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Interagency Consult. One Vha To Another

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I'm just received an appointment date for a interagency concult I had requested, since I have personal issues with the local ENT specialist They have in essense, have given me only three, maybe four business days to arrange transportation to and from this other VA hospital, that is about a three hour drive away.

If I take a Bus and or Train, I will have to arrange for a place to stay, due to the time of the scheduled appointment. Appointment being a week from this Monday on the 12 Aug. at 10:00 a.m.

I have received no word if transportation is going to be furnished, given I do not drive and I need the use of my electric wheelchair away from home, plus the need fo Oxygen at night when I sleep. The other VA hospital does not have a Hospitality house in which I could stay, would have to arrange local motel room and besides my wheelchair, I would have to arrange transport of my Oxygen concentrator machine, since bottled Oxygen would be impractical and against bus and train regulations for the number of bottles I would have to take.

I am at a loss as what to do, besides transportation dept., to see what might be arranged. Who would I see to make sure If I qualify for mileage should I have to provide my own transportation?

This is all new to me and I don't know what I am supposed to do.

Rockhound Rider B)

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Thought I would add, my PCP was helping me with this and she quit her job at the Hospital and I have yet to be appointed a new PCP and may not for 30 days or more.

Usually when I ask for an appointment they make it for about a month from now, Like I said, given scheduling restaints for alternater or private transportation, I only have about three maybe four business days to arrange anything, since just making an arrangements to get into town takes three days prior to when I want to go in.

Believe it or not, given the short time to arrange transportation, it is almost as costly to take a bus as it is to take a train and in both cases, I have to arrange the handleing of my chair.

Rockhound rider.

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Have you called your county VSO office? Usually they provide transport for vets, at no charge, to/from all appts. If not, then talk to someone at your VAMC like a pt advocate and let them know that you require transportation to & from this appt. I believe they are required to furnish transportation.

take care,

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  • HadIt.com Elder

At your VAMC there may be a transportation department. I know that in Dallas they have a bus that takes Vets back and forth every day and with notice will even pick up in other cities. You need to call and ask. Use the number on your pill bottle and punch 0 and ask to speak with the office that handles transportation.

Good Luck

Other sources would be DAV and other Service Organizations.

PS I am moving this to Claims

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Contact the number that Pete told you about. Then call the patient advocate office.

In most VA Medical Centers there are an abundance of Veterans Service Orgs which also office directly in the Medical Center. Most states have a state-sponsored VSO (in TX it's the Texas Veterans Commission) that will help you. Usually, if you've had to hang around the VAMC very much you will have seen the transport vans. Some VAMC's have inter-site buses to get vets between one VAMC and the next, for instances just like yours. I know that the VAMC in Bonhman, TX, has a regular bus service service between Bonham and Dallas VAMC. We're talking something along the lines of a "big dog".

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I know our local VSO provide some services like you mention with in our State, but I don't know if they have services that run to another state, even if the distance is no further away than some areas, they provide in State. I know when they sent me to San Franciso, all transportation was provided, but that procedure was the result of findings here and this other procedure could not be done here, since they were not set up for it.

This time I made the request and my PCP got it approved, I am wondering if it amounts to the same thing. If so, then I shouldn't have to worry I guess. But I am still nearly a day away from finding out anything and that is only if I get a live person to talk to and not a recording that would delay things that much longer.

Why must the VA always seem to mail out these kind of notices so that they reach us on the week end? They want us to notifiy them as quickly as possible if we can not make the appointment, but when it comes to notifying us, they give us little time to arrange our own schedules.

I'm sorry, it's hard for me not to worry over things like this, I have anxiety issues that get triggered under any undue stress and getting in to see a Dr/specialist that I do not have a history with, is a big deal for me, to see that it gets done, now that an appointment has been made.

Rockhound Rider B)

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When I made my request for the interagency consult about six months ago, I also looked into transportation, now I am told I don't qualify because I make to much money on SSDI. I was told as long as it was SC they would pay my travel, now, no way hose.

I looked into transportation and given the different schedules for a train, or bus, the train being cheaper, however, both schedules do not allow me enough time to get from the station to the VA hospital in time without staying the night before and the night after my appointment at a motel. The approximate cost for transportation and hotel is about $200 to $225 dollars and that doesn't cover my meals, nor am I sure that I can get near enough to the VA hospital so that my electric chair can get me from the bus stop to the hospital without running out of juice before the day is out, nor would I be able to take my oxygen concentrator with me, since it is to large for me to handle by myself. oxygen bottles are out of the question also, except maybe one or two small bottles I could carry on my chair.

It appears it would be cheaper for me to see a civilian ENT specialist and hope they can provide me with the comprehensive examination I require for my claim.

I'm not only nearly house bound, I am most certainly Reno, NV bound. No means, No mas. I'm nearly at the point of taking up residency at the VA Hospital hear and tell them that they have me so messed up, now they can take care of me from now on. I about crazy enough now to do just that. All it would take, I think, would be to stop taking my psych meds to do the trick and let the voices do the rest. He He Ha Ha Their coming to take me away He He Ha Ha the men in white coats, to the funny farm we'll go, He He Ha Ha, their coming to take me away.

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The on going saga of travel assistance or no travel assistance.

It appears that the lady who handles the transportation needs for local Veteran's, Van's and Drivers staffed by volenteers, is more on the ball than the VA travel dept. Since my problem is for a SC condition, the VA is responsible, first to provide transportation or in the absence of that, pay milage to and from the location.

Since they don't have a contract with an air service that goes where I need to go, they would have to send me down by bus, that still means I would have to pay for two nights lodgeings due to scheduling difficulties with the Bus and local transportation services.

But all this becomes MUTE, because my PCP quite and at the present time have no PCP to determine my special needs and sign off on them. Further my Transportation lady would rather I be seen at another VA Hospital in the system that would provide all my needs, air transportation, Shuttle to and from the hospital, and hospitality housing if need be, while I am their.

I even got a call from patient services to make an inquirey while I could not be seen by my VA hospital's ENT specialist. When I told them about the issues I had and having no trust with this Dr. They quickly said OK and thanked me and hung up.

This Dr uses so antiquated procedures, that he proscribed these small metal springs put up my nose at night to keep sides of nostrils from collapsing while I sleep. They were so painful, they were like stabing straws up my nose, and repeating it like a jack hammer. Also he said because I obviously had sleel apnea, the only way I could get any relief was to have a tracheotomy and he even wrote down his recommendation for it to be done. This was done even without the benefit of a sleep study to confirm I even had sleep apnea. When I had my sleep study done, the endicator of Sleep Apnea were so mild, nothing was recommended for it. However, they did find I had nocturnal hypoxia, for which a tracheotomy wouldn't even provide any better help than from what my present method of treatment porvides.

This guy was old years ago, and has only gotten older, and the Nuse practitioner he has working for him is only a clone of him, rubber stamping everything he says as gossiple, Since to state anything differently than him would more than likely cost her job.

Now all I can do is wait awhile and hope things get worked out in the end. I just hope they work it out soon. My nerves are on the edge as it is, I wouldn't take much more to have me end up on the fifth floor, inpatient psych unit.

I have an old six pack of Corona Beer, is there a shelf life for bottles beer? LoL I sure could use one right now and no I don't plan to get drunk, just with the heat and all, something cold and refreshing like a favorite beer, would sure be nice right about now.

Just thought I would keep you up to date on things ENT related with me.

Rockhound Rider ;)

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  • HadIt.com Elder

GEEEZ, dude, I sure hope they get it worked out. I'll put my money on the lady that handles the vets transport locally. She sounds like she can help out.

As far as the Corona is concerned............nope, no "shelf life" dating that I know of.

It's been over 100 degrees here in Dallas for the last forever........now, I know that 100f doesn't sound like much if you live in places like Nevada, etc. (hottest I've ever seen is Laughlin, NV, when I stepped out of my car onto the parking lot at the Harrahs, found out later that it was like, 123 degrees.............it felt like someone had a blowtorch stuck up each pants leg while I stood there and began sinking into the asphalt..). See, it's this "humidity thang" here in Dallas, although when it gets above 100 it IS HOT anywhere, humidity or NO humidity! I know they used to shut down NTC and MCRD in Diego when it got above, like, 95f, just shut 'er down, everybody found a "shady" spot.

Time for me a Shiner Bock.

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Temperature wise, it hasn't been too bad. We're only going on our 33rd straight day of 90 degree plus temperatures with actually no triple digets. If we reach Sunday with no less than 90 degree temps, then we will have broken a record for the longest period of 90 degree plus temperatures in our area. But overall, it's actually been quite nice.

We are right in the middle of the car show Hot August Nights, which runs thru Sunday and after seeing my shrink tomarrow,Friday, I plan to do some sight seeing of some really nice and rad rides. LoL The 27th of August brings the John Asquaga Rib Cook Off begins and I hope that my transportation whoos are taken care off. I sure would like to have some money left to try some Rib samplers and such. I sure do like good Ribs in a good hot barbecue sauce.

I surely do hope things get worked out for the best.

Rockhound Rider ;)

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Beer bottled in clear bottles goes bad faster than those in green or brown (the best). Corona does a good job of marketing by usually having its beers in a closed box which promotes freshness--plus the lime that is ubiquitous with Corona provides a fresh flavor.

Suggestion: If it doesn't smell bad it's probably ok.

I was happy to contribute to Hadit on a matter with which I have significant expertise.



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I got home about 20:30 or 8:30 p.m. Which nearly didn't come about. I was a breath's hair away from getting myself forceably admitted for schizophrenic thoughts of wanting to do harm to anyone associated with VA Claims. My new shrink was getting a little concerned when I tried to explain my problems with livid dreams and voices. I guess it was to much to soon to talk to her about. Now I am a bit afraid to talk about my true feelings and such. I have kept suicidal thoughts at bay, and the idea of getting locked away is not the way I want to spend my life.

Since I haven't done anything since I have been on medication, she finally decided I wasn't at risk of hurting myself or anyone else and the fact I had no one person in mind helped a bit too.

I was hoping this new psychiatrist would be a fully credentialed one, but although she has her MD certification, she is only a 4th year resident working on being a fully licenses and credentialed Psychiatrist. She has her MD certification and is licensed to dispense medications on her own, with out someone having to co-approve them, so I guess that says something.

More on this another day. I'm back to having to pay my own transportation for my interagency consult. They are now telling me since they have a ENT Specialist here that can do the consult and such, they won't pay for me to go see someone else. It makes no difference to them that I have issues with this DR. My Patient advocate is of no help and the travel lady who was trying to help me, pretty much got her hand slapped for trying. I even pretty sure they even tried to get her to talk me into seeing this Dr again and give him another chance. I've given him and his Nurse Practitioner three tries already and I am not about to give them a fourth try at telling me I (1) don't have a problem, (2) I am not taking my meds as perscribed, (3) I have Sleep Apnea when I don't, (4) That I need a tracheotimy because of my weight, when its Nocturnal Hypoxia that is causing my night time porblems associated with a lung disease process unrelated to my weight. (5) etc. etc. etc.

I can go to this other Dr. but I would have to come up with the $200 plus dollars, to do so, paying all my costs to and from and lodgeings if I have to.

They keep pushing and pushing me closer and closer to a place I don't want to go.

I was so upset, I didn't get to enjoy looking at all the nice ventage cars in town, nor did I get what little food shopping I wanted to do, done. Now I have to schedule another trip into town just for the sole purpose of food shopping or both my Cat and I will end up with nothing to eat until my SSDI check arrives on the therd Wed. of the month, I believe that is the 20th.

So distracted was I, I ran into a telephone pole in the middle of the sidewalk I was driving my electric wheel chair down and nearly broke one of my feet, pinning it between the pole and the frame of my chair. It's doesn't bother me at the moment, but I know by morning it's going to not only look awlfull, but I am sure it's not going to feel like it does now. If you know what I mean.

Well I need to take my meds I should have taken when I first got home, but I was just to exhausted and upset to remember, so that means It probably won't be until quite early in the morning before I finally can get to sleep. I hope the meds work as they have in the past, I'm not at all sure I am in the best of condition to be having the type of life like dreams I usually have when I am like this.

night all

Rockhound Rider :rolleyes::unsure:

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