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  1. Berta, Thanks for looking at it. It just seems very confusing. Especially since the VA separated my original claim into these separate ones. You would have thought they would know how to do it right. I suppose it will all work its self out one day. Larry J, It seems to be a catch 22. I take the meds I get the side effects but I can get enough sleep between headaches to function at work. I don't take the meds and I do not sleep or function at work and loose my job and can get the higher rating. The problem is I cannot afford to not have my job so I can never get the 50% rating for Headaches because I will never get the economic hardship. So I will take my medication and use up my sick time and vacation time on my headaches. Unfortunately I am one that will go to work with a headache because I can't afford not to or am out of time off. I keep a headache log and track how much my headaches interfere with my job. One day the VA will see the [un]happy medium in there. Headaches have gotten worse again. VA appointment in a week!
  2. Went in and talked to the DAV. The service rep had not heard of being able to get secondary based on medication prescribed by VA causing issues so he contacted the County VA Services to work with them. They just called me back as they were doing research the past few days. Together they have figured out that yes the VA will give a secondary caused by medications for a primary. They believe the reason for the denial is it was filed incorrectly and should have been done so under a Sec 1151 code. They suggest we refile the claims under that referencing the original improperly filled claims in hopes that the VA would use the original claim date. I have a few concerns about this. 1. Sec 1151 Claims appear (from my limited research) be for medical malpractice on the VA's part. The problems I have from the medication are know side effects. I can choose not to take the medication and not have the side effects and have worse headaches as well. 2. I would be loosing my original Claim date. Although does it really matter at this point. 3. Which would really be faster? Appealing or Sec 1151 claim. I heard an 1151 can take just as long or longer and are rarely awarded.
  3. Service Connected for Cluster Headaches here which is rated under 8100 Migraines. I have been through the exam a couple of times as I have gone to the initial and then been re evaluated. What to expect during the exam to determine if you have migraines: You will be poked a few times to check for poor circulation and they will do some follow the pen with your eye test and balance tests. Mostlly they are just ruling out that you don't have other problems that would present with the same/similar symptoms. They will ask for a history including occurrence, pain level, work missed due to headaches, ect. As far as connecting your headaches as a secondary to an already service connected disability I differ to the others.
  4. Here is the document. Thanks Berta! vasecondary2.pdf
  5. I will scan it in a bit. We are flabbergasted right now. I think I found part of their reasoning. The Conditions they were rating me for has changed. They no longer say "due to medications taken for cluster headaches" at the end. That is the other thing. I would think that they would at the least, since they agree, decide they are not monetarily ratable and give me a zero percent. I got nada, period.
  6. Just got my decision on secondary conditions due to medication for headaches. They agree (VA examiner) that the conditions are caused by the medication I take for my Cluster Headaches that I am rated for but deny they are "related to the service connection of cluster headaches" (rating decision) They denied all three. What I don't understand as they put me in for these. I never requested these. If it would not matter what the examiner said why send me for a C&P. They could have made their decision without them. Calling my local DAV Monday to figure out my options.
  7. I have been documenting for at least the past 2 years using my calendar on my PDA. I think that is what helped me get the increase from 10% to 30%. The Vertigo/Dizziness I get as well as the numbness in my hands and feet; they are attributing to the medication I take for headaches and rating me separately. I and assuming that if I get a separate rating for that it will require a follow up at some point. Especially if and when I switch medications. Because I don't have a severe loss of work because of my headaches I think it will be difficult to get to the 50% just for my headaches although they get worse with every year it seams. Thanks
  8. Finally got a letter that my claim to add my daughter was approved as a dependant after sending the BC in 8 months ago. I took this opportunity to call about my other claims. They said they were sent to the rater October 16th. A little disappointing since the last time I had the QTC exams it took 3 weeks from exam to rating letter in my mail box. Every time is different I guess. Just wanting to keep everyone updated. Don't get discouraged if you wait. The longest wait is to get the exams although it feels like a lifetime after the exam as it is fresh in your mind again!
  9. Hughie

    Ophthalmic Migraines

    All Headaches are handled under Diagnostic Code 8100 Migraine Headache. Very frequent and completely prostrating and prolonged attacks productive of severe economic in-adaptability warrant assignment of a 50 percent evaluation. Where there are characteristic prostrating attacks occurring on an average of once a month over several months, a 30 percent evaluation is warranted. Where there are characteristic prostrating attacks averaging one in two months over several months, a 10 percent evaluation is warranted. Where attacks are less frequent, a zero percent evaluation is warranted. I have 30% for cluster headaches and while I get them way more than on average of once a month over several months I have an understanding employer and am able to hold down a job so I never get to the "severe economic in-adaptability" needed for 50%. Although I have seen people who have gotten 50% simply on the sheer number of headaches you have to be willing to challenge and wait. Do your research and make sure you have a good headache log history. That really seemed to help me move from 10% to 30%. Good Luck
  10. Had both new C&P exams. One a couple weeks ago for hands and feet and the one for light headedness today. The Exam today at a QTC contractor was pretty easy and nice. Just like a regular visit to the doctor. The One for hands and feet was an actual QTC office and it felt more like a Military Sickbay, lined up Next, Next, Next! Anyway, time to wait, Don't suppose I will get lucky and have a decision in 3 weeks like after my last C&P!
  11. Went through the C&P for Migraines not to long ago. I get Cluster Headaches but it is the same exam and rating to the VA. Carlie is correct, the pen test is a neurological test. They also poked me in the arms, legs, hands and feet. I asked and she said it was to check for poor circulation. She also told me there is no way for them to really test for Migraines/Cluster Headaches and that they are just ruling out that you don't have other problems that would present with the same/similar symptoms.
  12. Looking through the pre-exam questionnaires QTC sent. The numbness one appears to be for nerve damage. The light headedness appears to be for virtigo due to Ear damage. I guess those are the closest ones they have!
  13. Okay, that was what I was wondering. Thanks Carlie.
  14. Okay, I understand that these new conditions are looked at to see if they are related to my rated headaches and/or medication I take for my headaches. These were conditions the VA found during my Cluster headache claim and I didn't claim directly. My question is more how are they rated if it is decided by the VA they are related? Are they rated as a separate condition or are they rated by some other means? Thanks, I appreciate the response!
  15. It has been a while or at least feels like it but I have two new QTC C&P exams for what they separated now. Looks to be 3 separate conditions. Both in September two different locations. C&P 1: Condition CONDITION TO ACCOUNT FOR BILATERAL HANDS NUMBNESS Condition CONDITION TO ACCOUNT FOR BILATERAL FEET NUMBNESS C&P 2: Condition CONDITION TO ACCOUNT FOR LIGHT HEADEDNESS Since these are conditions that stem from medication i take for my headaches are they looked at differently or are they looked at as there own independent condition?

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