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  1. Once your PCP sends in request for appt with surgery they have to see you within 30 days if not ask to be sent out. I would have a name available of a Neuro surgeon ready. Do your research.
  2. You have to be near death for 100%for asthma leave 30 my lungs.
  3. When he gets his results they will tell him how sever it is. They treat osa spells over 5 hour. If you get a cpap machine it’s 50% . i have 39 apenic spell per hour I went to a bipa machine and I’m downto 1 hr. telling you this is the bipa if it isn’t helping..
  4. I applied for prostrating headaches nexus from a va doc. The va never rated them but mention I had them in my rating due to to my cervical arthritis from an injury in service. That has causes me bilateral radiculopathy which I get 20% for but it took a hearing to get everything. keep a log, get a nexus. Fight any no.
  5. I honestly can’t answer this with current knowledge but yrs ago you could only have 1 poa. i would file the nod within 1 yr. I had the DAV originally but I wasn’t happy with them and I withdrew them as my poa and did my own. To this date they still have the DAV as my poa. work your own claim plenty of help her.
  6. Just curious what’s the highest rating you can get with GERD. Neck has to do with motion at the onset of pain.
  7. I personally don’t know of any place that doesn’t have a long list but there are non profits that train for PTSD. The cost is enormous to have one trained. There is a woman that trains for diabetes over the internet that’s legit. I think she charges 1500.00. Some dog training places will train also for a hefty price of 1500-2500. i would search as Tbird suggested for grants. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Good Luck
  8. Last I heard they (va) we’re doing a research project on giving service dogs. I don’t know if it even started.
  9. I had a hard time printing in correct format but it worked I have 2 copies this is very interesting. if you use this in any claim you’ll need her credentials. Look her up and get her vitae it’s impressive. Shes now my link to diabetes and vascular disease and sleep apnea and asthma. great find!
  10. I agree many people including people very close to you may resent you forgetting “free money,” you don’t have to work for. When a comment is made that insinuates that I’m getting free money, I always say I’d walk in your shoes any day of the week, you don’t have pain and your head isn’t screwed on backwards. I only told one person who has told a lot of people. The JOLLY GREEN GIANT rears it ugly head in people you never thought would act in such a manner.
  11. Your P&T go to tax assessors office with the letter that says Chapter 35 benefits and go to the base and get your military card. Congrats! The letter should also indicate no further exams.
  12. Look up painful scars and see what the rating might be. Scars are difficult because they require to be a large surface. If you think it’s worth the percentage I would write a request for a new c &p due to the the fact the examiner wrote no pain when you specifically stated it was painful. I would also do what Shrek said see the Chief in charge of C&Ps first. But it may not be worth doing anything.
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