work for my first visit. I had no health conditions except the back pain. I assumed this was the basic stuff any doctor would ask for to check cholesterol, etc. When I went to the VA lab they drew about 6 tubes of blood. I joked with the nurse and called her a Vampire. She said your doctor ordered a lot of tests. When I get the results I was iterated to find out they drug tested me. I am not a drug user and didn’t pop positive for anything, but I felt a bit misled. I logged into my private insurance portal. They billed my private insurance $8600.00 for the blood tests. The discounted amount is $4,000 which the insurance company paid. Luckily my deductible was met for the year. I noticed my doctor already has lab work scheduled for me again early next year. With my private doctor I never had more than one per year unless there was a specific problem we were tracking. Is this how the VA is making money and driving up insurance costs at same time? I feel like I should be reporting these outrages prices to somebody.
  5. Well the VA psych said when he was prescribing the pills he was going to write it due to back condition, so he already connected it to the existing disability.
  6. Thanks for the responses. How long do you have to get treated for the depression condition before you should file? I have had it for many years and finally went to the VA for help recently.
  7. Hello All - Let's say a veteran has a service connected issue for a spinal condition causing pain at 50%. Because of the pain and limited mobility, the veteran develops depression which I assume could be a secondary claim to the first condition that caused it. Veteran gets treated for depression at the VA and put on some anti-depressants that greatly improves their depression. Veteran needs the pills for life likely. Does the veteran still have a disability if treated and under control? Does the rating change because it is under control? I guess this question apply to any condition that is treated. Thank you for your advice.
  8. I was recently denied connecting a cervical disability. One of the reasons stated was reference to me not saying anything about it on some DBQ from 2000. I was discharged a bit early for back issues in 1995 and went back 5 years later to start collecting benefits for it. I had no idea at the time I could do that. I don't remember that exam very well or what I might have or might not have said about my neck. My question is - What is the fastest way to get a copy of that DBQ?
  9. I have used the VSO nearby (Chicago) I just feel a bit rushed through every time I go and the wait can be very long. It's not their fault , they want to help - they are just overloaded. I understand I do not or should not have to pay, but if there is a service that would spend more time with me I would prefer to pay to get extra attention.
  10. Thank you. I will redact and send, just like Washington On this subject is there a paid service that will just help me? I am in the middle of moving and this is long overdue. I appreciate all the help from other veterans. I would really just like to have someone go over everything and make sure I have the best chance of success. It well worth it to me.
  11. Thanks so much. The MDs letter states he believes it is "highly likely. He will change if needed. I would love to share the whole letter with you if you are willing to review.
  12. I am trying to continue my online app this morning. I started in January electronically with the intent to file. If I click the button below (Continue your application) it doesn't do anything other than refresh the web page (https://www.va.gov/disability/how-to-file-claim/) . I tried both Chrome and Safari from my Mac. Any ideas? Here is a snapshot. https://photos.app.goo.gl/u5isDHYpbQMChA8m6
  13. Hello all - I think I am ready to submit a claim and want to make sure I have everything covered. I am currently 50% for a back injury which I was approved years ago. At that time, I also submitted for cervical spine which they deemed not service connected. I did not appeal. My neck worsened over the years and I am going to try again with more evidence to get rating increased. The previous DBQs were handled by my private physician with no VA doctors involved. I have the following ready to go this time. 1. Updated cervical DBQ showing worsened results from the previous one. 2. Letter from private physician stating he believes it is highly probable my condition is service connected. Aka Nexus letter. 3. A buddy letter whom I had lived with during my enlistment stating my complaints of neck issues were present during my service. 4. My own letter in support of claim. With this in hand can I mail this in myself or do I need to see the VSO? It’s a rather long wait around here. Am I missing anything? If there is private help here for someone experienced to review these I have them all electronically. Thank you all during this Memorial Day Weekend.
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