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Emg Test

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one of my issues is my left arm is paralized from fall in the military the va has never sent me for am emg test instead they just accepted dr bash ime but they denied then had a dro hearing

my question is what is this emg test they may or may not do ??

what do they do electocute you and for how long is it like when jack nicholson got shocked in one flew over the cuckoo nest??

i dont believe the va gets away with that sounds barberic to me i mean is that standard medicine

i have seizure disorder

can i refuse to do the emg?

what happens if i refuse??

emg is that standard medical practice to electrocute a person specially one who has siezures like me??

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I am no doctor, but as i understand it the EMG sends the electrical pulse through the nerve from one end to the other to measure the distance the pulse moves and the speed of movement. If there is a problem in the nerve the doctor pin point where the problem is by repeating the process until the problem location in known. This test is considered a "gold standard" in evaluating nerve damage because it is not subjective input from you but rather accurate scientific evidence of your condition and the level of impairment.

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While this test hurts, it temporary pain and if you can get your mind in the right frame when the pain starts just say to yourself it's temporary, while you will be nervous when they go to a different area, just keep repeating its temporary.

The severe pain only last as long as they are moving the needle. Don't let others convince you this test is horrible or not worth finding out where if any nerve damage you may have. It isn't pleasant but I have had pain worse than this and not knowing if and when it would go away.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Actually an EMG is a Shock test that measures the speed of the reaction to the current applied to a particular muscle.

The Needle test is called a nerve conductuion study that is measured by the amplification of the muscle by a sound machine and inserted needle. As the needle is positioned the latency of the nerve is tested.

The emg is no big deal. A little shock. The NCS is a painful test. I had 2 in 06 and in 07 I had one in the diaphragm. That one hurt.

Hang in there. If you need to I would advise you to medicate before you go.


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An EMG is a test where a small needle is inserted into the muscle and measures the strength of the nerve signals. There is no shock involved at all in the EMG it is measurement only. The only pain involved is with the needle insertion and movement. It is uncomfortable but not bad. I've had three of these since 2007.

The NCS or NCV is a test where a small pulse is applied at one point and measured at another. It measures the speed that signals travel along a certain nerve path. The pulses are small and very brief. Again this is uncomfortable but not painful. I had these in conjunction with each EMG.

Both tests are quite common in diagnosing nerve related issues from carpal tunnel to ALS.

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Yes it hurts but the hurt goes away fast. It leaves no gray area's in the docs diagonces. The test has been in exsistence since th '40's.

All it does is measure the speed of the synapes and axions using a mild shock (LOL) over a known distance. A normal nerve speed is 120 mph.

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