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Sah Grant And New C&p

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Guest candomike


Guest candomike

Howdy all: I applied for the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant which is 50K presently. I am rated a 100% with TD/IU/PT. 60 percent for my back, 40 percent for Fibromylagia and 30 percent for PTSD. So that Adds up to 83% rounded down to 80% and the TD/IU brings me to a 100%.

I went to my scheduled Comp and Pen and the following is the report from the exam of which I feel is contradicting in itself, but I would love your synopsis of what it equates to.

Report Xray



Findings: AP and Lateral Views were obtained. There are Three images. Disk space narrowing at L3-L4 and L4-L5. There is mild retrolisthesis at both of these levels, on a degenerative level. Similiar findings were present on the previous examination can probably somewhat worsened. Although interval comparison is difficult because the disk spaces were not well visualized in the previous examination. Vertebral bodies are normal in heaight. Alignment is normal throughout the remainder of the lumbar spine. Facets are unremarkable. Sacrolliac joints are unremarkable.


1. L3-4 and L4-5 Degenrative Disk Disease. There is mild retrolisthesis at both of these levels. Findings may have worsened since the previous examination.



Thin white male who ambulates slowly with a walker, he is able to rise from a chair and climb on and off the exam table without assistance. No vertreral tenderness, mild lumbar paraspinal tenderness, no muscle spasm. Straight leg raise induces back pain at 5 degrees bilaterally? DTR's ++ and equal in both knees and ankles with clonus sensory: Difficult exam as it was not reproducible. Decreased muscle bulk in all extremeties, normal tone. Resistance testing lower extremeties 43.5/5 which is not compatable with his ability to walk and get on and off the exam table.

All ranges limited by back pain:

Flexion 5 out of 90 degrees

Extension 0 out of 30 degrees

Right Bending 5 out of 30 degrees

Left Bending 5 out of 30 degrees

Right Rotation 5 out of 30 degrees

Left Rotation 5 out of 30 degrees

Waddel Signs:

1. Superficial Skin tenderness NO

2. Nonanotomic pain or tenderness NO

3. Axial Loading pain Yes

4. Rotational Pain Yes

5. Distracted SLR Yes

6. Nonanotomic/Dermatomal sensorary change Yes

7. Giveway or breakaway weakness Yes

8. Exaggerated, non reproducable responses Yes

Functional ROM of the above joints is not significantly affected by pain, repetition, fatigue, weakness or incoordination. Since the flareup is not occuring today, I would have to resort to mere speculation to assess any loss of function during flare-ups.

Assessment: Lumbar Disk Disease with retrolisthesis


First of all the exam was about 10 minutes tops. The female Dr had to take off my Cowboy Boots. No clothes, pants shirts were taken off. I slowly climbed onto the exam table using my hands and anything that I could grab or hold on too, the same thing was done getting off. Except getting off, it took me longer to straighten up and to sit down. Both of my feet were shaking uncontrollably as well as spasms. My Severe Atrophy was not noted as my pants were on.

On the Waddel test of which is a test to see if you are faking back pain, she failed to note my fibromylagia, severe osteoporosis nor the fact that I had previously broken my shoulders three times falling down. I also mentioned I had bladder and bowel problems of which were not noted.

She also failed to mention that I have Intervertal Disk syndrome at L5-S1 with lumberization of S1 with Sciatica, of which can only be seen on a MRI which is in my records and I am recieving 60% disability for.

Doesn't the evidence speak for itself, even the Xray exam notes 2 more disks going and labels it DDD Degenerative Disk Disease, but I am recieving my 60% for Intervertable Disk Syndrome.

Ok folks, whats your honest opinion on this exam for a SAH Grant. Is it favorable or non favorable or they will haul me in for another C&P. Seems to me, my back is a lot worse yet Interveral Disk Syndrome tops off at 60 percent and don't know what DDD tops off at. Will they try and relabel my disability(s) and or change my ratings????

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Since this report fails to discuss your SC disability, that these new findings are just that, new, I fail to see any recommendations as to your need for special addaptive housing.

When I applied for an electric kart, I had two Dr's, plus my primary Dr who recommended that I needed one. Then I was sent to a special clinic for evaluation and was awarded a Kart.

If you applied for SAH without the support of your primary care Dr. or the specialist for your back injuries, then don't be surprised if you get turned down this first time. appeal any denial and point out the discrepancies you noted in the exam. You might even contest the exam with a memo and attach it to your file, how you found the exam as lacking in time spent, and problems the examiner failed to recognize or look at. especially a full visual view that was otherwise covered up by clothes.

Good luck and if I haven't answered all or any of your questions, someone is bound to come along and give you their opinion or better answer to your concerns and questions.

Jim S. :lol:

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I hate to be negative but to win at the VA you had better have your ducks in a row and bring some ammunition. I suggest that you write a narrative and why and how the money would be used to make your life better.

Money is very short and they are not noted for handing it out.

You might look into having a professional write and opinion of why you would need it.

Good Luck

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Guest candomike

I'm not negative or positive at all. When I was on the ILP Idependent Living Program, they had an idependent rehab specialist interview me and check out the house and he wrote it all up on how I needed this and that and acess to it. So that part of the ducks row is pretty well documented.

What gets me is the fact the differences in the two disabilities. When the two disks over a bad one go out, you can rest assured it's related. At least thats my logic but then again someone needs to teach the VA math lol

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To be elegible for the SAH grant you must either have "loss of use" or be blind, at least that is what I read into the SAH grant. You have to have a SMC rating for "loss of use" or the visual impairment. From your post it does not appear that you have the rating.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Underneath that medical terminology, the doctor is saying that you are faking the extent of your problems.

You will probably need an Independent Medical Opinion to counter act her opinion.

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Underneath that medical terminology, the doctor is saying that you are faking the extent of your problems.

You will probably need an Independent Medical Opinion to counter act her opinion.


You don't want to confuse the two different types of grants. See http://www.homeloans.va.gov/sah.htm SAH is $50,000and SHA is $10,00.

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