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  1. Thank you to all for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for the reply, and the reference. I have been at 70% for 18 years and I'm currently 61 years old. If I understand it correctly, the VA 20-year rule states that they cannot downgrade your percentage. I want to be evaluated for an increase and some secondary issues as well, and possibly a new claim, but I'm afraid I will be downgraded. You never know with the VA. I am currently receiving concurrent receipt so if I get decreased below 50% I will lose it. That financial blow would be devastating. Any advice?
  3. I've seen on a couple of websites where it stated that your VA rating percentage is protected and they cannot reduce your rating once you reach 55 years old. Is this true? If so, where can I find this in the VA regulations for verification? Thank you to all who reply.
  4. Thank you both for the great references. Now if I can only muster up the nerve to apply for an increase before my 20 year mark...
  5. Thank you for your reply. I have no intention of suing anyone. All I'm trying to do is have as much ammunition as I can possibly have when I go for my re-eval. The letter will be on my former company's letterhead and signed by the office manager, bypassing the owner. This is something she said she would do for me because she didn't think it was right how things were handled by the owner.
  6. Thank you for the reply, and advice. I am rated 70% total, 50% of that is for my back. My back doctor refused to write a letter for me, but there's a good chance that my family doctor will. Just a few more months and I can schedule a re-exam to try for an increase. I can't bring myself to do it until I hit the 20 year anniversary date. I haven't been officially diagnosed, but I believe I have PTSD from active duty. I have a lot of the symptoms. Maybe that's why I distrust so much. Not sure. In any case, thank you again.
  7. Good day to all. A little background before I get to my questions... I am a 70% disabled veteran and was recently let go from my job as a service technician. Admittedly, the job was hard on me because of my main disability (back condition). The owner of the company gave me a letter that stated I was "laid off" on a permanent basis. Essentially, I was fired. I was "laid off" the day after I came back from a week off for recuperating after aggravating my back condition on the job. I did have a doctor's note and the owner was already aware that I was a disabled vet. During my meeting with t
  8. Thank you all for your replies and insight. It gives me something to think about.
  9. Greetings all, I have just joined the site and am eager to hear replies on the questions I have and would like to thank everyone in advance for their reply. I have had a 70% disability for 15 years now. I am rated on several issues, with my lower back being rated at 40%. After 15 years, my back is worse now. I am considering trying to get a rating increase for my back after all these years. I may be a little paranoid, but I am so afraid that I may get a rating decrease when I go in. I recently went in and got an MRI on my lower back in case I do decide to go through with the re
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