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  1. rydastar


    So its been a while since my last ourburst about my ptsd claim,,i went to the RO (regional office) and the woman who printed out my report told me the rating board called it back? this happened before i received any mail about this...so she tells me she does not see any rating on her computer only that it was called back..So maybe in my sick mind , someone see's this bogus report the doctor wrote and is rethinking it? LOL i will be as patient now as i can be.. no other choice as i see someone is at least working on it,,,will update thanks ryd,,
  2. MY sister died in july, she was air force in early 1950's...would she be eligible for any death benefit? she is already interned in private cemetery.. was wondering if any bene's to help me recoup some costs i have with this,,as i am on fixed income and could use any help with funeral costs..thanks ryd,,
  3. rydastar


    this is an eleven page report..i spent 2 hrs with him...let me see if i can get this scanned and delete name and other info..and put it on here...I will tell you this...since my original post an hour ago, i spoke with my wife, I told her, "if this is insurmountable" maybe i should drop this whole issue, i mean his report was to me...no chance of me being evaluated with ptsd or anything resembling this..So the wife tells me in no uncertain terms...WE will continue to object to this, and NO its not insurmountable..and to fight this is not costing us a dime..unlike fighting some big corporation....so i take back what i said...i will continue to object to this phys. findings... I will get the report here asap///thanks all ...
  4. Well i guess thats it for me,,the report the psychologist sent in to rating was ..basically in a nutshell..i do not show any symptoms of PTSD...according to their criteria..i am still waiting for rating decision..all the phys.said was mild . mild mild..etc..no sleep problems, etc..i am at end of my rope with this...i could go on and on with this but for now..i will get my head wrapped around this psyc decision..and add to this later..have a good night if thats possible..:(
  5. so i finally got on ebenefits. after a couple of months, of figuring out this site..i see i have 11 unread messages? but i cant access them because i only have basic access.. if i go to RO in Tampa. will i get approved for access, and also can i see the 11 secure messages that are waiting for me..thanks..oh yeah who do i see at the RO in Tampa, bay pines . thanks ryd,
  6. rydastar


    thanks for input, i applied for SSDI soon after i made ptsd application, and SS approved me for SSDI on first go round.. but from most of what i read here, are leaning towards the V.A. not looking at that aspect of my claim..thanks again. i will keep on truckin as the saying goes. Hell i waited 40 plus years to apply i guess another few months or so..:) i guess ignorance is bliss..no knowing why i had some of the issues i had , untill a phys. told me i had ptsd...thanks again..ryd..:) Do i need to file a seperate claim for TDIU? or will this be picked up automatically if i get my PTSD claim approved, ? possibly seeing SSDI approval may help? thanks again,,
  7. I have a claim in for AO heart disease, of which i was awarded 10% low ball v.a. number, i filed a NOD....i also have claim for PTSD , i took the c&p exam with the psychologist 2 months ago...any suggestions on this ? If i was not getting anything would i have heard by now? or is this typical waiting period no matter which way it goes? in side i am hoping longer is better in this case.? thanks for any ideas..as you can imagine like many others, i am nervous and waiting..later ryd..
  8. rydastar


    thanks all,,it will be what it will be i guess..thanks again,,:)
  9. Is there any times more often then others that the ratings letters come to vet.? lets say,, mondays,,,or fridays,,,,etc...thanks...
  10. thanks for your support. i will do another post to explain further details . i was on a yrbm

  11. rydastar

    C&p Exam

    hello cbtvet rydahog here. i was in delta also 68-69..tango boats ..glad to see a new navy guy here with me,,,seems to me at times the VA does not take ptsd serious for navy in delta.? like we did not see combat or something along those lines, cause we were not grunts? maybe this is just me? i hope i am wrong..keep us informed to your status...i am waiting for results from my psychologist exam for my ptsd claim, but i am to scared to find out myself what the results are? so i will wait till the mail comes..i hope your doin good..later ..ryd..:)
  12. i logged into ebenefits fine,,,but now the site is telling me i have 5 messages waiting ,, but i need an upgrade account?? whats the easiest way to get this? i tried doing it from online,,but man its confusing...i am hoping there is a message there for my ptsd claim ,,maybe some good info,,,LOL no such luck..but info anyways..thanks ryd
  13. rydastar

    C&p Exam Ptsd

    Just came across this topic, and was wondering about my case,, I am not sure the Doc for my ptsd claim looked at my work records from SS..? i had and have many issues with being employed, over 50 companies in 37 yrs.. also after i "retired" i tried to work at a pt job, and got into trouble with that place also, and they let me go... so now i stay at home and do not interact with outsiders,, other then who the wife brings home (her friends)...would this help or hinder my claim ?? thanks, sorry to hyjack your post..ryd..
  14. rydastar

    Ss & V.a.

    I am claiming ihd for AO. i also recently got approved for this at a 10% rate..i have filed a NOD, and relaid to them i am not safisfied with this rating, yesterday i got a reply in the mail, they are in receipt of my NOD, and looking for more info from me regarding doctors tests.etc// i am doing that at this time. I have been to my own psychiatrist,(regarding PTSD), she DX me with PTSD and a GAF of 55, to make a long story short, i just finished my appt. 1 1/2 weeks ago with the v.a. psychologist, we chatted for 2 hrs. At length about me before service,during,and after, usual stuff what i am going through now etc.. i am waiting now for an answer or at least to see what he (psychologist) wrote up about this, and what he sent to the rating board.? but to get back to my first thought was i am hoping against hope that the powers that be see that SS approved my claim with them at 100% disabled and at the very least gives me a decent rating for my heart,and ptsd claims..40-70% ?? is that asking to much? but i am a worry type guy, drives my woman nuts at times putting up with me and some things..thanks for your reply..ryd..
  15. I know i have been bouncing around here with some questions, as i am new to this site, but am wondering, if SS gave me 100% dis. for ptsd/ and heart( that was my original application with them) ..any thoughts what the v.a. will do IF they see the SS report.? thanks ryd..

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