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  1. I'm a little uneducated in filing secondary claims. I asked my Gastro PA if she would do a DBQ for my fecal incontinence secondary to IBS claim. Now I'm second guessing myself, people are telling me that for a secondary claim a NEXUS letter is almost required and a DBQ won't help much. Is this true? She won't do a NEXUS letter but I might be able to get her to enter something in my treatment notes instead of the DBQ. Can she put a short nexus note in the comment section of the DBQ and would this help any? Thanks
  2. I want to file for bruxism and TMJ secondary to PTSD. PTSD is already rated but bruxism and TMJ aren't. Can I claim TMJ secondary to bruxism and PTSD if the bruxism isn't even rated yet, I want to use the bruxism as a kicker to help win the TMJ? Most people are saying it would be a guaranteed denial for the TMJ since the bruxism isn't even rated yet. 1. Should I file for bruxism secondary to PTSD then after it's awarded file for TMJ secondary to PTSD and bruxism to strengthen the claim? 2. Should I just file for bruxism and TMJ secondary to PTSD in one claim? Thanks
  3. Sorry, already asked this, can't figure out how to delete it.
  4. If I file for bruxism secondary to ptsd, would I receive a rating for bruxism or would they just call it a symptom of ptsd and not assign a rating? If bruxism is service connected, does the VA have to cover your dental?
  5. If I file for fecal incontinence secondary to IBS, would I be awarded two separate ratings, for example FI 30% and IBS 30% or would they just consider the fecal incontinence as a symptom of the IBS and roll them into one rating and give 30% total for both conditions combined?
  6. namvet6567 I filed my intent in June 2023, I have 6 maybe 7 claims I want to file in January. My biggest hold up is, where I live the doctors have no problem throwing diagnoses at you but then say they are too busy to write a NEXUS letter, I believe my current doctor because it takes 4 months or more to get in to see her. I'm in the process of writing a NEXUS letter for my fecal incontinence, then I'm going to see if my doctor agrees with it, if she does, I'm going to see if she will sign it. If she won't, then I'm going to try one of the online NEXUS letter places, if that doesn't work then I'm going to ask for a referral to a GI doctor and see if they will do a NEXUS letter. Hopefully it doesn't drag out that long.
  7. I'm getting ready to file some claims in January and one of them is asthma under the pact act. I have a PFT from a year ago and use a rescue inhaler along with a daily steroid inhaler. My question is: 1. Will the VA accept a private DBQ using my PFT results from a year ago or will they likely require an updated PFT? Thanks
  8. Going to file some claims in January. One of them is fecal incontinence secondary to my service connected IBS. The only tests that my family doctor did for the diagnoses was review my history, asked me some questions about my symptoms, a colonoscopy, did a visual and digital exam then made the diagnosis. My questions are: 1. Will the VA consider this a good diagnosis or are there other specific tests that they require? 2. Is my history and doctor notes good enough for the connection to IBS or do I have to get a separate NEXUS letter?
  9. If awarded Bruxism secondary to PTSD, would I get a separate rating for the Bruxism or do they consider it as a symptom of your PTSD and just combine it with your PTSD rating? If they consider it a symptom, is there any way to get it as a separate rating? Thanks
  10. If your PFT shows your pre bronchodilator scores in the 70% range which is ratable around 10% but your post bronchodilator scores (the one that counts) shows in the 100% range which wouldn't be ratable, can they still rate you at 10% just based on needing to use a rescue inhaler and trelegy ellipta steroid inhaler daily? Thank You for any information provided.
  11. Can I file and potentially win a claim of aggravation such as: A non service connected issue that's aggravated by the medications taken for a service connected disability? Example: if I have urinary incontinence linked to BPH, (non service connected) but it is aggravated by my mental health meds, (service connected) that show urinary incontinence as a possible side affect, could this be claimed as a secondary condition or as aggravated by my mental health meds? How would this get rated if it's considered aggravation? Also, can I claim my urinary incontinence as aggravated by and/ or caused by my service connected IBS, since I get incontinent frequently when I'm constipated and leak badly when trying to get up to use the bathroom etc.? Thank you for any information
  12. For Asthma, which one of the following readings would be used for your rating? FEV-1 of 71- to 80-percent predicted, or; FEV-1/FVC of 71 to 80 percent, or; intermittent inhalational or oral bronchodilator therapy If your post bronchodilator reading puts you above the first two group of numbers then would they base it on your use of intermittent inhalational or oral bronchodilator therapy? Thanks for any info!
  13. RetiredVetFlagged, To answer your questions: 1. I wasn't informed about the note in my medical record, I found it while reviewing my treatment notes. 2. The note doesn't give any instructions to staff. 3. What is a PATS-R? Update, I looked this up online and know what it is now. Thanks
  14. Rattler767, I would like to clarify, I shared my story and experience as a warning to all vets in this country that deal with VA healthcare. I was targeted by the VA for questioning my VA PCP one time in twelve years and was given a permanent note in my record for it. I really don't believe warning fellow veterans to watch their backs when dealing with VA healthcare is bad mouthing the VA, I mean, it was the VA that targeted me for questioning my healthcare. I think it is important for vets to research the consequences of interacting with VA healthcare employees, when these same employees can mark you for life in your records and your treatment even to the point of pushing you out of VA healthcare. If at any time anyone thinks I'm making any of this up, simply look up the provided sites and do your own research, this is based on facts, these facts should scare anyone that reads the VA's own policies on this subject. Remember, no one told me I had this permanent note in my file, I stumbled on it during a review of my treatment notes, there could be thousands of vets out there with these notes and flags in their files and don't even know it . If there are any particular quotes that seem like unfounded bashing, I would appreciate having them pointed out, as anything mentioned on this post is based on my personal first hand experience and researching the VA's own policies on the subject. I am not trying to start an argument, just trying to see if my post is inappropriate instead of informational as intended Once again this post is meant to help other veterans to not end up in the same situation I am in. I never intended it to be a bashing post or whining session. I included as much info as I could so others can see for themselves how easy it is to get on the wrong side of a VA healthcare employee, be reported for it and then marked for life. Another point of this post was to seek advice on how to proceed, which appears to be answered by RetiredVetFlagged who seems to be very knowledgeable on this subject. I did read the community guidelines and don't believe I violated them per se. I understand that the site is here for advice on how to pursue VA claims and claims related issues. My post came about in the first place because I was addressing problems with my VA healthcare that was also affecting my ability to file a claim, this is one reason that I feel it is relevant although not mentioned in the original post. I did find other very old posts discussing these flags on this site. If this site is not an appropriate place to warn veterans of what to expect when they question their VA healthcare, then does anybody know of a site that is more appropriate? I would like to reach as many veterans as possible. Are there any Facebook pages, forums or other sites where I can get the word out? Any help or information would be appreciated.
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