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Department Of Veterans Affairs Repeatedly Violated Ban Against

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Guest allanopie


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  • HadIt.com Elder

"VA lacks reliable cost accounting information needed to manage its operations and budget effectively."

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think it is all part of the "Culture of Corruption" in Washington and elsewhere. Stealing and graft are considered common sense in the federal goverment, and the states and localities are no better. Never give a taxpayer an even break.

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Guest Jim S.

Can you see what kind of country we would have, without the current checks and balances we have in place now. The Grand U. S. Of A. would be nothing better than a third or fourth rate country like what is south of us and what we are fighting against right now.

For graft and corruption to go unchecked, is to promote anarchy and to be ruled by the strongest and most ruthless this country has to offer. Not a country by the people for the people, but by who can buy what and for how much.

The VA is on this verge of being outside the law, and if it does not change and change soon, it may become such an imbarresment as the savings and loan fiasco, or the collaps of the Junk bond craze, or those who through hiding their failures with creative book keeping until they collapsed under thier wait of deceit.

No as long as we can keep the errors and wrong doing of the VA in the open, in print or the radio, or on TV, they will not be able to conduct business behind closed doors as they wish to do. Change will come only when the outcry for justice and fare play is so loud, no one cannot help but hear.

We must always remain strong and deligent in the fight for and proving our claims, it is the only way that we can show others what it takes to win, what we are up against, how the VA has become almost an intiaty upon itself and fears nothing from any other part of the government, because no one in the govenment or a least not enough of them have stood up and said, enough is enough, and take away they pertection they current enjoy.

Without this protection, they would do their utmost to do things currect, otherwise they might find their time either looking for another job or spending their working time as a defendent in a personal enjury suit or as one in a class action injury suite, take your pick.

I wonder still, why all the many service organization have not sent representatives to a coalition meeting to hammer out how to best serve the veteran on capital hill. Why with the many members on their roles, they haven't had a lobby strong enough to make a difference when the votes are cast on issues that pretain to and help Veterans. No people, I do not think we are being served.

No, it is time that we as a whole need to do more than voice our opinions on boards such as this, or just writing letters to our elected officials who are supposed to represent us reqardless of political offiliation.

When it comes to Veterans and Disabled Veterans, their should not be any consideration as to which political party we are best served by, but as a party onto our self, casting our vote for the person who best serves the ideals and needs of the Veteran community as a whole.

OH OH! I'm starting to ramble up on my soap box again. All I'm saying is if we are not considered a threat to the VA they will continue business as usuall. To keep them in check or make them change, all we have to do is keep them under the thumb of the press.

Jim S :D

Edited by Jim S.
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