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  1. cbtvet

    Ihd Claim

    Berta i thank you and chuck for your response. I can't scan but i will give you verbatim info from the decision. the ekg's do have reference to past anterior infarction. the medications i use include nitroglycerin, amlodiapine, gimfibrosil, simvanstatin, propranol, wellbutrin, trazodine . one of the ekg's was done in 05 by a civilian dr. the other by the va in 09. the reason for denial states " the evidence does not show a current diagnosed disability ". "Your condition is not one of the chronic diseases that va presumes related to your military service". summary of evidence 7005 ischemic heart disease {Agent Orange - Vietnam/Ischemic Heart Disease} Not service connected, no diagnosis. In a box below that it states, " Service connection for ischemic heart disease is denied - No Dx, presumptive - no dx. Please note the veteran has verified in-country Vietnam service. However, there is no evidence of record establishing the veteran has heart disease. There were references to the veteran having chest pains. However, there was no diagnosis of heart disease of record. In the veteran's most recent treatment reports from the VA Medical Center, he denied having heart disease."
  2. cbtvet

    Ihd Claim

    I have recieved a denial of ihd claim because they determined i have not been "officially diagnosed". They did acknowledge i have a history of chest pain. In my medical history there is a diagnosis of atherosclerosis, 2 ekg's showing past heart attack, high blood pressure, angina upon exertion. stress test revealed center chest pain. plus high colesterol. I was given nitro on my first visit to the va. I guess i made a rookie mistake by thinking they would dig and find this information in my medical history. also i had mentioned at one time i didn't think i had a heart problem. They took that as bible, and pointed it out in the denial letter. Question is how should i proceed.
  3. i can only tell you what has worked for me. cut out the booze . it puts you to sleep but don't allow you good sleep . i drank every night for 25 years . when i got on some mild drugs wellbutrin, propranol, prazosin, trazodone, buspirone, etc. i was able to quit drinking completely. i,m now sleeping better than i have in 40 years. remember how good we have it . 41 years ago today i was on my way to vietnam. our sister flight crashed in alaska the the next day. thinking of them and their familes.
  4. This old slogan I first saw in vietnam comes to mind. We, the unwilling , led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful, we have done so much with so little for so long we can now do almost anything with nothing.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of sc ptsd veteran being turned down on firearms purchase due entirely to their symptoms.
  6. So far no luck in finding a dr. to give an imo.
  7. Gulfvet45 thankyou, good point. Having read more posts on the tdiu claim something else came to my attention. the va report said my gaf is 40 .
  8. Thanks john Let me give some va stated reasons for their decision .(difficulty adapting to work) ,(difficulty understanding complex commands) (major impairment in several areas such as work,jugement,thinking,mood. (unprovoked irratability.)
  9. Thanks john999, everyones advice is appreciated. maybe someone will know about disclosure of disabilities to potential employers.
  10. Thank you, good advice. I was wondering if a imo would be okay. based on the reason for their decision i would not hire me. Do veterans have to disclose their disabilities to an employer.
  11. just been rated 70% ptsd . my vso said we should file for tdiu. in order to get it right the first time is there anything i should do before submitting the claim.
  12. cbtvet

    Ihd Claims

    Thanks chuck75 good input. this is strange . i was stationed on a floating pbr base. it is not on the ao ships list. please google yrbm 21 and tell me i'm not crazy.
  13. cbtvet

    Ihd Claims

    Thanks computer tech. Let me begin by saying I was in the u.s.navy for 4 years active. I have never been on a navy ship at sea. I left engineman school went to coronado for sere school assault boat school then flew to vietnam via mac.I was stationed 100 miles deep in vietnam I mean in sight of cambodia. how they could miss my vietnam service is beyond me.
  14. cbtvet

    Ihd Claims

    I called my vso today to find out about my ihd claim. Even though i have not been notified he looked it up and said they turned it down because it was not service related. what does that mean? i don't have a disability or they think i was not in vietnam.
  15. Thanks halo2 I do have a vso . All claims were submitted at the same time. The rating of 70% is from two of those claims. Two others were denied. The IHD claim was not declined or even mentioned. Is it possible they separated it from the other claims? The two that were denied, one was not considered service related , the other was lack of proof.
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