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Award Letter

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hours ago I irised VARO Buffalo to remind them I won 6 claims issues under Nehmer-I wanted to do this hopefully before the award letter came .

I just got the award letter in the mail-

They awarded me SC death but forgot to mention the money!!!!!

And they skillfully completely ignored that this is now a death directly due to AO.

I am calling up NVLSP- I am livid -

They also said they enclosed a pamphlet as to additional benefits I am entitled to but the pamphlet wasnt in the envelope.

And then they sent a separate statement that my CUEs are still on appeal-

but my award should render them moot and they still have to decide SMC.

They cannot do a single thing right- the BVA decision clearly states I an entitled to offset FTCA refund as well as other ancillary benefits- what a bunch of DOPES!

I will re send my Iris as a complaint and then maybe I will get respond from someone there who is literate

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sorry for double post- I irised them and it felt good to send as complaint-

I referred them to my Iris of a few hours ago-I did their work for them-

I told the VSCM ( Looks like a shuffle has occurred there on the past VSCM-she is not VSCM anymore) that if he reads my prior Iris he can write a proper award letter-

as I wrote it for him- the dope

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  • HadIt.com Elder

John they regularly do stuff like that to me so the answer is YES they can and do things like this DUMB all the time even after it seems like they know they have been caught and it's time to quit playing, yet the games continue so it has to be on purpose who is going to hold them accountable?

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They owe me almost a 6 figure award- it will be over 6 figures when I figure out the accrued SMC .

They do this deliberately-

I called the VSCM at his desk phone and left message for him and I filed Iris complaint-

I think when they stall for so long ( this all took over 6 years but they had all the evidence in 2003 and 2004-the same evidence the BVA awarded on -on April 29th)

they know the retro is a biggie-

I could not send them a letter last week-PC problems- but I have the evidence attached to the letter as prove of what they owe me-

and I listed it all in my iris complaint- of course they have all this in the c file anyhow-

They will have to CUE themselves on both decisions I just got.

But what great evidence I have now for the next Sub COmmiittee hearing in June (oversight/investigations) to prove how incompetent they truly are. :unsure:

Unless they fix this fast.The BVA award covers all of my 6 pending issues.

I got Rod Peace with Honor-so I dont mind playing their little war game for the money-

But it gets me that many widows out there would not have a good rep or be able to handle a award letter like this themselves.That is a Travesty.

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Berta, I don't know if you remember a few weeks ago when Buffalo sent me a decision letter telling me that my knee had always been rated at 20% and would continue to be rated at the level, even though it was going from 10% to 20% that I had requested a DRO hearing on. I had sent an IRIS about it and never got a reply. A week or so later I got a decision letter telling me that my knee had been approved for 20% (along with my IVDS/DDD). Long story short, I already got my retro a week and a half ago and whadda ya know, 2 days after that I get a reply to the IRIS about the first decision letter saying "that was a typo, please ignore that letter, your knee is rated at 10% pending the DRO hearing results".

Stay on them! I think that we have Buffalo scared. I was going to drop my possible CUE for a EED for my knee, but ya know what, $12000 or so in retro sounds good to me so I think I'm gonna file it after all. they seem pretty willing to apply the law fairly right now.

Sorry for the set-back, but you will win!

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  • HadIt.com Elder

They are jacking you around Berta. Lawless ratfinks.

This is how they treat the widow of a Vet they killed. They play with them like a sadistic game.

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