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  1. @pacmanx1 I had an appointment with my sleep apnea doctor today just to see how my CPAP machine was coming along. In the appointment, I asked him if sleep apnea is caused by PTSD (so he can state that in my record) and he said absolutely not and explained why. He then stated to me for compensation I'm good because in his very first sentence he typed in my record, it states that "Patient has had Sleep Apnea x 5 years". He said this would put it back to 2015 since the time I was in so all I had to do was file and I was good. Some VA doctors are cool I'm glad he helped out
  2. @Buck52 Ugh right after I couldn't answer the anxiety question right, she asked me if I ever had a panic attack and I said no
  3. I already had it but thank you. The exam took about an hour. She first asked how was I and I replied, "Better then I was on Sunday." Later she asked what I meant when I said that and I told her I forgot to take my meds so my nightmares came back. She began the whole thing asking me about my parents and childhood to see if I had anything that could have led to the PTSD. All of the answers I gave her to me indicated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me before the military. I told her about an incident during service involving suicide that I felt like I could have prevented and told her when my PTSD symptoms started. I told her of the medications I'm taking to keep my symptoms controlled. I got stuck when she asked me what happens when I have anxiety. I forgot what I told the VA mental health guy so I had to think about it for a second before I answered. The answer was kind of vague because I couldn't remember what I had said before. At the end she asked me about my Insomnia and the underlining factors of it such as memory loss. I explained to her that I still have memory problems to where sometimes I cant remember the specifics of things so hopefully that helped when I forgot about the specifics about the anxiety.
  4. I have a current claim for several injuries to include PTSD. I did some research and found out the best way of getting a rating for migraines is to have a diary through the VA of the migraines. For my PTSD which I got diagnosed through the VA in February, I'm taking Doxazosin (Nightmares), Hydroxyzine (Anxiety), and Sertraline (Mental Health). All of the medication causes headaches. However, the Sertraline only causes headaches within the first 2 weeks. I was going to wait until the claim was complete before filing for Migraines because I wanted to already have the rating for PTSD first so I can claim the migraines as secondary. But is there a way to still file for it now to still say it's because of the medication for the PTSD? Which route should I go or is there a better one? And should I talk to my VA counselor/medication doctor to get him to state that my migraines are caused by my PTSD and medications? I heard every time you file for a new claim, then everything gets re evaluated so it would be ideal if there was a way to get everything done now. Also, I did get diagnosed through the VA for Sleep Apnea back in February,. So, can I say that the migraines was also caused by the Sleep Apnea?
  5. I currently have pending disability claims for several things to include PTSD and Sleep Apnea. I filed for my PTSD starting in December of 2019 and the Sleep Apnea starting around the same time due to the PTSD. I was tested positive for sleep apnea. This month, I just found out through the VA Biopsy that I have Sarcoidosis which now I'm on steroids for 2 months and other meds for 6. I learned through research that sleep apnea can be caused by sarcoidosis since sarcoidosis causes shortness of breath. If I file for Sarcoidosis and try to change things up by saying the sleep apnea was caused by the sarcoidosis, then the sarcoidosis may get denied seeing how I have nothing from service to relate which will deny the sleep apnea too. So, should I just file it by itself? If so, should I get an attorney to help me get it service connected? How can I get it service connected? I was going to wait until the current claim was done before filing. However, I just heard that whenever you file for something new, everything gets reevaluated so that's why I'm trying to do it now.
  6. Ok I see so just say the medication is controlling it got it. Then I'll say that the nightmares, anxiety, insomnia, guilt, and irritability comes back if I forget to take my medication.
  7. I got diagnosed from my former counselor through my own insurance for Moderate PTSD. I got a letter from my counselor saying that my PTSD is 51% probable that it occurred during military service. I took that letter to file for PTSD with compensation so it can get looked at. I then stopped using my own insurance and went through the VA to be easier when it came to the exam. Everything is on file. The VA marked me for moderate PTSD and has me taking Doxazosin for nightmares, Hydroxyzine for anxiety, and Sertraline for mental health. Even with all of that on file, compensation is still requesting for an exam outside the VA which is in the morning. Last minute, will the examiner ask me if I'm still having the PTSD symptoms? Because with medication, you shouldn't be having anymore symptoms and I don't know if I'll get denied if I say I don't have anymore symptoms because of the medication.
  8. Oh wow. Thanks for the heads up I’ll make sure to do my research
  9. I submitted my supplemental claim 3 days ago for the following diagnosis with evidence: - Flat Feet (Primary) - Bilateral Plantar Fasciitis (Secondary) - Bilateral Pronation to mid and rear foot (Secondary) - Intra-articular Hip Pain (Primary) - Femoroacetabular Impingement (Secondary) - Right Adductor Groin Pain (Tertiary) - Athletic Pubalgia (Tertiary) - Osteitis Pubis (Tertiary) - Right Knee Pain - Low Back Pain - Left Tennis Elbow - Bilateral Tinnitus The VA updated va.gov 2 days ago with these pending diagnosis: - Impairment of femur - Flatfoot - Limitation of leg motion (flexion) - Lumbosacral or cervical strain - Limitation of forearm motion (flexion) - Tinnitus Through my own insurance, for all of the injuries listed in the first group of injuries above, I got doctors to diagnose me with them and they added, "More than 51% probable that the injuries occurred during military service" since the same injuries got denied in the past. I used those evidences to file my supplemental claim. I called the VA today to request for them to change what they put back to how I had it. The missing items like "Pronation", I had them annotate where to find the diagnosis on the doctors notes so that they can add it. I think they overlooked it. They also left out my right adductor pain. For the hip injury, it's not just, "Impairment of femur" as they put it. Why did they do this? Are they trying to gyp me? Why didn't they annotate the secondaries and the tertiaries like I annotated it? Instead of "Right Knee Pain" they put "Limitation of leg motion (flexion)". For "Low Back Pain" they put "Lumbosacral of Cervical Strain." For "Left Tennis Elbow" they put "Limitation of forearm motion (flexion)". Are they trying to gyp me or did I make the mistake of calling them asking them to change it back to how I had it?
  10. I served from Oct 2010 to Nov 2018. The medication they gave me for the anxiety does have the side effect of headaches
  11. I don’t have any in service evidence so it’ll have to be secondary to something else. I did get diagnosed first PTSD and am awaiting the rating results. Maybe I could try and get my Va doctor to say it’s Secondary to that?
  12. Can migraines be secondary to the pills for PTSD? The VA gave me these pills for anxiety to treat the PTSD. Now I’m awaiting my rating for PTSD.
  13. I’m just going off of what my compensation representative told me. Apparently there’s a strong history of people getting denied for Sleep Apnea if there’s no record of sleeping pills or sleep apnea in the military medical records
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