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Ptsd Reviews -- Exiting Iraq -- For Home

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I was talking to a friend who has a relative in the military that just came back from Iraq.

They had a "PTSD paperwork exit interview" that was several pages long and asked questions from ... "Did you see anyone killed" .. all the way to .. "Did you engage in hand to hand combat" ???

Well, then the troops were told BEFORE they filled out the form that ... IF ... CERTAIN QUESTIONS ... were answered that possibly showed PTSD. ..... That they would be detained and not released with the others to go home.

Well ... I understand that the shrinks may want to talk to them ... but ... some of them personally felt that it was also a form of punishment too. Mainly because, NO time limit was put on them being detained for further evaluations.

Ok ... the group before them had some troops with positive signs on the "PTSD Forms" and those troops were detained and kept on base (while the others went home) and NONE had any shrink appts for over 2 more months after the others had left for leave or been discharged (to home).

Hey .. if it is that important to keep your azz there ... then ... perhaps ... a quicker "shrink appt" would be in order ??

Now .. what even makes this even more weird ... is that the troops were told ... what had happened to the group before them (keeping them that long, IF, certain PTSD questions were answered with certain answers) ... BEFORE they filled out the PTSD forms.

Now ... I personally can speak first hand on this ... "Military Hostage Technique" ... because .. the military TRIED to get me to sign a waiver when I got out. I was appealing a .. "Low Ball MEB Rating" .. and when I appealed ... I was told to wait at least 3 more months for a new MEB or sign a waiver and get out TODAY with the lower disability rating.

This frosted my azz and really made me nuts ... so ...

I went to see my Congressman and he did nothing ... then I went to see Senator Robert Byrd (WV) and he had my azz out in 2 days and the MEB gave me a slightly higher rating.

Now ... I had REALLY pizzed off some 0-5s, an 0-6 and one O-7 at Bethesda Naval Hospital ... but at that point ... I could give a rat's azz. B)

Sooo ... I can really see how these troops coming home from Iraq Wars 1 & 2 ... will get nailed later... if they have any PTSD problems. :P

These troops are in for a unpleasant surprise ... down the road ... I think ???

Personally ... I think that us old .. "Geezers and/or Geezerettes" .. will make it through the "disability perimeter wire" with our bennies ... but, the newbies will really have a rough time down the road.

... Magoo ... aka ... Bill ... :)

PS ... "DAV Disability Audit Question No. 2" ... on the letter that I received today stated that ... DoD was auditing to see if any waivers had been signed .. for those collecting disabilty now.

So ... I am sure that they will find SOMEONE who was "NUTS" and signed a waiver and is collecting a disability and ... POOF ... the VA bennies are gone. And this goes all the way back too and not just with the Iraq War(s) troops either. .... I sure am glad that I did NOT sign that waiver. ...

Geeezzzzzeee ... what a ... "Nice DVA Letter" ... that someone may get after all these years ??

My .. My .. What a kind and compassionate DVA that we have now ???

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Nice to see you posting again. I've got a few friends still in. I can speak of one that is in a PTSD program. They have basically have said he was unfit for the front line stuff he did in the last two deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. The next trip he'll be leading his unit from behind the lines since they need him there and his experience.

You're right on the techniques they are using. They tried to do that to me. I told them no problem and extended for another few weeks, just to make sure I got the surgery that I needed. If I hadn't done that, I don't think I would have ever got my back issues Service Connected. I would have filed they would have denied, and I would have given up and not known any better.

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Bill- great to 'see' you again- interesting information-

I agree with the premise that the VA -somewhere down the road-could deny a PTSD claim if these vets do not claim any problems from the War while still in service----so much for debriefing---

There is an Iraq vet in the documentary "Fit To Kill" who was interviewed in-theatre and anyone of us could see he had big time PTSD already-and still had time to go before discharge-every time I watch this documentary I wonder what he did-did he relate these problems during the muster out- or did he just want to return home and hope it would go away-

The whole aspect of PTSD is that it is Post (After) the event-

what are they going to do -change the name of it at some point to "PSOPTSDF"

"positive signs on PTSD form"--then years down the road they can tell a Iraq vet filing for PTSD from Iraq that they do not have PSOPTSDF !


By the way are these waivers like the phony ones the Navy used to use?

Tell the vet if they sgn it they can never claim the disability?

Those waivers were phony-yet many vets did not file claims that they could have because the waivers they signed had scared them.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Magoo, "compassionate conservatism" means you better count on a local church to house and feed you because the government wants to quit doing it,

I have seen where they also get these new vets to say they had problems before service either at home or in school, did your parents ever spank you, ground you, did you fight with your brothers or sisters, did you ever get suspended from school etc just any thing that they can claim you had a pre-existing mood disorder and then so sorry, we are not responsible for your PTSD you had it before you ever joined the military. They have been doing this for years, but because of the amount of new vets, it seems to be a larger problem.

At my clinic, they have stopped the monthly one on ones and now they are once every 3 months, I asked my doc if it was because of the new vets, he said no, it's because of all the active duty they have to see so they can return to deployable status, so they can go back. The rules now say even if you are on medications for PTSD you can be classified as deployable as long as the doctors sign off and your prescriptions are continuued to be filled out in the field. Just what the service needs a bunch of medicated personnel running around with loaded guns and grenades, feeling suicidal or homicidal. Do you want to be in the unit with a few of those guys?

I agree telling them that if they say they are having problems is going to prevent them from going home, who would fill them out so they can sit around and do details for the next 2-6 months, while everyone else gets to go "home" the national guards and the reservists are the ones getting caught this way, active army is going back to base if they are having problems or not. The "seamless" transition the Army and National Guard promised Congress would be fixed, is anything but fixed, NG and Reserve units are deactivated and the soldiers get dropped from the payroll even if they are still at Fort Gordon, Fort Stewart, where evrer they are getting treatment in Medical Holding Companies. Now their families get to have financial problems on top of it, oh yea, raise your hand and say I need help.

Think you can go home after you are deactivated and go to the local VA for help, then go some place like Dorn, where you try and sign up for care, but they tell you that in order to get treatment there you have to go thru the class for new vets to learn how the VA hospital system works, it takes 4-8 months to get scheduled for the class, then another 2-3 months for a medical appt so your primary care doc can refer you to mental health, which is another 3-4 month wait, so if you are lucky you have a year maybe 6 months left of your 2 years of free treatment after combat duty ends, to get diagnosed and process your SC claim before they stop the "free 2 years of medical care" you "earned" Cynical you bet I am....

Edited by Testvet
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Guest fla_viking

Dear Fellow Veterans, Friends & Magoo

Good to see you back Magoo. We all missed you.

As far as that waver thing. I think it can be proven the signatures were given under duress. Some vets PTSD might have been so bas that to stay in the combat zone was more then they could take. There is case law where in WW2 kids who were 16 lied to get in the service. they served honrobel but the VA tried to cut there benifits because they lied about there age. The court ruled against the VA. I think under the circumstances the vet should not be held accountabel for what he signs if it is a forced means the government obtianed it.

Terry Higgins

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