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  1. Go this website http://www.gulfwarvets.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi Good Luck & Thank You for your Service!
  2. Good reason to keep your health issues to yourself.... But since it's already out there... Keep your cool and follow your heart brother.
  3. Thanks Y'all! It gives me that hang over feeling like Trazadone, but I'm a little dizzy and high feeling for most of the day... I have PTSD and MDD and my anger is hightened because I'm grumpy hangover! I'm taking gabapenton 1200mg and that's it... so Remeron and Gabapenton for PTSD and Major Deperession.... Sound right, I know different drugs for different strokes but having more sleep isn't helping my other issues. I feel like the VA is experminting on me.... Really I'm ready to give them the Double Finger!!
  4. Anybody taken this drug? I was taking Trazadone for a couple of years no good results...
  5. Well It's really complicated!! The logistics alone would be a nightmare for the DOD. They could spend that money on better Mental healthcare. You start this ball rolling, then what about Agent Orange, and Gulf War Illness ? I do have one thing to say.. During Desert Storm over 100,000 troops were exposed to Iraqi Chemicals and should be awared the PH if they have illness from it.
  6. Don't believe the hype! The VA will more than likely just review your claim and leave the other SC problems alone. Now if your current SC has something to do with your new claim they may review it to see if that health issue is of the same catagory, because they dont want to pyramid your claims, saves them money. If its a totally different health issue, don't sweat it. I have GI issues that they can not figure out. I have been through every test they have. I was rated 10% for Gulf War Illness. Denied for a bunch of other stuff because I have been focused on the major health issues. Anyways file your claims and good luck!
  7. Hold your Horses Gents, this Sniper will never face a Court Martial. Nuff Said!
  8. Anybody take this Med? Taking Setriline(Zoloft) and Gabapentin already. Doc wants to replace Trazadone with this med. Any major problems ? I know we all have different side-effects, just curious.
  9. My Dad was wounded 3 times in NAM. He was Air-Force but served with a Army Unit during all three times he was wounded. Long story short Army records never made it to the Air Force, so Dad had his purple hearts that the Army gave him, but his DD214 and Air Force Records don't show he was awarded 3x Purple heart. Dad never really cared about the paper work. While talking with a Vet rep a few yrs ago, he decided why not get the DD215 so he can sport a PH License Plate. Medical records show he was wounded 3 times, not sure if they ever found the Army records, but he was finally awarded on paper.
  10. 30% Low ball rating, but it seems to be the Norm with the VA. I've had my PTSD increased twice this past 3 years. 1st time it only took 3 months I think and the 2nd time took just over a year. Its like pulling teeth out of a lion. As I get older my symptoms have gotten worse. Depression takes a hold of you and can kill you. PTSD and Major Depression is one cocktail I don't wish on anyone. I stopped drinking and the symptoms have got worse. Not saying keep drinking if you do, Does that make since? I have 5 children and that stress alone would make anybody lose your mind. My wife is just waiting for me to kill myself. I've thought about making it look like a accident so she can get the Insurance she has on me. The only thing keeping me alive is my children. I cannot hurt them like that. They already have problems from my PTSD, nothing major but my wife compares them to my crazy Azz. Good Luck!
  11. This Guy has a conflict of Interest with being part of a Outsource Company that gets contracts from the VA. Click link to see he his Director of QTC along with our old VA Chief Principi.......... http://www.qtcm.com/general/about/board.asp AMERICA HAS SOLD OUT ITS VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well the transition is rough and waiting another few more weeks for results. Also being Very Anti-Social you forget how to speak. They have me on Gabapenton to calm me down... My nerves are shot, and I can fly off the handle at any given time. This toxic state or being a Zombie probably keeps me outa Prison! I had 1 on 1 counseling for almost 2 years and then sent to Group. Went to group once and thats it. Group is good for some but not for me. Drugs alone just aint doing it. Its been 9 months and I'm hitting rock bottom. Thoughts everyday about hitting the bottle again.... sometimes Mary-Jane which I never really got into ever I have a house full of kids and it compounds on all my issues. I gota give my old counselor a call tomorrow for sure ! Peace Out!
  13. Well the Sert/Zoloft I have been taking for over 3 yrs hasn't been helping. I asked to try another drug. Why not right ? Just wondering what y'all think about Celexa? I looked it up and it seems it has a higher reaction with low doses. I'm taking 40mg compared to the Zoloft 200mg. Course I am slowly getting off the Zoloft. Upped my Gabapenton from 900mg to 1200mg. Yeah trazadone helps me get about 4 hrs, unless I take a whole dose of 100mg , then I wake up with a hangover from hell. I feel like as time goes on my brain is turning to mush.
  14. My exit exam had just about everything and I was worried about being held longer. I was held 6 months over my 4 yrs. It was actually longer than that but I dont mind doing my 4 yrs. I have a buddy who has similar problems and even more than me He retires this month from the Corps and I have spoke with him a number of times to make sure everything is documented and he gets copies of everything. He has PTSD and they let him go back to Iraq for one, so if y'all dont already know you can still stay in with mental health problems. He's medicated and not suicidal, so I'm guessing thats why he was able to stay in and finish his 20 yrs.
  15. Long story short been on high doses of Zoloft(Setraline) and Gabapenton and Trazadone for a like 3 yrs I think. Ok, I have multiple SC disibilities but only take the drugs above. I was on 8 medications total and stopped that crap awhile back... Anyways here is the problem besides side effects of ED and I'm still messed up PTSD and Major Depression, wife says the Meds are keeping me somewhat together I dont see it but anyways I'm starting to become speechless like I cannot think of words to say anymore. I'm writing this ok, but its like my feelings cannot come out of my mouth. Some days I'm in this Fog like time is passing by and I'm just so brain dead. I've heard the drugs I take can effect your brain in a bad way maybe my doses she be lowered. The NP is going to have me drop the 200mg of Zoloft to 100mg and start Citalopram (Celexa). She did say it will make me tired... Great right!!I'm going to give it a try though. Why the hell not right? Another thing about taking 8 meds... I stopped going to the VA for regular medical stuff and only go for Mental Health. The regular health stuff they would give me a pill for everything and counter-act drugs. 8 meds could have turned into 12 easily. Now my health is shot to hell so catch 22. They keep telling me exercise, but my mind says hell with that. Depression can kill you even if you dont pull the trigger. Sorry if that touches a nerve, but its so true.. Lost in space with no future or hope! Anyone on Citalopram (Celexa) combo with Gabapenton and trazadone or whatever ?
  16. Jack where you at ? He's probably 50% & low SC% for something else. If your on meds, you gotta give up that drinking brother..
  17. Had 2 C&P's in early August 2006, had another C&P in December 2006. Filed for an increase and two other new claims should go through. I have Military records and VA records to prove them. I wish I hadn't filed multiple claims at once. Here it is 1 yr since the increase SC claim and the Waco Varo say's its at the raters. Im hoping to hear something by May since the other two claims would be about 4 months since C&P exams were done. Im guessing they want to get all the claims rated, defered or denied at once? STANDBY FOR STANDBY!!!!
  18. I had my C&P 6 months ago....Went well I guess the C&P Doc said she will do what she could to help my increase claim. I just think things are getting bad and the RO cannot handle the amount of claims. Nichols is a freaking dog face liar! On national TV acting like everything is okie dokie at the VA.
  19. Yes I have other SC %. My C&P went ok, I have a Social Worker and Shrink. My eyes are Blue and I like long walks through the desert.....LOL! Thanks Y'all..... If I had a claim that lasted more than 2 yrs I would get Senator Hutchinson involved. Were Pin Pals already..... My Story is long and familiar to most with PTSD. VA Docs, Social Workers, Nurse Practioner say my GAF's are averaged 35-40. They all support my increase. I have SC 50% for PTSD. I'm working alone at night, with no supervision or people to deal with. Its the only way I can provide for my family. My meds do tire me down a little, I want to keep my job I have but its getting worse around here and they may fire me again, they already did once... Long Story!! Things are just getting worse. I have given up Alcohol the past yrs and that may be the problem. Thinking now I am a Drug addict instead.. Zoloft, Gabapentin, Trazadone cocktail everyday...
  20. Or Dallas just SUCKS! No wonder Dallas was rated the worst VA in the Country a few years ago.....
  21. Carlie are you writing a BOOK ? WTF OVER ! Just kidding! Questions....60% SC, VSO - Yes. S/F
  22. Vik, Didn't move anywhere.They said Dallas just sent the file this month to Waco - VARO. My C&P was back in August, the Dr has like 30-90 days to write it up. Not sure but if it was the later - 3 months the other 3 months were limbo ? If it takes a over a Year to get an increase, can you imagine regular intial claims. I've been in therapy and on Meds for 2 yrs, my therapist encouraged me to file for an increase, so I did. 1 yr later...... Still waiting..... Kinda ticks ya off when your already SC for something and they just need to decide if your worse than before. Thanks Vik
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