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  1. Thank you for the input, I never dealt filing for the stroke. I was having a surgery for a service connected issue on my spine, I had a stroke during the surgery due to a blood clot. Mentioning that, how do I file for secondary issues due to the stroke. Seeing as is the stroke isn’t service connected. But happen because of a bad surgery that was trying to fix my spine from the VA.
  2. Do I need to file for increases and secondary conditions on two different claims? I could not find any areas to go about this on the ebennifits questionnaire backround: had a stroke during a VA spinal surgery. I have several secondaries due to the stroke.
  3. I've been tdiu for 8 years now (lower lumbar 20,right leg 10 pstd 70, bladder 30) I was undergoing surgery for a service connected issue on my spine. long story short, I had a stroke during the surgery and woke up incontinent, ED, headaches, high blood pressure. I've had to use catheters and pads for years now. I only found out a week ago that it was a stroke that caused these issues. The doctors had no clue what happened and where acting like it was some kind of medical mystery, even though i woke up paralyzed and bleeding internally. After that I was rushed back for emergency surgery
  4. I appreciate your reply. Do I need to give my private doctor a dbq to fill out for anything I want to Service connect? I’m seeing conflicting opinions.
  5. my saga 90% TDIU 8 years 7 back surgeries, 20% degenerative disc, 10% Radiculopathy, 70% stress disorder, 30% bladder During one of my later surgeries on my spine the operation went completely sideways. They were installing a spinal stimulator and it didn’t go well. When I woke up I was paralyzed from the neck down and bleeding internally at the surgical site. I had to be rushed back and reopened to rectify the screw up. After I woke up the second time, I regained most of my movement back except for the use of my bladder. I’ve never urinated naturally since that day and man do I
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