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  1. Hello, I just had my first child yesterday. Mother and baby are doing great! I went online to add her as a dependent and it says I need her social security number. I was told I won't get the social security number for 8 to 10 weeks. Can I file this using the form my states department of health gave me that can be used for insurance and paid family leave? If not it says my current application expires June 1st. If I get the number in time when would my effective date be? If I don't get the social security number in time will I effectively benefits for a couple months? I'm currently 70% service connected. Please ask any questions if I missed something, pretty tired and haven't gotten much sleep. Thanks!
  2. I'm curious about something and hoping someone can explain something for me or point me in the right direction. It's my understanding that disability payments and ratings are based on the total impact to earning capacity. Can someone help me understand why if your 50% disabled you don't receive half the pay of a 100% rating? It just seems weird that if you're being compensated for it's impact on your earning potential that a 50% impact for example doesn't entitle you to 50% of what they give you if you are 100% disabled. Thanks
  3. I'm not currently in the hospital. I was actually admitted in veterans day go figure and released 2 days later. So what I ended up doing was messaging my VA primary care Dr to let them know what was going on and they said I had to let veteran service center know. I called a national number who put me through to another number who put me through to another number who finally transferred me to my regular clinic VSC. I told them what was going on and asked if I would have to be transferred and he said no. He told me to get taken care of and if they want to make follow up appointments just make it and get permission after since it would be fastest that way. He also told me right there on phone I wouldn't have to pay anything for it which was a huge relief at the time. VA has also pre-approved me for two surgeons to remove gallbladder and part of my colon as well as the hospital stay. Also just got letter yesterday from VA board of appeals on some disability claims I filed March 2015 and I was granted tinnitus and tenosynovitis right forearm!
  4. Just thought I would update. Actually went to ER again in November for same issue then following day went back and was admitted for same issue. Everything was covered ! They are also covering the surgery I need for that and concurrent gallbladder removal without having to get it all done at VA hospital. So I'm very happy and impressed.
  5. Currently I am 10% service connected and waiting on a judge to rule on some others. My closest ER which I ended up going to is 5 minutes from me while the VA ER is like and hour to hour and a half away. The urgent Care person said he was transferring my care to the hospital close to me and they were the ones that ran the tests that happen to be the same ones the urgent Care person wanted done. I will definitely update this topic as well when I get approved or denied.
  6. The other week I have a temp of 100 and lower abdominal pain that started week prior but was started to get pretty bad. I called the VA to see if I should get same day appointment or use the urgent Care benefit. They put me in touch with a triage nurse and based on my symptoms and the fact that a recent CT showed diverticulosis we agreed it was likely I had diverticulitis. She told me to go straight to the nearest emergency room and that I should not drive over an hour to get to the nearest VA emergency room. I asked if it would be covered and she said she wasn't billing and didn't know. I asked to be seen by my primary who could then send me to ER but she said no and that I should go immediately and may need IV antibiotics and that she would alert the community Care person. I can't afford a ER bill so I went to urgent Care which I knew would be covered. They said i had lower right abdominal pain and based on my diverticulosis it could be diverticulitis and I should go get a CT same day. He sent me to the nearest ER and said he was transferring my care there. I expressed concern again about being liable for the cost and he said I should be find since he sent me and they (urgent care) are in the VA network. So I went to ER , got an IV of saline and DR initially thought I had mesenteric lymphadenitis because a previous CT should enlarged messentaric lymph node and that it could mimic appendicitis. I got a CT to rule out appendicitis and came back as moderate diverticulitis with some fluid in pelvis coming from the diverticulitis but nothing that needed to be drained and also moderate swelling of intestines and large amount of fat stranding. I was given option of being admitted or going home with antibiotics. I chose antibiotics and to go home. I had to take script to VA who had to have my primary sign off on it before I could get it. My question is based on what happened am I likely to be covered or will VA deny my claim? To me I prudent lay person would go when two medical professionals said to go to nearest ER but I'm afraid now that since my care was transferred by urgent care they might deny me somehow. Does anyone have experience with this that could offer some insight? Thanks. ETA: I have no other insurance and this is not related to a service related disability and I am enrolled in VA healthcare and see my Dr a few times a year.
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