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Va Denial Of Hearing Loss As Service Connected.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

VA denial of Hearing Loss as service connected.

After my e-mail I had a phone call from one of the Illinois State VA Representatives. There are some on my e-mail list and they also request information from time to time to help Veterans. Some I am in phone contact with. These are the state folks that actually try and help Veterans/Widows and get their valid cases approved against the despicable VA.

He suggested after we discussed some were approved and some disapproved that buddy letters would help in these situations for all artillery.

My point in my posting was if they are denying the worst of the worst then the smaller caliber would have no chance and it is all associated from the smallest caliber to the largest; especially hour after hour of rounds out in a single mission.

I e-mailed the one example of the concussion breaking Plexiglas on a chopper by just firing over it. One of my FDC officers wrote in and said after they were firing one of the batteries over an area it was ripping off the tin on the roofs from the concussion. They finally got permission when they were shooting in that direction to use another battery unless it was an emergency.

Question came in on the Marine ground troops on the perimeter on Carroll on their hearing loss. Yes I have had e-mails from them also. One of the officers said they really took an ear pounding on the perimeter, as we all did. Remembering the density of 175mm guns on Carroll and closeness to the perimeter. I believe even the aiming circles were reduced or very minimum because of the next gun. Plus the other arty on the same hill packed in like sardines of 105’s, 155’s. It is amazing that anyone was able to sleep.

Then a three star writes in that he could go to sleep on one side of the tent and concussion would move the cot across the floor and wake up on the other side of the tent.

Mention that to your doctors along with the dB levels and see if they will not write you a good letter of association based on known constant negative pressure waves at the level described and dB levels; along with buddy letters especially if they have already been approved and file an NOD with this despicable agency and copy your senators and congressperson.

I did not like the response on Dr. Phil “there is little to be done.”

The response by the Colonel on that show was accurate when he stated; until it is on National Media of them showing some of these VA folks walking out in handcuffs nothing is going to change.

Since the Attorney General and the federal prosecutors works for the president and the Executive Branch then it is doubtful anyone is going to be punished for lawlessness...EVER. In fact, they are doing the lawless work of the Executive Branch, when caught either allowed to retrire or promoted.

No there is much more our 'elected officials' can do to stop this agency and I am working on such issues now. They just have to have the guts to bring this agency and the Executive Branch to its knees on the issues. But then again at least 50% on the norm of our elected officials will support the executive branch efforts no matter how dismal they are for their own self preservation. So let us not make out as so many have said from our elected officials "there is little they can do."

Congressman Smith of New Jersey stood up for Veterans against the Executive Branch Philosophy and it cost him his VAC chairmanship and was kicked off the committee. Yet, we as Veterans did nothing in protest to stop it.

Instead we got Congressman Buyer for four years.

Not a good trade off.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

I know what the 155's sounded like. I don't want to know what 175's were like. The concussion was just brutal from 155's to my sensitive ears. Whey the arty shot directly over us it made you pray for no shot rounds.

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The VA ALWAYS denies SC for hearing loss the first time. It is standard procedure, no matter what they tell you. They even denied my hearing loss the first time when my audiologist stated, "hearing loss most likely due to military service" at my comp and pension exam.

The bad news is that it will take you years to fight it. The good news is you will probably eventually win as long as you dont quit.

I have been denied SC for hearing loss, then it was denied again by Decision Review Officer. TWICE they cant read the audiologist opinion. Finally, the BVA can read and granted me a "complete grant of benefit sought". The regional office decided "complete" means 0%. I appealed. The regional Office decided to misinterpret my NOD as a claim for benefits AFTER sitting on my NOD for 4 years.

So, I refiled the NOD, this time with CUE. (They had claimed, since they misinterpreted my NOD, that the one year period expired). So here we go again with ring around the rosie, and the Regional Office 3 D nature. Delay, Deny, and then Discredit the Veteran.

They did all of those to me, and you can expect the same. Where is your regional Office? Hopefully you are not in the Midwest..Ohio, Illinois, Indiana...these are the worst in the country. New Mexico and Maine both compensate their Veterans about $4000 per year more, per Veteran than Veterans in the Midwest.

REad your medical file, file NOD's and keep copies of everything. If you are in Ohio, they will shred key evidence in your claim and then blame you for not filing. Ask for "Special Claims Handling" if you believe evidence was not considered in your claim, because at least 500 Veterans had evidence shredded in at least 4 regional offices.

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