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  1. I’m having issues navigating on my iPad so I can’t research hoping someone knows this answer, someone I know from a va class we attend sent in for an increase he received his decision: Background: He was granted service connection in 2014. He served in unit 330 ordnance 9/64 - 8/65 , Korea Ascom, he was told that he was in the dmz zone at some pt He applied for an increase for several items that he was serviced connected for: Decision: Are records reflect that you are a veteran of Peacetime and Vietnam Era Rating decision dated Sep 2017 proposed the severance of several service connected disabilities. The due process for that proposed severance has expired. We will now make a final determination on those proposed actions. everything is denied or severed 10-18 because: We have been unable to confirm exposure to herbicides on either a presumptive or facts found basis. His last page is missing it says more on why. has the presumptive period changed orthe unit he belongs to wasn’t in a herbicidal area. what I’m reading basically says we made a mistake in 2014 is that really possible? he is working with the DAV and all they tell him is to nod.
  2. I would say yes, anything you find helps esp if you have to appeal. Look at CAVC decisions first. Then any medical journal that shows a relationship. Ruby
  3. I see the advocate it’s help with several issues. I’m a retired nurse and I know when things aren’t right plus I’ve had 2 surgical issues. Bet I can file malpractice on 1 of them as I have permanent damage from 1. im writing the IG on another MD issue. Doo-do does run down hill and they will learn a lesson. Need to know policy and procedures if they violate those you got them. it would be nice to have a site where you can ask if people have had problems but I understand why you can’t. You need to ask people that see that person, don’t say anything if they say their wonderful.
  4. Yes, it’s earned income! You claim it on taxes it’s earned. Evidence Requirements: Evidence of at least one service connected disability AND That the service-connected disability or disabilities are sufficient, without regard to other factors, to prevent performing the mental and/or physical tasks required to get or keep substantially gainful employment AND That one disability is ratable at 60 percent or more, OR If more than one disability exists, one disability is ratable at 40 percent or more with a combined rating of 70 percent or more.
  5. I don’t know what type of nexus you need. I wrote 2 of my mine as I knew getting a VA doctor to do it is difficult if not impossible. I had a good rapport with both doctors so they signed it and they noted in my records it was more likely then not this condition was related to service connected condition. Then I went to a private md for a second opinion based off my records and he wrote a nexus letter. I had a nexus letter prepared for him to sign. He actually wrote his own nexus letter. i also had letterhead paper from the VA not easy to get to write the nexus. I had my smr that showed this condition. Hope this helps if you can’t get it through another expert.
  6. I would file a complaint too. There is no reason you need to experience any part of your claim. They just need to know how it affected you and what your symptoms are and how they treated you afterwards. They don’t need any details about the incident. Is you Psy any good if so make an appt with her and tell her how it affected you and not sure you can emotionally go through it again. Make sure she documents this visit then include as evidence. I won’t go threw telling anyone about my incident I did it twice that’s enough. If possible write it down if you can and hand it to the examiner. you could flip out on them start crying. Do you have a copy of your exam if not get it. best of luck on your claim ruby
  7. Thanks Berta, I’ll look in that area. I will also get an updated c file. Ruby
  8. Haven’t been here in 7 yrs and this forum has changed so I hope I have this in the right area. From 2006 - 2009 I had many claims, nods, dro hearings etc. in 2009 I submitted additional information and a new claim. In 2010 I received 100% P&T with TDIU denied because I had secular (95%) on my claims. Happy as a pig in slop so I forgot about this claim until yesterday when I decided to see if I could get SMC. I found the claim that I filed 2009 (date stamped ) and I can’t remember or find a decision on these issues. In the DRO decision of 2010 this communication is not mentioned, rated or denied. So do I have to reapply and ask for effective date of 2009 based on this open claim. Or do I file something else saying I’ve been waiting 9 years for a decision. It gets complicated had i gotten TDIU when asked for in 2007and this claim had been rated I should have gotten SMC in 2010 when one single claim was rated at 70%. How do I handle this issue. Thanks for any help. Ruby
  9. ruby


    Thank you for the reply's sorry for the delay in responding but I went on a mini vacation. I have my award letter now and it's very confusing, I was awarded stuff I didn't think was possible. The DRO did his job on my case. I am 100% P&T and I have all the letters to prove it, they were sent out the same time my award letter was sent. Now I have to go to the Tax Office, Auto and the Base. I am not appealing anything, thought about it briefly then decided enough is enough. Time for Peace and Harmony. Ruby
  10. ruby


    Thank you to everyone that has ever helped me with anything in understanding VA law and regualtions. I don't have my Award Letter but I recieved my back pay today. The only way I could have gottem the sum I recieved was for me to get retro at 100% for 4 yrs.. It is a very large check. Thank you to all--I will pay this forward to others as you all have paid to me in knowledge and understands. God Bless all of You for helping people. God Bless my DRO he read and understand the rules and regulations with out prejudice. When my mind is better I will thank everyone right now my mind is lost on the deposit amont. Thank you God for looking out for me and making sure I talked to the right people and dro knew his job and he did it. It' done and finished- no more claims. 100 PT Ruby
  11. ruby

    I Won

    For some reason the P&T wasn't hard to get. At my hearing I stated verbally and in writing that I was asking for P&T. I have no condition that can impove all my medical conditions will only get worse. As shown by Dr's xx notes my condition is static in nature--referring to my asthma and arthritis and the likely hood of my PTSD to impove is unlikely. It was a surprise I won it, really didn't think I would. Now I just want that awards letter so its final. Ruby
  12. ruby

    The Battle Is Over!

    I am very happy for your win. Ruby
  13. Congratulations, seems some of older posters are finally winning their claims.
  14. ruby

    I Won

    Thanks for the support. I did go in person to confirm some issues, yes I am 100% P&T just waiting for the award letter. If they did the 100% then they did the rating, hopefully it is getting another signature. The award letter will tell me the effective dates. It does seem like they have done some of my claim I did find out that the change in dx was done, that have the HS listed under 7819 instead of scars I don't believe they gave anything percntage wise for it,. It's a happy waiting game. I will let everyone know when I get it.
  15. ruby

    I Won

    Thanks to All I did confirm the dependent education assistance means I am P&T. The call center stills has nothing newer then what my SOC says actually they say I still have issues on appeal--I only have one that I know of that hasn't been mentioned anywhere and that is a changed in dx code for the HS. At this point I am not appealing anything, why if I am 100% P&T. I would like the effective dates so I can figure out my retro check. I should be greater then 25,000--- I am concerned that I don't have any effective dates or rating percentages on my SOC did this DRO say I'll give her 100% P&T (I did ask for the P&T at the hearing) and mess with her money. He seemed like a straight dude did what he said he would do. I have to wait and see ------------ It's the waiting that kills you.

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