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  1. So I recently was denied for Macular degeneration of the left eye, I was diagnosed with this condition within one year of discharge . I attended a C&P exam February of 2019, the examiner had noted the date of onset was 2010, and in another box she had date of diagnosis of 2012, this date would have put me over the 1 year period of discharge, seems like to me 2012 is a mistake and should have been 2011 according to my doctors letter. Any Thoughts????? I have attached the C&P and Doctors letters. Thanks doc00489220190917155152.pdf
  2. The easiest way I have found is to submit a FOIA request is you can do so on a form 21-4138 and make sure your information is filled out correctly, write in the statement area exactly what you are wanting. fax the form to 844-531-7818 or mail to Department of veterans affairs claim intake center. PO BOX 5235 Janesville,WI 53547-5235 should only take a couple of weeks.
  3. May I ask what direction you went??
  4. It will not allow Vso’s to make copies only review in which I think is stupid!!!
  5. I took snap shots of the new C&p hopefully they send me the hard copy!!!
  6. I just Requested copies of all C&P exams through the FOIA, hopefully they send me what I saw, I was able to see this through a VSO who has access to VA VBMS which shows cleary the VA's error on sending my documentation to another Doctor..
  7. So I had recently received a C&P For Sleep apnea, Doctor favored me in other words, was at least likely as not 50% greater probability that the disability was incurred during service,. now 3 weeks later it was sent back out for a correction on something the doctor didn't fill out correctly, but magically it wasn't sent to the doctor that initially completed my exam it was sent to someone 5 states away whom never met me or knows nothing about me, anyways she changed the exam to a negative meaning she said was less likely than not, i find this as being a integrity issue with the VA, when it should have gone back to the same examiner. Any Comments???? Claim denied 3 days later. SHADY
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