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Chapter 35 Need Help

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Guest phubai70


Guest phubai70


My 100% disability date was September 18 2002.

My son was 25 years old at that time.

He did not turn 26 until eight months after eligibility.

My award letter states: Basic eligibility to Dependents'

Educational Assistance is established from

September 18, 2002.

He has an associates degree from before my claim.

He wants to go back for his Bachelors.

Questions -

Can he apply (age 28) to finish bachelors?

What forms?

Submitted to who?

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Hey- Phubai- glad to see you here-

The Chapter 35 set up seems to state that only military service can extend that benefit beyond age 26-

However if I were you- I would go to the VA educational Icon at VA web site-

and specifically ask that question there- through their inquery system-

Chuck this will give you- hopefully an email response from a real person at Chap 35-

The Chapter 35 regs are really difficult to interpret- the dependents get a delimiting date that is based either on the date of P & T award or the date the P & T began medically-

I still have great difficulty in interpreting these odd regs.

As I understand it- a dependent under Chap 35 can also receive Pell and other forms of college aid and scholarships-with no loss to their Chap 35 award.

My kid needs 3 credits for her bachelors and is already enrolled at my school AMU under Chap 35 for Masters program-

She seems to interpret the regs as stating that- even though she has paid for some of the courses she has taken via Dantes and Clep-(they gave her 30 credits for her military service,MOS, and other inservice stuff)

she feels VA wont reimburse her past expenses -doesnt want to ask them too-and is quite satisfied that the award will cover her Masters- she has the GI Bill too.

(But I think they owe my baby some money-she doesnt)

You are sure not alone in attempting to see if your son should be getting additional Chap 35 benefits-

Was that date- the day the entitlement "arose" or the day they sent you the P & T decision?

In my case- reason I ask- they gave me the P & T decision in late 1997- but the entitlement date was Nov 1991- of course as a widow, my Chap 35 regs are different than your sons.

I didnt know for 6 years that I had eligibility because it took them 6 years to award it-

it had never been denied-

so I put off my education and now am paying for it myself- as Nov 2004 it ran out-

I still consider myself Chap 35 however- my 2003 claim will extend it all- when they properly decide that-

In your son's case- did he have a choice of dates to pick as to a start date?

It should be, in my mind, back to the day your entitlement -by med evidence-arose for the P & T date.

And if a vet can successfully challenge that date- their Chap 35 dependents can get a new more favorable delimiting date.

PS- if this is the Buffalo VA Ed dept-- direct your VA inquery to Robert Quall---

or (almost forgot-better yet) by direct email to


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Yes he can and he should choose the date of notification for his start date on the benefits. He will have to get a waiver but its routine after an application and being turned down. If he has his paperwork done correctly when he enrolls a copy of his degree plan and will probably get his first check within 60 days.

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Guest phubai70

Pete - My son has filled out the Application for Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance

VA form 22-5490. I will emphasize the importance for having his degree plan completed.

I believe he then presents this to the admissions dept when he re-enrolls in college.

The "choose date of notification" - is that notification of eligibility?

The eligibility date is Sep 18, 2002 but the notification letter is dated July 7, 2003.

Where does he choose his start date?

If denied how does he apply for waiver?

thanks pete


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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think that he has it just remind him that they will ask him to elect which date he shopud choose would be the latter date in my opinion. For my 35 year old son that made a big difference it enabled him to make a career change.

Don't sweat it you have covered the bases.

Good Luck

PS he can get part time work that pays pretty good for college if he is interested that the VA will pay him.

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Pete- thanks alot-

do I understand you that your son could chose between the entitlement date- the date you were deemed P & T if that was better date than the award letter date?

This is great information-and it seems fair-

I have a vet friend who it took the VA 12 years to award 100 P & T- he was 100% P & T for the entire twelve years-

His children have submitted their college bills they paid during that time to the VA-

along with his award letter- did they handle that right?

Will VA reimburse them?

They had never applied for Chap 35 before because all those years he was considered NSC and homeless for a time-

(This still makes me mad- the VA kicked him out of the DOM because he was not SC but the reality is that he was at that time-Pete isnt it a disgrace that a vet who is found SC after many many years has to go through stuff like this- he was elated when he got the award letter- but then realised all those years his kids could have been on Chap 35 and CHAMPVA-) his kids did very well in college but what a struggle they had financially)

Did your son apply for Chap 35 before he was 26?

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