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  1. Regarding GERD claims, I just recently received a determination from the BVA, they service-connected my GERD problems secondary to by PTSD, being I am already 100% scheduler p&t for PTSD, there is no money involved, so never did get a percentage of disability.
  2. here is a web page to find out when your stimules payment will be coming, for those that haven't received it yet, mine is supposed to be mailed May 16.
  3. I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but this is for only MN disabled veterans rated higher then 70% disabled. You have to go to your local county assesor office to get the papers, and sign up before July 1, 2008, I picked up my papers today. MDVA Bill Review DATE: March 14, 2008 BILL NO: HF: 3201 CHAPTER: 154 CHIEF AUTHORS: Representative Ann Lenczewski and Senator Tom Bakk TITLE: Omnibus Tax Bill SUMMARY: On, Friday, March 7, 2008 the governor signed into law the Omnibus Technical Corrections Tax bill. This bill had two provisions of interest to veterans. First, the bill provides full or partial valuation property tax exclusion for homesteads of disabled veterans with a disability rating of 70 percent or greater, as determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This new benefit consists of two tiers: • $150,000 market value exclusion, for a veteran with a serviceconnected disability rated at 70 percent to 100 percent; or • $300,000 market value exclusion, for a veteran with a serviceconnected disability rated as being total and permanent. Upon the death of a veteran qualifying for the exclusion because of a total and permanent disability, the market value exclusion carries over to the person’s spouse, if the spouse co‐owns or inherits the home and permanently resides in the home. For an agricultural homestead, the market value exclusion applies to only the house, garage and surrounding one acre of land. The bill also provides that property qualifying for valuation exclusion under this bill is not eligible for the market value credit. The property owner must apply to the assessor each year, unless the person’s disability is rated as total and permanent. This is effective for assessment year 2008, taxes payable in 2009, and thereafter. Secondly, the bill expands the 4c property classification to non‐profit community service‐oriented organizations that make charitable contributions and donations at least equal to the organization’s previous year’s property taxes and that allow the property to be used for public and community meetings or events at no charge, as appropriate to the size of the facility. Under current law, real property up to a maximum of one acre that is owned by a nonprofit community service‐oriented organization qualifies for class 4c if the property is not used for revenue producing activity for more than six days in the calendar year preceding the year of the assessment. The bill leaves that option, but adds a second alternative to qualify. This second option extends the maximum land size to 3 acres. The acreage is made larger primarily to allow for parking lots, ball fields, etc. It provides that an organization qualifies if it makes annual charitable contributions and donations at least equal to the organization’s previous year’s property taxes and it allows the property to be used, size permitting, for public and community meetings or events for no charge. The types of organizations that would be affected by this change are the VFWs, American Legions, Knights of Columbus, etc. The bill defines “charitable contributions and donations” as having the same meaning as the lawful gambling purposes, excluding those purposes relating to the payment of taxes, assessments, fees, auditing costs and utility payments. This change is effective for the 2008 assessment and thereafter, taxes payable in 2009 and thereafter. For the 2008 assessment year, the application deadline is extended to September 1, 2008. The Omnibus bill also contained some items of interest to military members. The following items were contained in the bill, Hardship assessment deferral; military persons. The bill extends the option to defer certain assessments to members of the National Guard and military reserves ordered into active service. Currently a county, city, or town, at its discretion may defer the payment of special assessment for any homestead property of seniors and disabled persons that it determines cause a hardship. National Guard and reserve members in active service are added to the authorization. This provision was effective the day following final enactment and applies to any special assessment for which payment is due on or after that date. The date of enactment was March 7, 2008. The bill also contained subtractions from taxable income; out‐of‐state military service of National Guard. Provides that the 2005 enactment that exempts from state taxation a filer’s earnings for out‐of‐state military service applies to National Guard personnel in the same manner that it is applies to other Military Reservists. Federal law defines the term active duty for military Reservists other than the National Guard in Title 10 of United States Code, but for National Guard personnel in Title 32 of federal code (in nearly identical language). This would extend the subtraction to • basic training at out‐of‐state military facilities • special training and annual training at out‐of‐state military facilities • Mexican border patrol duty This part is effective beginning in tax year 2008. The bill also allows the estate or heirs of a deceased member of the military to retroactively claim the credit for combat service that occurred before January 1, 2006. Current law allows only a surviving spouse or dependent to claim the credit on behalf of individuals who died before January 1, 2006, and only if the member of the military died as a result of combat zone activity. Current law also allows for the credit to be claimed on a deceased individual’s final return for individuals who die on or after January 1, 2006. This change allows the credit to be claimed for all combat zone service since September 11, 2001, by the estate or heirs of deceased members of the military who do not have a surviving spouse or dependent, and who died before January 1, 2006. This is effective retroactively for tax years beginning after December 31, 2005. Additionally, the bill puts Minnesota in conformance with The Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunities Act, Public Law 109‐227, enacted May 29, 2006, which allows military personnel to count tax‐exempt combat pay as earned income for the purpose of qualifying to make tax deductible contributions to individual retirement accounts, effective retroactively to tax year 2004.
  4. I never got one, never heard anything about it, and am rated 100% for PTSD p&T, with agrophia with panic attacks, so maybe depends on part of the country you live in, but I also go to combat veterans meetings at the va every 2 weeks, with other Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
  5. I read through Nehmer, but it is hard for me to concentrate, so just thought I would ask anyone, if I have a case. I received 20% for diabetes in Jan of 03, then I found out you could get a copy of your medical files from the va, so I received them, I was reading through them, there was a report from a doctor at the va, that said I had diet controlled diabetes from 1994 up until I got my 20% in 2003. diet controlled diabetes is suppose to be rated at 10%, so I filed a appeal for a EED back to 1994, but the va turned me down stating that being I filed for this in 2003, I couldn't get a EED, but like I told them, how could I file for diabetes between 1994 and 2003, since no one told me I had diabetes, so that is why I filed for a EED, so have appealed their ruling 2 times, and now is at the BVA, so would imagine it will get turned for the same reasoning, so I was just wondering if there is any ruling that I should know about that might help me. I also high glucose readings back to 1992.
  6. Berta Maybe the Y award is a K award, don't know, all I know the letter which I have right in front of me says Y, the VA must of put in the wrong letter, whatever it is, all I know is that I get 89.00 a month for it. as for the DIC, WHAT I was talking about is in the VFW Gopher Oversea'r, a publication for VFW members here in MN. I re-read the article several times for it to sink in, I think I was wrong, I believe it is still 10 years. What I made a mistake is the paragraph under additional allowances effective 12/01/2007, where it states: add 233.00, if at the time of the veteran's death, the veteran was in receipt of or entitled to receive compensation for a service-connected disability rated totally disabling (including a rating based on individual unemployability) for a continuous period of at least 8 years immediately preceding death AND the surviving spouse was married to the veteran for those same 8 years. (38 U.S.C. 1311 (A)(2)) basic monthly rate 1091.00 sorry for the wrong information, so that means I have to hope I last another 2 months so it will me easier for the wife to get DIC, as with PTSD and diabetes, will be hard to prove if death was service-connected, as the va says my cancer isn't from agent orange, and it is also affecting my heart in some way, SO if I happen to die from heart disease the va will probably say the cancer did it, not the diabetes or the PTSD stress problems.I can't help but worry as when I die, my wife will lose my income, as the life insurance won't last that many years, that is why we are going to sell our house, hopefully this summer and move into a apartment.
  7. Berta I read about it in a veteran magazine, if I remember right it was the legion overseer, in Jan. unless I misinterpret what I read, it said DIC was changed from the 10 year rule to 8 years, effective in Jan of 08, I saved the article for the wife, she put it away, and now can't find it, if I find it, I will type what it says. As for the Y award, I get a extra 89.00 a month for erectile dysfunction secondary to my service-connected diabetes from agent orange
  8. if VA fails to consider A&A, or HB when evidence merits it they commit clear and unmistakable error as within this statement is true, but my VA where I go don't follow their own rules, when I got my 100% P&T plus a Y award, the VA didn't even tell me about A&A/Housebound, I found out about it on this board, so, I filed a claim for A&A/Housebound in early 2004, so after 2 denials and 2 appeals, my claim went to the BVA 3 months ago, and I still didn't get a C&P exam, I feel it is just a stalling factor, as the VA knows I in-operative cancer of the liver, and won't last to much longer anyway, then my wife will have to refile all my claims over again, but thank goodness they changed the 10 year rule to 8 years, even though I will have my 10 years in on June 1, so hopefully it will be easier for the wife to get her D.I.C.
  9. at the VA where i go, Fargo, nd, they will only go back 30 days for travel pay, no exceptions, I even have asked the veteran advocate, and he says, yes, 30 days is the limit they go back, so if some VA go back 2 years, then very lucky.
  10. you have to be wary of the VA, when it comes to c&p exams, my last 2, I wasn't even told I was having one, the first one I found out a month later, when i received a letter in the mail, the one 2 weeks ago, I found out when I went in for travel pay, he said I had a c&p exam, the Doctor told me it was a follow up exam, from being in the hospital 2 weeks earlier, so they do like to lie, plus the doctor was my primary I have had for the last 5 years at the VA in Fargo, ND, I was in his office for 10 minutes, still don't know what the c&p exam was for, probably find out in a few weeks, when i get a denial.
  11. the deductible is 15.65 per visit for the first 3 visits
  12. According to social security disability list I am on, the raise for COLA for 2008 is only going to be between 1.2 and 1.4%, but nothing set in stone yet, so might be more or less, and that is what our VA COLA will be to, if that is true, then will be one of lowest in many years, sure glad our cost of living isn't going up very much, according to the government.
  13. stress tests are usually, one of 2 ways, depending on your health. If physical able, you are put on a treadmill while on a monitor, to check out your heart condition. If not able to be on treadmill, you lie on a bed, with monitor's on, and they inject you with something, so it makes you feel like you are on the verge of a heart attack, as you get pain in the chest, shortness of breath and sweats, at least that is the 2 ways I was tested for a stress test for the heart, unless they are checking for the condition of the valve's in your heart, then you have a test known as the echo cardiogram. All that is a 1/2 hour test with a x-ray type machine that goes all around your chest and back area.
  14. I was just wondering if anyone has had the VA asked for their fee basis card back. I got a letter today from my local VA, stating they want me to turn my fee basis card in. They state they review all Veterans with this card, for continued eligibility. The reason they state for wanting my card back, is all the services that I require can be provided by the VA Medical Center or CBOC. I have had the card for 11 years, and used it once, 7 years ago. They said I can appeal, which I am going to, as what if you are on a trip somewhere, with no VA or clinics close by, in a emergency, without the Fee basis card, you will be stuck with the bill, being I am 100% plus 40%, I feel I am entitled to this card, especially after just having cancer surgery, then get into to see a Oncology Doctor at the VA, until July 9, a person never knows how far the cancer, the surgery team couldn't get at, being to close to blood vessels, might spread by then.
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