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  1. Is there a raise this year? Was talking with someone who is a recent separation from Army and it was suggested that a raise is in the works this year...just wondering. Happy New Year!
  2. They no longer issue the vehicle stickers where I'm at. It's 100% ID card check at the gate...these days...all the time.
  3. Pete53, I am really sorry to read such news. My heart cries for you and your family. I'm glad that you are thinking about your sons and your brother's wife, as well as other siblings. But do...please...tend to you. Prayers go up on behalf of you and your family during this time.
  4. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!! Girlfriend...tears of joy are streaming for you and your family...I know what it feels like. My win was not that long ago and I am still pinching myself and thanking God everyday. God Bless!
  5. Thanks Wings!! Supportmyfellowv...: I beg to differ..My combined rating is currently 60% and I am Tdiu P&T. So, 100% comp with chapter 35 benefits and ID card. Not sure where you got your info.
  6. I think someone already indicated that it varies...but if it helps, it took them over a year to get back to me. I have an NOD pending now and we'll see how much time it takes with this one.
  7. I know I haven't been checking in much like I use to. It seems that I was awarded my claim and my condition grew worse. Go figure... Anyway, I thank everyone for their input. I will attempt to get my doc to write something. I now have a new PC and this would be my third one, since the actual issuance of my devices. I'm going to ask for new knee braces on Wed at my Ortho appointment and see what he can write. I don't even know if it's too late for this year or not. But...nothing beats a fail but a try.
  8. I was dx'd with the STD coming from Lackland (Basic Training) to Tech School (Keesler), so where the heck would they presume it came from? Never mind...that was truly a rhetorical question...as if it I could not imagine the answer. I'm jut going to say forget it because I am getting treatment for it and already 100% P&T (on paper...for now...anyway).
  9. What should my rebuttal say? Couple of years back I did one and apparently it was not good enough because I was still denied.
  10. Yes, basically. They didn't word it like that because the chlamydia infection is verified. They worded it as: "PTSD due to rape in service is not credible." They stated: "No evidence of treatment for Major depressive disorder in service." I'm looking at my SMR's and I was even hospitalized for major anxiety and depression, on a suicide watch. IT IS ALL IN MY RECORDS. That is where I got the info from; and, as some of you know, I didn't file a claim for a long time because I knew I hadn't reported the rape back then and I did not want to go through being "raped" all over again by the VARO. My meds have been increased to the max since I began dealing with this past trauma. I'm at 100% and my children have chap. 35 benefits, so it is not about the money.
  11. Carlie, I will try to find a way to scan the RO's reasons and bases for denial of my claim. But in a nut shell they stated there was no "credible" evidence of my rape inservice. I submitted the claim indicating that I did not report the rape at the time. However, smr's show treatment for a chlamydia infection that was the result of the rape. I also have treatment records with MH for major depression. I have a copy of my C-file, and personnel file. RO has suggested there is no record of treatment but I have the proof from them that the evidence (smr's) shows otherwise. They are the ones who sent me a copy of the freakin' C-File. It's crazy. I've been in treatment at the VAMC since May 08. The only VAMR they comment on is the one from June 08. They say my VAMR is based on subjective evidence based on what I told the docs, which is presumptive of them and not at all the entire truth. In reality, I took several tests and met with three different docs before I was given a dx of PTSD with chronic anxiety and MDD. It is also noted that smr's show history of MDD. So, I don't know what the heck they are looking at. And to WHOLESALE: I've been coming to Hadit long enough to know that it takes EVIDENCE to when a claim. Also, I am not at the SOC stage because I have yet to provide RO with my NOD.
  12. Thanks all for your responses. I was in the process of moving when I got the decision letter from VARO denying my claim, which was in June. Isn't it too late to send a NOD?
  13. I was just recently denied my claim for entitlement to compensation for PTSD. I know that I am already at 100%; but that is by TDIU. My SC comp does not equal 100% and it would be better to be schedular. Anyway, PTSD was not just diagnosed on my recounting of the past events but by a series of tests. VARO noted the MH records they wanted to view and ignored the rest of the record or they would have seen the tests I took in my records, as well. Anyway, I really want SC for the PTSD because it is a real issue and the anxiety is real too. I'm also still undergoing treatment and participating in group. Any words of wisdom are welcomed. Thanks, in advance. I've been having flare-ups lately and dealing with some major pain. So, I don't come to the site as often as I use to because of the sitting and typing involved. It will pass but for right now it's vicodin and muscle relaxers, along with reclining and napping. So, if I don't respond back right away...you know why ahead of time. Thanks for our continued help.
  14. Glad I came here tonight and saw this thread, Cowgirl. Thanks for your research. I was just recently denied my PTSD claim on that basis that there was no report filed in service of a rape; and no diagnosis of PTSD in service. Well, we both know that the denial reason is crap. Anyway, thanks again for your research and sharing it with us.
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