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  1. This is Awesome News, I have been fighting the VA for years on my sleep apnea, Currently rated at 30% PTSD, I have had severe sleep apnea well before I got out, did not get diagnosed until 3 years later, have really good buddy statements from one I served with, my x-wife whos was with me 6 years while serving and current wife, still screwing me around , contracted Physician assistant (QTC) stated I wasn't diagnosed until years later and went against my claim, I have an appeal in to the board that is hopefully coming up soon. Thanks For the Info. Hopefully I can win, tired of fighting with thes
  2. I have been denied for sleep apnea, I Have statements form x-spouse and spouse and Buddy's I served with that they witnessed my issues, I was on recruiting duty and had no MTF within 70 miles to get treated, as we all know how stubborn us veterans can be going to the doctor, however I did go to my private physician and complained of not sleeping well and it was documented that i was waking up frequently and gasping for air, he recommended me having a sleep study conducted which I did not until 3 years later and i was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and was issued a cpap, I use it
  3. Yes I do have treatment after service the only problem is i let it go for a couple of years after i retired until I went to my orthopedic surgeon. I do have medical documentation from my orthopedic surgeon stating I had severe to moderate osteoarthritis in both knees, I do have documentation of my personal doctor when i begin having problems 2 years before I retired and there is x-rays results showing ostephytes/bone spurs.My personal doctor treated me with medication for a while until I couldn't take the pain anymore.
  4. I have a C&P exam coming up for my knees, While I was in service I served aboard 2 different ships, I hear that Ship board ladders are bad on your knees, I didn't start having a problem with my knees until we had our PRT test, during this time I was on recruiting duty, while I was running i slipped into a hole and fell, It was documented and I went to my private physician, he documented that there was swelling and the xray results showed Ostephytes on my left knee, it was sore for weeks, from there I feel like i over compensated for my right knee, I had knee replacement on my right knee la
  5. I am SC for Hypertension, I dont have diabetes I have high cholesterol. Gulf war VET.
  6. Any one heard of this , I filed a claim for this secondary to hypertension, I had a echo cardiogram, that stated the diagnosis was this heart disease. my question is what is the rating for this. attached is the Echo. doc00580220191213082945.pdf
  7. Has anyone heard of this? Claim was for PTSD but PTSD was not recognized, Other specified trauma and stress related disorder, is this a service connectable mental disorder, if so does anyone know approximate percentage.
  8. So I recently was denied for Macular degeneration of the left eye, I was diagnosed with this condition within one year of discharge . I attended a C&P exam February of 2019, the examiner had noted the date of onset was 2010, and in another box she had date of diagnosis of 2012, this date would have put me over the 1 year period of discharge, seems like to me 2012 is a mistake and should have been 2011 according to my doctors letter. Any Thoughts????? I have attached the C&P and Doctors letters. Thanks doc00489220190917155152.pdf
  9. The easiest way I have found is to submit a FOIA request is you can do so on a form 21-4138 and make sure your information is filled out correctly, write in the statement area exactly what you are wanting. fax the form to 844-531-7818 or mail to Department of veterans affairs claim intake center. PO BOX 5235 Janesville,WI 53547-5235 should only take a couple of weeks.
  10. May I ask what direction you went??
  11. It will not allow Vso’s to make copies only review in which I think is stupid!!!
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