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Change In Hypertension Meds Sent Over The Edge

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The VAMC re-filled my Hypertension medicine with a different brand last Nov. This brand was made by a company which was not FDA approved (according to an e-mail I got from the FDA). I did not know anything at the time exept that my blood pressure went from being under total control for years to a sudden 160-170 over 110-120 for about a week. I began having headaches and called the VAMC who told me not to come there (I am s/c for Hypertension) I was told to go to a local ER, where I sat for 5 hours only to be told by a little barely English speaking lady DR that she did NOT now how to bring my blood-pressure down, so I left there as I came in with very high blood-pressure. Found out later, they did KNOW how to bill my Blue Cross, but I called the Hospital Director and he did take off my Deductible, but NO apology! then went to the VAMC where I was told, " we cannot monitor EVERY medicine the VA buys, we only make sure sure it is the least expensive we can get." After talking to the Director of Pharmacy, she did agree to refill my medicine with a different BRAND medicine, she did tell me that my meds came from the central Pharmacy in Murfreesboro, TN and there was nothing they could do to specify that I not get the medicine that did not work again. Well, last week on my re-fill, here comes the same non-working medicine. Called the VAMC, after waiting approx 45 minutes to speak to a NURSE (who turned out to be a Dr) I explained that I had been listening to a "Recording" over and over and over while waiting on the VA line...the message was to be extemely careful about the "Silent Killer" - Hypertension, make sure your meds work etc etc, I told the Doctor I didn't want to go to bed and meet that "Silent Killer" talked about in the VA message...explained that my Hypertension s/c and was granted as secondary to my PTSD and that during nightmares and panic attacks at night, I had been taken to another ER several times over the years with my Blood Pressure at stroke level...fortunately each time at this othe ER, they KNEW how to get my BP down. This Doctor at first gave me the same spill as the others, nothing can be done, you must take whatever the VA gets at the cheapest price, in this case 1/2 cent a pill less than the one that worked. He finally relented and called someone higher up somewhere in the Pharmacy and they agreed if I called this Nurse each time approx 3 weeks before my Prescription was due, they would special-order the medicine that worked. I thought I could get my Congressman to take care of the problem, but he was no help...actually agreeing the VA must purchase the cheapest medicine they could find. Guess who will be on my list of Letters to Editors etc when the next Election rolls around! What a crazy run-around over a 1/2 cent margin for a necessary medicine, but the VAMC Director can re-decorate his Office costing thousands of dollars. What a system we have been put into after our usefullness is gone, and the ordinary citizen thinks the VA is "there" for veterans! God Bless our Vets, our Government doesn't!

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That is scary indeed. I read where you have secondary insurance...can you see a prime care doc on the outside who would prescribe you the "real" medicine and have your secondary insurance pay for it? I don't know the financial aspect....but piece of mind and more importantly your health, is worth it.

I have a feeling the VA is going to give you crap each time you try to get the real meds. I hope not...but, well...............it's the VA.

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On my hypertension medications and others that dont work or the VA tries cheaper drugs=== I get it NOTED IN MY RECORD I AM ALLERGIC TO THESE DRUGS. Then the PHARMIST- has to supply the correct drugs. Minneapolis tried the same on my service connected hypertension. BP went way up. So now my VA file shows that I am allergic to that BP med.-an intolarance to STATIN DRUGS( chlorestoral drugs)= and allergic to regular INSULIN (use synthetic insulin.) USUALLY THE PHARMISISTS CHANGE THE PILLS__ YOUR CARE PROVIDER HAS TO BASICLLY WRITE A PRESCRIPTION ON WHY YOU NEED THE OLD MED. (non working raises your BP.)Then the pharmacy cant subsitute. I just went thru that with them subing eye drops instead of eye SALVE to kill staff- AND for a Coszar BP pill 100 I WAS TO SPLIT IN HALF {teardrop shape)so finally got 50s. IF THE MEDS DONT WORK YOU GO ABOVE THAT PERSON.

steve & pat

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Corsar is expensive and right now I am out and still a while to go to get next prescription. I doi not know what happened but it as happened before.

I told the head pharmacist last year that his name was inked in in law suit I had prepared if the VA killed me and their service got much better for awhile but VA MEDS BY MAIL SUCKS

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