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Naproxen, Should I Be Concerned?

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Guest Jim S.

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I've been reading some very worrisome posts on the use of Naproxen. I've been on it for about 2 years for enflamed nerves associated with my Sarcoidosis. It has made it possible for me to not only ambulate for short periods without to much discomfort, but it allows me to sleep at night without the burning and pain I would normally suffer from with out it. It also helps with RLS, restless leg syndrome, that I have a problem with also.

I have bloodwork done on a regular basis and have not had anything adverse to show as a result of taking Naproxen. I'm wondering if I should be asking my PC Dr. if I should be concerned or maybe if I should change medications for awhile, just to give my system a break from the bad effects of Neproxen.

It seems like, no matter what you take, they all have side effects to watch out for and they seem to effect different people in different ways.

Anyway, just thought I would ask.


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Just my opinion but I think the big problem is when someone takes a lot of it. Taking occasionally or just once day should not be a problem for most. I think it is wise to monitor it carefully and not always depend on VA to do what should be done either.

Being a diabetic myself I won't take naproxen because to much of it will burn my kidneys. No the VA did not tell me I found out from a person that happened to.

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I used Naproxen for about ten to twelve years 500mg three times a day with no adverse effects,everyone is different.I know several people who used it with no problem it seems to be a popular drug for inflamation and is still prescribed by many doctors.

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Jim, I did have the severe adverse effects of prolonged naproxen use. From severe gastrointestinal bleed to worse yet, stroke in the cervical cord. Just yesterday, I talked to a friend whose brother is in the hospital as we speak, he passed out, fell down the upstairs steps and went by ambulance to the hospital. Turns out he has a bleed in his small intestine, he had been taking naproxen. So far he has required 7 units of blood. I recieved 12 units of blood in 12 days with my bleed. The thing is, you can get all kinds of tests and checkups and this can sneak up on you and get you without realizing it almost before its too late. I took naproxen daily for 3 years, it worked great, but knowing what I've been through, I'd say find some other pain med.

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