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  1. he may not know of this. i will suggest he view this thread. there may be a weapon or two he can use with the appeal regarding lowball CUE. this particular recent CUE award was via NOD. if that makes any difference.
  2. yes, you and I had exchanged many a note on hadit about that. glad too as all of it helped in one way or another. otherwise i'd still be floating about out at sea without a raft so to speak. i wouldn't have any way to see correctly, like you did regarding the audit in your case. i'll have to leave it up to the attorney. sharp enough to see the CUE and how to present it, which worked favorably, so i think he will be able to see what or if anything needs to be persued. i did want to ask on hadit though so i can keep myself educated about it when i next speak/listen to the attorney. we all can get a bit delusional thinking VA will do the right thing. i've been there as others. then quickly see or feel their sting of mental games they play. last visit at VA, one could sense it again. they start taking up for their own, someone who really wronged a vet, in their witty way all the while more likely than not writing some detriment wording in the records or as they seem to do lately, not even write much, which is the same thing. they send you that sizable check, with no note, i suspect all the while hoping you don't catch the 11k deficit? or another way to look at it since i have a calc on my table, see if i can get the calc to do this, they give you 60.71% of what should have been 100%. they kept 39.29% until you caught the so called error. something like that. that's a major big deal. how many times have VSOs/VARO said to a vet, wow look at what you got or we got for you. be thankful, as there is nothing more to award or fight for. REALLY! you owe the veteran 100% of $ but you kept almost 40% and then try to psych out the vet so he/she can't see the error! so much for Title 38 and mcdonald won't ever acknowledge that issue. keep an eye on what he is trying to spin on "fixing" the appeals process. glad you caught the error and reminded us all to triple check or in my case get someone else who will check for the veteran. i suspect they low balled like they have EVERY time regarding my case. we'll see. appreciate your help and reply and others here too.
  3. when a CUE is granted after a NOD was filed and veteran see's for sure the CUE was low-balled via DRO regarding $ compensation what would be the next steps for the veteran? would that be an appeal? what options are available for veteran at this stage? i saw them do this with the first granting of service connection for the injury & disease. an appeal was filed due to that low-balled rating and a 100% was granted within a year. in my cases RO seems to low-ball initially every time. very happy an actual CUE was granted, every vet knows the emotional mine field that process is, but want to get some thoughts on what can/should be done next if veteran knows it was low-balled.
  4. all i get is a recording that analysts are busy. call back after hours, leave message for someone to call back. no on has ever called back. the 800-827-1000 number isn't any better. with the electronic system and the new rules for veterans' attorney's, its just going to get worse.
  5. i'm sure many of us feel this way for valid reasons regarding some VSOs. certainly not all VSOs. like some that work for that org that gets office space leased/given to them from VA. i wouldn't comment on this if not for written expert opinions (legal & medical) and evidence that differs from VA opinions, showing VSOs this and yet, VSOs take side with VA. yet you hear this org's advertisements on the radio of how their VSOs will do all they can to help the veteran get their benefits. but, as mentioned above, present them with the evidence and they, or so it certainly looks like it, disclaim the civilian evidence from legal and medical and wont follow through on the claim . so whats left is veteran gets an accredited attorney if they can't fight it themselves. leads credence though, to yes, it does look and feel like some VSOs most certainly side with VA. no other logically answer one can come up with. sad.
  6. with all the billions funded to VA for IT upgrades, i could see that same employee that is making a copy of one's C-file onto paper, (of course not in order we vets do that after we get it), to have had those sheets scanned into digital also. that technology has been around for years and quite evolved now. btw, i didn't see anything of new on my accnt on e-benefits.its rare if any item relating to claim or such is up to date there. just my experience though
  7. i keep forgetting the e-benefits thing. my brain just found it confusing and not up to date. but, i'll try it now that you reminded me about it. thanks
  8. ok, that explains that. appreciate it. no, its not a c&p. a fee basis request for a non-va health specialty clinic
  9. how can one check to find out the location of their c-file? recently an admin worker at local VA hospital mentioned he was looking at my medical record to see about civilian medical procedure they may authorize. i want to be sure that wasn't my c-file where a claim is supposed to be working on.
  10. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/taking-first-step-veterans-affairs_795989.html as the weeklystandard articles reads, "its ugly", finely some journalists are writing about deeper issues at VA than just the wait lists! such as low standard for quality determinations. as i started this thread regarding the VSO that barely calls for va accountability, which i find shameful, just how does that VSO(pva) think such things as "low standard for quality determinations" were going to be fixed. i've lost so much respect for this VSO and others that just want more money tossed into VA and carry on biz as usual.
  11. http://michellemalkin.com/2014/06/25/exposed-how-the-va-red-flags-disruptive-vets/ have you ever complained to VA about something, and next visit get the feeling you were being treated a little differently? or a guard shadow you, you were thinking? well, here's another "va list" thing many of us thought existed in some form but didn't know for sure. looks like it actually does exist.
  12. if that were to happen, i would hope the corrupt arm of influence from VA/fed is gone to where vets actually get a fair shake regarding correct diagnosis and if disability warranted that too. whereas so many vets before and now spend years fighting for that against a gamed system. but Congress has knows this crap for years. its all documented but biz as usual. is this America or russia?

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