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  1. @pacmanx1 Current ratings are: Right hip impingement 10% Lumbosacral strain 10% Left tennis elbow 10% Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Insomnia 70% Right knee strain 10% Bilateral Plantar Fasciitis with flat foot 50% Total 90%
  2. I’m currently at 90%. Part of it is 70% for Insomnia and PTSD. I was originally at 30% for Insomnia and then filled for PTSD which total is 70%. Now I have sleep apnea pending with the use of a CPAP. If it gets approved, do you think it’ll raise my 90% to 100% or will it lower or even stay the same since insomnia and sleep apnea is in the same category? Current ratings are: Right hip impingement 10% Lumbosacral strain 10% Left tennis elbow 10% Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Insomnia 70% Right knee strain 10% Bilateral Plantar Fasciitis with flat foot 50%
  3. What are the easiest claims to claim for besides Erectile Dysfunction thats also hard to prove for SMC? Asking for a friend.
  4. @GBArmyOk thank you. Now because I have my kid added under my records, will I get even more compensation or just the $110.31?
  5. @brokensoldier244thI'm just trying to see how I could claim it if it came about. So far it's just ED secondary to Anxiety.
  6. @brokensoldier244thIt also reads that deformity can be internal of the penis too. How can I prove that? And also, will I have to do a C&P Exam?
  7. I just filed my Erectile Dysfunction claim as secondary to my service connected Anxiety. Through the VA I was prescribed Viagra which didn't work at all. Then I told my sex therapist that with viagra, it doesn't work, masturbation doesn't work, nocturnal erections never happen, and sexual intercourse is a complete fail because of this. The next day I had an appointment with my Urologist and I said the same thing. My doctors notes from them were pretty good. They said it's due to my anxiety medication. I printed off my notes to include in my file for evidence. I also included a buddy statement
  8. I have a C&P Exam on Wednesday and I'm afraid I'll get denied. Flat feet was denied before along with Plantar Fasciitis because it's not service connected. I went back to my physician outside the VA and he typed my nexus as follows: "Bilateral flatfoot acquired possibly during time in military. When not congenital as a cause, pes planus (flatfoot) is caused due to ill fitting shoe-gear without subtalar range of motion support, which could have been a result to time in service, 51% probability.Patient presents today with bilateral heel pain, worse right foot. Patient states that the pa
  9. One of my friends been out the military for 6 years. However, he needs to file for MST. He doesn't have any evidence in his records (No police records, investigations, statements, or anything) of MST but to my knowledge, a bill was passed that says we no longer need evidence. I could be wrong so please correct me if I am. Here are my questions below: 1. Does he need buddy statements from friends he served with to get it connected to service? 2. Does he need to provide a name of the person that sexually assaulted him? 3. Does he need a phycologist nexus outside the VA of all his
  10. @pacmanx1 I had an appointment with my sleep apnea doctor today just to see how my CPAP machine was coming along. In the appointment, I asked him if sleep apnea is caused by PTSD (so he can state that in my record) and he said absolutely not and explained why. He then stated to me for compensation I'm good because in his very first sentence he typed in my record, it states that "Patient has had Sleep Apnea x 5 years". He said this would put it back to 2015 since the time I was in so all I had to do was file and I was good. Some VA doctors are cool I'm glad he helped out
  11. @Buck52 Ugh right after I couldn't answer the anxiety question right, she asked me if I ever had a panic attack and I said no
  12. I already had it but thank you. The exam took about an hour. She first asked how was I and I replied, "Better then I was on Sunday." Later she asked what I meant when I said that and I told her I forgot to take my meds so my nightmares came back. She began the whole thing asking me about my parents and childhood to see if I had anything that could have led to the PTSD. All of the answers I gave her to me indicated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me before the military. I told her about an incident during service involving suicide that I felt like I could have prevented and told he
  13. I have a current claim for several injuries to include PTSD. I did some research and found out the best way of getting a rating for migraines is to have a diary through the VA of the migraines. For my PTSD which I got diagnosed through the VA in February, I'm taking Doxazosin (Nightmares), Hydroxyzine (Anxiety), and Sertraline (Mental Health). All of the medication causes headaches. However, the Sertraline only causes headaches within the first 2 weeks. I was going to wait until the claim was complete before filing for Migraines because I wanted to already have the rating for PTSD first so I c
  14. I currently have pending disability claims for several things to include PTSD and Sleep Apnea. I filed for my PTSD starting in December of 2019 and the Sleep Apnea starting around the same time due to the PTSD. I was tested positive for sleep apnea. This month, I just found out through the VA Biopsy that I have Sarcoidosis which now I'm on steroids for 2 months and other meds for 6. I learned through research that sleep apnea can be caused by sarcoidosis since sarcoidosis causes shortness of breath. If I file for Sarcoidosis and try to change things up by saying the sleep apnea was caused by t
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