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  1. They know where to come to for complex claims as I hardly ever see this on that other forum known as VBN.
  2. Just wait till you receive the actual decision in USPS (it won't be long) mail as all our answers until then are just speculation????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/.
  3. About the government check hold on to it and don''t cash it just yet till you receive confirmation from VA and in person is best option if you live close to a VA regional office. EBenefits updates is often behind actual events for example I have received in the snail mail my hard copy of VARO decisions days and a week ahead of EBenefits or VA.Gov posting the decision as final on their websites. So wait also for actual hard copy decision in the USPS mail. My info is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal or VSO
  4. I may have posted this earlier but between 1998 and 2000 I was granted a reopened 70% PTSD IU claim and filed additional CUE and VA Injury claims. In each of these claims I also ask the VA to make my PTSD IU rating to be permanent and total and in August of 2000 they did just that making me TDIU P&T and without another C&P exam. From 1985 to 91 I was rated 50%Nam PTSD down to 30% and then VA terminated my PTSD rating because of a sorry ass older Korean War VSO who was indifferent to hostile to my situation. I was later told by former commander of California DAV that I should have been rated 100% from the very get go and ever since 98 I have filed my own claims and appeals myself with mostly success. If you request P&T status which I think you are entitled to after 10 years of static status then it is possible VA may see this as an increased claim and send you to another C&P so be proactive and prepared for this. IMHO I believe if I had not ask for it the GD VA would never have made me P&T. My info to you is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal, or GD VSO.
  5. Congratulations on your well earned success and always remember that you must continue to be your own best advocate in VA claims and seeking VHA health care when needed. I have been mostly successful in filing my own pro se claims and appeals since 1998 for a long time like many others here so feel free to ask our non legal advice based upon our own experience. In important endeavors it is necessary to obtain info from several different sources of advice as a check on any one source of information.
  6. Well things may have changed with ARBCM since you last applied. You are allowed one more try I believe with new evidence. If you have not done so already send them copies of your VA decision granting you SC for the injury and other evidence new or old you may not have sent them in previous request. I would not count to much on Congressmen or VSOs going all in and get to involved with your request as you yourself would/should. Also of course send them your VA medical records and C&P exam results (if favorable) about treatment for your injury. Standards for awarding same medals change over long and short times. As with VA claims you are and must be your own best advocate. It never hurts to try again as I have done in the past with some success.
  7. Okay folks/vets if you have a copy or copies of any type of medical treatment or even a sick call slip for a TBI/concussion or other type of injury due to IED or other enemy actions then you can use this as evidence to contact the Army or Air Force or Navy Board For the Correction of Military records and request they correct the record and award you the PH. Even tho they are suppose to have all your information in the archives at the National Personnel Records center you should be proactive and send them at a minimum copies of your DD214, combat unit orders, Mos orders and anything and everything that proves you were in the combat zone area, etc that will support your request. I know as it worked for me in about year 2003 or 2005. They use a panel of active and former military officers, NCOs to decide upon your request. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY LETTER OR NOTE FROM FORMER COMMANDER/S as long as you have the solid type proof I just mentioned above. I believe that a military medical doctor must have signed or initialed the treatment note but I may be wrong there but the rules and regulations will tell you this that is referenced on the Board's website. ARBCMR (Army Board) will send you the proper forms to fill out for your request and this is when you send copies only of the above proof evidence to them. You can find their forms to fill out ahead of time by looking up their DOD webpages on the internet (easy) and they will display requirements and forms for you to go by. Each branch of service will have their own Board For Correction Of Military Records. If and when they issue you your PH they will send you an updated DD214 form known as a DD215 (corrected) and you may be surprised as I was that you have been issued additional medals and ribbons that they place on the DD215 and send you free of charge. After I left Vietnam for TDY patient duty at Japan and before leaving Japan I got copies of all my Army medical records thanks to a medical clerk at the hospital and all I had to do was ask for them. I did all this myself without aid of any damn VSO. My info is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal or VSO. Good luck to all and HO HO HO.
  8. On your next request you might also send them copies of two of your photo IDs such as current drivers license and VA VHA health care card with your photo of course. Although not required it will defeat their standard deniel that and implication that you are not the vet requesting your own C-file. The GD VA is full of never ending dog tricks to frustrate us vets.
  9. What VA form did you use to file for P&T as I am just curious as I have been P&T for over 20 years and recent changes in claims and appeals make everything now very different.
  10. It is very normal for our claims on EBenefits to bounce back and forth between the different stages of claims development and nothing to be concerned about such as returning to the evidence gathering segment from the Preparation for decision stage (PFD). Very frustrating but it is what it is.
  11. I was in your exact same situation between 1998 and 2000. In 1998 I filed a reopened claim for PTSD and IU and after a professional c&P from va psychiatrist I did receive 70% PTSD TDIU and this was made P&T in 2000 after I ask for it as I was 52 or 53 and had a prior VA ratings of between 30 and 50% PTSD from 1985 to 91. As far as filing for TDIU you seem to have a solid history of documented verified medical treatment and diagnosis of serious to severe PTSD. You will need to fill out the IU unemployability form and this is also considered a claim for increase by VA so you will most likely have another C&P exam as I did. They will also give you a form or send it themselves to your last known employer for them to fill out as to why you left your job, etc. Many times the employer does not send this form back to the VA but this does not hurt your claim but may delay it as VA may make another effort to contact them again. As long as you are working at gainful employment your chances of receiving a TDIU rating is slim as this rating is about your unemployability and unemployment due only to your service connected disabilities and would also be difficult for you to receive 100% rating for a mental condition. Also to receive a TDIU rating you need at least one 60% SC disability or a 70% combined rating of two or more SC disabilities. AS much as possible you need to also document your recent troubles with work and of course hospital medical treatment notes that will be very helpful in your TDIU increase claim. Eyewitness statements from family, co workers and and friends/associates about your work and social problems dealing with stress and people can be helpful but only in conjunction with medical and other evidence. When you go to next C&P exam take only copies of your evidence and notes to show and/or give the examiner for him/her to keep that support your claim. Do not give them your only copy and it is the option of examiner whether he keeps or even looks at your documents. My information is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal. or VSO
  12. You may receive more clarification by calling the help line known as peggy at 1 827 1000 and they can do an IRIS inquiry for you and sometimes receive an immediate answer or in one weeks time as with me when the unreliable EBenefits website showed my appeal as closed and this was corrected within 7 days. Or you may contact a VSO or VSR at a VA regional office by phone or in person and they may be able to help. I also sent a very short inquiry letter to nearest VA regional office and also the Intake Center at Janesville, WI. All this was done at same time. This may be nothing more than an administrative procedure as Vync said but you are wise to stay on top of this. My info is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal or VSO
  13. This is the real reason I have filed my own mostly successful claims and appeals since 1998 due to screwed up, incompetent, lazy or hostile VSOs many of whom play favorites among veteran types. There was only one exception from a former state commander of the California DAV who was former Delta Force member wounded at the Iran Desert One rescue attempt in 79 and he was very helpful to me. I actually do not see any serious issue to your current situation as you may receive increases to other conditions and go up to the 100%. TDIU is not bad in the meantime and unless you have started working again or your situation has materially improved there should be no worry there. However be prepared for a C&P exam that may review one or more of your existing conditions for worsening or improvement. You have already been thru at least one or more C&Ps so you know what to expect in way of interview questions and take any evidence or notes with you that will help you maintain your TDIU and also increases for other conditions. Give copies only to the examiner and never give them the original or only copy you have of anything. Good luck My information is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal or VSO
  14. Yes the 5103 is you telling them you have no more evidence or information to submit with your claim in order to "Possibly" speed up your claim (this is a stretch!!!). I would keep my options open and not send in or click on the affirmative for the 5103 but this is just me. A VA rater and/or DRO officer or VSR can call you at anytime about your claim to ask you for verification or clarification of something you submitted in or with your claim if you listed your phone number on the claims form and checked the box for them to contact you if they have questions. Many veterans do of course including engaging in a phone or personal DRO hearing with mixed results. It is an option and your choice. In my 30 plus years of filing mostly successful claims and appeals I have never given permission for them to call me as I put everything in clear writing with my claim and submitted evidence and I don't want to talk to them because I don't trust them or even like them. My information is not legal advice as I am not an attorney, paralegal, or VSO.
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