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  1. All - I wanted to close the loop on this and thank everyone for all of the input. I had my C&P exam. The doctor seemed knowledgeable, took notes, and seemed to agree that one of the elements of disfigurement was present (that had been overlooked) in addition to pain. She also pointed that she needed to look at prior notes and C&P exam from January. The previous examiner works in same office and happened to walk by when I was exiting the exam room. Well I was very surprised that she did not include the element of disfigurement that she seemed to agree was present (so 30% rating continued instead of increase to 50%) but she did identify painful scars which resulted in an additional rating of 10%. I am flabbergasted but then how can you say your colleague got it totally wrong? I am reached 100% scheduler but not P&T. I have an insomnia claim pending. Maybe a rating on this issue will result in a P&T. Thoughts? @Tbird @broncovet @Buck52 @Berta
  2. I have successfully cancelled a CP Exam in the past (not this claim). I called and stated I had already submitted a DBQ submitted. The VA rep took statement sent to RO to cancel. Per manual must cancel and consider DBQ when notified of existing DBQ for consideration. I guess if I cancel this one and say I have submitted a DBQ for consideration with supplemental claim and DBQ are inconsistent in any way, then doomed right? Filed initial claim 12/2019 VA CP exam 1/2020 Filed Form 21-0996 Decision Review Request (Higher Lever Review) 2/2020 Filed Form 21-0995 (Decision Review Request (Supplemental Claim) 6/2020 - included provider DBQ completed 11/2019 - buddy statements - additional dr files CP Exam - TBD Can I add additional evidence after the CP Exam but before this decision (ex. IMO/IME)? Or will I simply need to wait for decision and then file another supplemental claim?
  3. I filed a VA Form 0995. The denial from HLR stated I could only request Decision Review Request Supplemental or go to BVA. I submitted 0995 with DBQ, additional medical treatment records and two buddy statements. I then received a call to schedule this CP Exam. @GBArmy
  4. @GBArmy @Buck52 I think I am asking clarification about both of your points. Are you saying following this CP Exam(which is my 2nd CP exam) and will be the 3rd DBQ as this is a supplemental claim to an initial claim that had a HLR that I should then attempt to find additional evidence for a filing to the BVA? Additionally during this CP Exam, I should ask CP Examiner to review the DBQ that I submitted by My own provider along with the other information that was submitted? I am not sure that I follow given that I am currently in the Supplemental lane.
  5. @Buck52The reason this is so important to me is that 3 = 30% 4= 50% and 50% equals 100% schedular rating.
  6. @Buck52 So should I still go to the newly scheduled C&P? And then file to go to BVA? Also are you suggesting that I go back to my own doctor (who is the specialist in this field) or find another specialist that has never treated me to complete the DBQ (but not in DBQ format)? There is no dispute about service connection. The dispute is whether I met 3 of the elements of disfigurement or 4 of the elements of disfigurement. These are pretty objective elements so I am somewhat puzzled. Length Width Color (minimum square cm) Texture (minimum square cm) thank you all in advance!!
  7. I will apologize in advance for the lengthy message but I am looking for insight on what may be happening here. Dec 2019 I filed claim for CCCA - which is a progressive alopecia typically found in certain group of women and very specific symptoms. I combed STR and found first instance of it in 2003 while active duty. I was treated over the years but it progressed (nothing you can do to stop it only slow it down). Based on disfigurement criteria I believe that my records, statements, etc. met at least four of the requirements. Last 3 years I had been treated by dermatologist and this was her specialty. She wrote medical opinion and completed DBQ (although not correctly) as she had done this before. I submitted STR, civilian treatment records (over last 10 years), statements(my own, a battle buddy while active duty, hairstylist when active duty, and current hairstylists), and color photos on Dec 2019. I had CP Exam with VA contracted NP in January 2020. We talked she measured and “agreed” or confirmed that she saw what I saw. Within 30 days of my initial submission, I received rating indicating 3 of 4 had been met additional they described the wrong location (back area of head not middle/front). I filed HLR with conference. I had conference on day 123 and he asked what did they miss? I asked should I give you page numbers of submitted docs to support criteria #4? He said no that’s my job. He also said if criteria not identified in CP Exam then not given weight. Result on Day 125 continue current rating. I then filed a supplemental claim, submitted additional doctors records (last visit had not been submitted), the DBQ that my private doctor completed in Nov 2019 (with color photos)and two additional statements(mine and spouse). I have now received request for another CP Exam. Is this typical? Anything I should consider? I tried to lay out all of the pieces. Is this CP Exam another opportunity? I am prepared to go to BVA - as I have done my homework. Seems like the CP Exam was given significantly more weight instead of total picture presented. I requested January 2020 CP exam and opinions in February 2020 ebenefits shows available 5/2021. @Berta @Buck52 @broncovet @Tbird
  8. Has anyone received a HLR informal conference as of late? Given the recent pandemic concerns just wondering if this is slowing down the HLR process. I submitted HLR request (for one disability item) on January 31 and I have not received a call for the informal conference (I did request). My claim has been in the Ready for Decision phase for about 30 days. I have been prepared for my 10 minutes for a very long time. Thinking it may be closer to the 126 to get a conference. Thanks in advance!
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