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I Think I Have A Not So Good Imo!

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forget it folks, back to the drawing board, if there's time!

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In order for a IMO to be considered it must be credible. There is not way a doctor and say how many hours you worked. He would have to say that from your personal history you worked .... Where is the continuity of treatment. The evidence goes from 1979/80 to 2005. Overall it reads like you are telling a doctor what to say. The doctor only need give his opinion, not recite articles from the internet. At some point it is hard to know what you are claiming. Is this for your knee, PTSD, individual unemployablity, GERD, a back condition, WHAT?

I would give it to the doctor as a draft for him/her to write from. As it stands, just my opinion, it needs work. Make it straight and to the point. Sometimes less is more! Just trying to help.

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If a Doc wrote this-I would say it is good on the surface but

then again -the medical rationale for each disability has to be clearly spelled out-

Do you take (or did you ever take) NSAIDs prescribed by the VA?

If so the GERD can be found as SC due to the prescribing by VA of the NSAIDS. This has been discussed here before at hadit due to fact that medical community found NSAIDs were causing or contributing to GERD.

This doctor does not appear to have background to opine on PTSD or depression.His/her opinion therefore on whose disabilities would not be valid to the VA.

Sharon has made excellent points-

I can't tell exactly what conditions you have claimed SC for here.

Your problems are NOT minimal or trivial at all- I posted some months ago a vet with flat feet rating at 10% initially who after some time got TDIU due to the affects of his SC flat feet to ankle,knees, and back.

That veteran had an IMO that took VA each step of the way to connect the medical dots. Also this involved a staged rating process.So nothing you are dealing with is trivial but

I sure do not recommend anyone writing an IMO themselves- in hopes that a doctor will concur with it.

I do feel the cited literature is excellent.

My IMOs contain quotes from medical literature too.

But my IMO doc didnt use any the medical abstracts I had sent to him-I used those myself-

he referenced some medical texts that only doctors have access too usually-

Braunwald and -I forget what else-

The doc might want to just use one or two medical citations and then you yourself could support the claim with the rest of them.

I might have missed this but didnt see dates of specific tests or medical statements-

My IMO doc referred specifically to dates of entries in some med recs that I highlighted for him to consider carefully-

he also referred directly to a past SSOC-date and quotes from it.

The BVA focuses in on this too in their remand-

actual dates of established clinical tests and records (and copies of them)can help considerably for a good IMO to be fail-proof.

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What is your current 40% VA SC rating for ?


Crap! On all counts! :P

No. I did not know I missed an ssn., I'll get it and thanks.

Yes, a doctor wrote it using a thing Strickland made as a guide and a big box of my records. I did not write this! I'm dumb but not stoopid.

There is a gap in my treatment from Military to VA.

PTSD is not claimed, but there is a notation in my records, I guess that's why he plucked it out.

I have the records to show but I don't know how much time there is for correction. I may have to go with this. As for the article references, the whole articles will be submitted as well. I think the point he was trying to make is a preponderance of evidence. There are as many studies denying the connection. Hit with the reasonable doubt rule maybe?

I have been taking NAISDs for years and my records note "probable GERD." I'm taking my medicine print outs.

I have an appointment this morning. Gotta run!

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