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  1. Ok after going around and around I finally got a answer. I had to submit application to United States Army Review Boards Agency. Here is the website link. http://actsonline.army.mil/ Well of course they still have to approve it but my chance are good because I fell into the 90 day window of retiring when the TEB started so I was not informed I was elgible to transfer my benefits. Well I hope this helps someone else!
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I have a better understanding now. I don't work and don't plan on getting a job
  3. At a recent visit to the VA I was told buy a employee that I should be unemployable because of the 100% rating for PTSD. He referred me to another office to ask about this and possibly get it corrected. I went there and was told according to my paperwork I'm considered employable. My paperwork says employability is a moot point. So which is true? I remember reading somewhere that if you are 100% for PTSD you are unemployable? I dont work and have not worked since leaving the army over two years now. How does becoming unemployable benefit me?
  4. I guess I hope to get better. I do have something set-up for one child and need to get something going for the other as far as college savings.
  5. Well I guess I can't do it. Thanks for the info. Yes Chaprter 35/dea is authorized but I dont think the VA is going to let me stay at 100 percent and my kids are young.
  6. I tried do that and got some error. So I called the va gi bill number and they told me I cannot transfers it because I'm retired? So can I transfer it? How? Who should I call to help me if I can transfer my gi bill to my kids Thanks
  7. Well I retired from active army October 2009 can I still transfer my GI bill kids? Or i had to do that while I was still serving? I see that it took effect to be able to transferring your benefits in august 2009.
  8. I got a letter say I have a appointment at the VA and I'm not sure what it is for. If it was for a C&P would it say that? I'm going to call on tuesday to find out but wanted some feed back.
  9. sfc ret


    I'm at a 100% for PTSD and have not submitted for social security. I just hear about all the people getting turned down and it just take my motivation to submit the paperwork. I called about my CSRC the other day and it is taking four months now for the Army. So it will be near the end of September before I hear anything about that. I was on another forum and somebody was talking about a formula to figure out what you would get for CRSC I didt quite understand it. What I get from the VA is 3007.00 and it is tax free. I currently get CRDP from the Army and that is taxed. So what will I get for CRSC?
  10. sfc ret


    Thanks for the information. Yes I am getting CRDP.
  11. I was not sure where to post this. I retired last year after 20 years service. In January I got my 30% upto 100% for PTSD and dysthymia backe dated to my retirement date. I am dropping my paperwork CRSC in the mail today. Does anyone know anything about this process? About how long it takes? If I am approved my pay retirement would be tax free? Any other input from someone who has been approved for this? Thank you
  12. I dont work I retired from the Army about 8 months ago. I guess it hard to hear that someone doesnt want me to work. I joined the army at 18 and retired at 38. So Its hard to not be working but on the other had its hard to admit I have problems.
  13. Thanks for the information. I'm 100% PTSD and 30% for other things. So now I just wait for the letter from the VA.
  14. Ok so now I get a letter from the DAV stateing they reviewed the most recent VA decision concerning my cliam for benifits and the VA has taken the following actions. A clear and unmistable error is found in the evaluation of PTSD and dysthymia and an evaluation of 100% is assigned. (which I was just given 100% recently) Basic eligibility to DEA is established. As of today I didnt get anything from the VA so I called they state they are working a letter to be sent to me. My 100% has not changed but the lady stated that she saw something about the DEA and that normally if you get DEA you will get permanent and total. What exactly is permanent and total? So that is it? They are saying Im done and cant go to work any more? Thanks for any information.
  15. No I'm not P&T and my paperwork does not saying anything about chapter 35 or DEA. Can I just go see a DAV rep to try to get paperwork submitted for P&T? I'm thinking about trying to submit for SSDI. Thanks for the information

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