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  1. 2006 Edition Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents www1.va.gov/opa/vadocs/Fedben.pdf Lots of info. Veterans and Retired Military Benefits www.fullcirclecare.org/re...htm#vetweb
  2. I don't have enough quarters over the last 10 years. Have to wait til I'm 62
  3. Being IU I can try to work when I am ready on a trial basis if you let the VA know what you are doing. Yes Berta I was told by someone in the VA I couldn't file for IU until I got the increase. Then he checked with a rater and they would rather do it all at once to speed things up rather than do the double work. Thanks again
  4. The reason that I want to continue with the claim process is that I do want to return to the workforce. I am after 34 years getting help with my PTSD. I am only 53 years young and in therapy twice a week and a PTSD group once a week. I just turned 19 when I returned from Vietnam I was a combat medic. I am doing a lot better but I have a long way to go. I am learning to open up and gain self confidence. If I don't get any better and can't get back to work I will accept it but I am not going down without trying. I am going for my other disabilities to protect my family and for my wife for her benefit should I die. I have heart problems, emphysema, enlarged adrenal glands and early signs of Diabetes. I am physically able to work but at this time not mentally. I am hoping to learn to cope with my PTSD. What IU is to me is a little breathing room to get the help I need to arrest my disease PTSD. The VA has been very good to me both medically and claims wise. I went to the VA for help and I am getting it. I wish I asked for help 30 years ago but I am here now I spent too much time with the what if's I am trying to learn to live for today and build for the healthiest retirement as possible.
  5. Success!!!! I got a call today from the person helping me and he said I was awarded an increase to 70% and IU Retro to March 06 when I filed the request for upgrade. Thank you Berta for your help and the suggestion to file for IU at the same time as the increase. I am going to wait until I get the letter and take a few days off from the computer and then start on my Claim for Gerd, ED, and Hiatal Hernia caused by PTSD and Meds. Thanks for the support everyone. My suggestion to anyone filing a claim Keep it short and to the point and get letters from Doctors, family members, Army buddies and a short letter telling how your disability effects your life. I suggest you send in a new DD-214 Certified Copy, Form for Unemployability and the form from your employer's all can be downloaded from the web. The more prepared you are and organized the quicker things will go. J.M.H.O. Thanks again everyone every post on this site and others have helped me immensely.
  6. I will opt out of the lawsuit I think by the time the Lawyers get done with it you will be lucky to see $10.00. I do not support the lawsuit the only ones that will make out are the lawyers. Money would just come out of veterans services and they are short now. JMHO
  7. Someone took my name, Social security number, and date of birth. I find out it was stolen from an employee of the VA who stole it from the VA. I am a victim of Idenity theft!!!!
  8. NEWS FROM THE U.S. SENATE COMMITTEE ON VETERANS’ AFFAIRS VA DATA THEFT TO BE FOCUS OF EMERGENCY HEARING THURSDAY - Watch video of Senator Craig discussing issue Sen. Craig being interviewed by ABC World News Tonight about the theft which will be discussed at Thursday's hearing May 23, 2006 Media contact: Jeff Schrade (202) 224-9093 (Washington, DC) U.S. Senator Larry Craig announced today that the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs will hold an emergency hearing Thursday, May 25, in room 418 of the Russell Senate Office Building. The committee will review the recent theft of computer material that contained the names and Social Security numbers of 26.5 million veterans. The hearing, titled, "VA Data Privacy Breach: Twenty-Six Million People Deserve Answers" will begin at 10 a.m. VA Secretary Jim Nicholson will testify. Other witnesses will be announced later. The hearing will be webcast live, and archived for viewing later, at http://veterans.senate.gov. The hearing may also be audiocast – during the hearing only – on C-SPAN’s hearings website, located at http://www.capitolhearings.org. Watch and listen to Sen. Craig discussing the issue by clicking on: Senator Larry Craig comments on the VA stolen records ##### Jeff Schrade, Communications Director U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), Chairman 412 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Direct: 202-224-9093 Cell: 202-680-9552 Fax: 202-228-5655 http://veterans.senate.gov
  9. Cases that may require claims folder review include Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) remands, claims from former prisoners of war (POWs), and psychiatric examinations. Psyc exam is why my C-File went to the Hospital
  10. Every time I have gone for a C&P Exam my complete C-file was there. When I check in at the desk they take my name last 4 and put my C-File into one of those locked pouches. I then carry the C-file to the floor and department I am to be examined. The Nurse unlocks the file and gives it to the doctor and he reviews the file then calls me into the office for my exam. My last C&P for PTSD the Doctor went over the whole file with me. We even discussed other medical things and other things that were in my record. I have had nothing but good things happen from the VA in Boston as far as C&P Exams. The only problem I have is getting the VA to treat and keep up with the tests that my private doctor has been treating for years. I no longer have insurance and I was seeing a Endocronologist, Pulminary, and a Urologist on bi weekly visits for over a year. I asked my Primary care about these things and she said that there is nothing to worry about that the VA will continue my blood work that was in December. I am not assured that I should just let these things go but the VA doesn't seem interested. I lost my Insurance because my ex wife got married and she was the holder of the policy. Is there a way to get to see specialist's at the VA?
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not a copy but it is an email I recieved from a fellow veteran. Commission Debates Disability Insurance Review. > >During its May 18-19 hearing in Arlington, VA, the Veterans' >Disability Benefits Commission members and veterans' service >organization representatives exchanged views on whether Social >Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) awards should be considered in >assessing VA and military compensation amounts for service-disabled >veterans. > >The commission, chartered by Congress to study the benefits that are >provided to compensate and assist veterans and their survivors for >disabilities and deaths attributable to military service, is now >scheduled to provide their final report in October 2007. > >Over the past two months, the commission had failed to reach an >internal consensus on whether to collect SSDI data. This week's >hearing gave military and veterans' organization representatives the >opportunity to comment. > >MOAA's input to the commission made the following points: > >1) SSDI is an independent Social Security insurance program that >all American workers pay for through payroll tax "premiums." As >such, it serves a different purpose than compensation earned through >service and sacrifice for the Nation. > >2) MOAA is strongly opposed to offsetting VA disability >compensation by SSDI, just as we believe it is inappropriate to >offset retired pay for VA disability compensation or to offset >Survivor Benefit Plan annuities for Dependency and Indemnity >Compensation payments. In the case of SSDI, the statute has always >prohibited any such offset to military retirement or veterans' >disability benefits. > >3) Congress established the commission at the same time it acted to >eliminate the disability offset to retired pay for 100-percent >disabled retirees - the only group that might qualify for SSDI. In >that context, it would be the ultimate irony for the commission to >investigate whether there should be a new offset to these members' >disability compensation where none existed before. > >After considering all of the organizations' inputs, the commission >decided that it should get more information on SSDI. However, the >commissioners took pains to emphasize that they do not intend to >consider SSDI as a possible offset to VA disability >compensation. Rather, the commission may consider possible options >to improve coverage for disabled veterans, such as waiving the >normal requirement to have paid 40 quarters of Social Security >payroll taxes to be eligible for SSDI. > >For more information on the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission >please visit <www.vetscommission.org> Witchhouse 1/10 Cav C Troop 1971 An Khe 616 Med Clearing Co. 1972 Pleiku 91B20 "Go Red Sox"
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