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Becoming Brain Dead

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Long story short been on high doses of Zoloft(Setraline) and Gabapenton and Trazadone for a like 3 yrs I think.

Ok, I have multiple SC disibilities but only take the drugs above. I was on 8 medications total and stopped that crap awhile back...

Anyways here is the problem besides side effects of ED and I'm still messed up

PTSD and Major Depression, wife says the Meds are keeping me somewhat together

I dont see it but anyways I'm starting to become speechless like I cannot think

of words to say anymore. I'm writing this ok, but its like my feelings cannot come

out of my mouth. Some days I'm in this Fog like time is passing by and I'm just

so brain dead. I've heard the drugs I take can effect your brain in a bad way

maybe my doses she be lowered. The NP is going to have me drop the 200mg of

Zoloft to 100mg and start Citalopram (Celexa). She did say it will make me

tired... Great right!!I'm going to give it a try though. Why the hell not right?

Another thing about taking 8 meds... I stopped going to the VA for regular medical

stuff and only go for Mental Health. The regular health stuff they would give me a

pill for everything and counter-act drugs. 8 meds could have turned into 12

easily. Now my health is shot to hell so catch 22. They keep telling me exercise,

but my mind says hell with that. Depression can kill you even if you dont pull the trigger.

Sorry if that touches a nerve, but its so true..

Lost in space with no future or hope!

Anyone on Citalopram (Celexa) combo with Gabapenton and trazadone or whatever ?

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i started out with the Zoloft 100mg and a serquol? 300mg and now i still take the Zoloft but i take 650 mg of the serquol and sometimes i just cant wake up ... like i am unable to keep my eyes open ... it passes in about 3 hours ,,, how can anyone work when they get like that i mean one time i was driving very early in oregon and next thing i know is a cop is waking me up and i am in the center grass i dont know how i got there... i dont drive much anymore...

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Trazadone is given to a lot of Veterans as a cheap sleeping pill. That said neurontin which I take can also make you sleepy but it depends on how much and when you take it. I take 300 mg three times a day and usually sleep about 4 to 5 hours tops.

That said I do not see why a NP is making the kind of changes you are talking about. Changing doses and meds is a delicate thing and the consequences can be huge. We have advised on Hadit that any major changes in meds should be done with close supervision with a Doc and that one of us patients should never just change on our own.

This is my opinion and all I have is what has happened to me when I changed on my own and the experiences that others have shared and most are not good.

If you can I really think you should consult with a Doc and probably a shrink. Good Luck

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Well the Sert/Zoloft I have been taking for over 3 yrs hasn't been helping. I asked to try another drug. Why not right ? Just wondering what y'all think about

Celexa? I looked it up and it seems it has a higher reaction with low doses.

I'm taking 40mg compared to the Zoloft 200mg. Course I am slowly getting off the

Zoloft. Upped my Gabapenton from 900mg to 1200mg. Yeah trazadone helps me get

about 4 hrs, unless I take a whole dose of 100mg , then I wake up with a

hangover from hell. I feel like as time goes on my brain is turning to mush.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

they have me on 150mg Zoloft, and .5mg Clonazepam (sleep helpers) and then buspar as needed for anxiety (anger) lol I take lots of it

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I have been on Celexa for depression and Teazapam (sp) at bedtiem for insomnia and I cannot think clearly during the day and am sleepy/groggy. Tried Lunesta and Ambien CR w/o success. Psychiatrist told me to dc Teazapam (Restirol) for two week and come back to see him. I did this and slept better but still not rested. He said to continue this regimen w/o medication. I am better w/o the Restirol and do not want to return to this drug. At least now I can function through the day even though I am sleepy. Probably shouldn't drive but they did not tell me not to....

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I'm on codiene, once every 8 hrs, I can't remember the dosage and I'm too tired to get up and go look on the bottle.

I'm on 400 mg Welbutrin.

I'm on 100 of Trazadone, and some kinda quantity of Serataline (sp?).

Good part is, I haven't had any "homocidal ideations" lately. Now I just want to choke someone occasionally, but not choke them to death........just turn 'em a little blue around the ears and nose!

And, I haven't had any "suicidal ideations" in months.......heck, HOW COULD I?

I haven't had an original thought of ANY kind.

As far as ED? Heck, I can still get it up......but, ever time I pull the trigger, IT DOESN'T GO OFF!

I can't remember anything for the last two years. I can't even remember to try to remember.

But, I can remember my knot-tying lessions in Cub Scouts, etc.


I can drive. NO PROBLEM! Heck, I have to drive. Otherwise, how am I gonna get to my Tuesday and Thursday group therapy sessions. If I don't GO, then I will be shown as "non-compliant" with my treatments...........................

One good thing about driving while taking what I'm taking.....all I gotta do is miss the occupied vehicles around me........and, if I should run into the bridge abuttments or telephone poles....it won't hurt NEARLY as much as if I was NOT medicated...

WORK? How the heck COULD I work..................WOULD YOU HIRE ME?

Hey, that's a good one. TDIU....if they won't let me have TDIU....then I can apply for WORK with the VA.....HEY! Bet ya $5 they wouldn't HIRE me! At least, if I worked there, I'd be close for my regulary twice-weekly scheduled therapy sessions and also for the 6 ot 7 other times a month that I have to go to exams, labs, pcp, and other stuff.....of course, then they'd probably fire me for not being at work, etc....

I really must leave the board now....I feel that I should be taking something.....I just forget WHAT I should be taking......heck, I'll just take all of them....got my bases covered that way. Then they can't say I wasn't taking my meds.....no, wait, I can't take my meds...they screwed up and didn't get them sent to me....so, I'm outta EVERTHING, have been for almost a week....maybe that's why I'm all messed up......WTH...at least I can feel my bones in my foot and ankle grinding together.....gee, I've kinda missed that.......

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Takine more than one anti-depressent at a time can develope a toxic state.

Trazadone is an anti-depressent.

Benedryl works the same as Trazadone for sleep.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Benadryl knocks me out. I take one and I sleep like a rock.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Just don't stop taking any of these drugs suddenly. Just about all of them have some kind of withdrawl symptoms. Even good old clonazepam will put you on the A Train if you have been taking it three times a day and suddenly stop. The sleep meds will give you rebound insomnia is you stop suddenly.

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I know what you mean about brain dead. I have experienced what you are talking about. The feeling that your mind and mouth can't work together or saying words incorrectly. I was taking 4 meds from the VA that were making me a zombie. I took my meds to my local pharmacist and had her educate me on what they are supposed to do and what long term use causes. I talked to my VA doc about what I had learned and we changed my meds. I am still taking medication, but not as much or as often and it is helping with my PTSD and anxiety as much as the others did, but without the dead head feeling. Tell your doc how the meds make you feel and ask if you can change up the formula. It may take several tries, but the right or a better combo is out there. Don't let your doc give you an attitude about asking them to do their job either. You are not trying to be difficult, you just want your mind back. Hang in there.

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Well the transition is rough and waiting another few more weeks for results. Also being Very Anti-Social you forget how to speak.

They have me on Gabapenton to calm me down... My nerves are shot, and I can fly off the handle at any given time.

This toxic state or being a Zombie probably keeps me outa Prison!

I had 1 on 1 counseling for almost 2 years and then sent to Group. Went to group

once and thats it. Group is good for some but not for me. Drugs alone just aint

doing it. Its been 9 months and I'm hitting rock bottom. Thoughts everyday about

hitting the bottle again.... sometimes Mary-Jane which I never really got into ever

I have a house full of kids and it compounds on all my issues. I gota give my old

counselor a call tomorrow for sure !

Peace Out!

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