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Va Misses Spine Cord Dysruption, Sees Only "herniated Disc" How To Enlighten Them With All The Available Proof?

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Dear Hadit,

Thank you!

I came here with one purpose over the years: to try to understand where I fit into VA claim system.

My latest council is genius and took a relative pea-shooter and shot the truth at the court WITH GREAT PRECISION. I am burning my feet hopping up in the air, trying to get Counsel to see "Man I have an Abrams behind you, Awacs above, and half the fleet in the water to your right! (translation: I told the truth for LIFE and it is all proved now, so totally- BLAST THE LIES like so many paper napkins in a firestorm so the court understands what harm it does allowing this to continue! (with the truth, the story, the evidence)

I am pretty sure I have just lost my counsel, I wrote him too much, (like in here?) about "How I got stuck for 30 years into a time-trap called VA Claim Processing" and how HE HELPED ME SEE THE WHOLE THING CLEAR FOR FIRST TIME TODAY (this last week).

Now I know I just plain do not fit- there is no CFR for "Spinal poisoning and arachnoiditis by doctor" and every good or other doctor is faced with choice in my case to "overlook and treat" or plainly document what they see. All doctors document what they see. The Veterans Administration has no pigeon hole for the true disease.

One member has helped me state what is happening more clear and with less confusion:

"The Veterans Administration has let the monster of Arachnoiditis hide within the relatively nominal herniated disc, the original problem. They let TREATMENT hide from me as well, so money is not everything here! Please Please note! (Money can buy competent medical care though!)

I have tried to explain how each email I send is relevant to "Effective date EARLIER THAN July 1990" and nothing else. But try to describe a volcano when you are at it's base- you can barely see the mountain you stand beside! It is the same with me and this matter. I need help with it.

So please, everyone with real acumen, please review my posts here, see what am trying to reveal. I dont want ten grand and a new legal problem, I want the whole case resolved as any one would be entitled.

Thank you I will no longer elaborate as this may cause my posts to be deleted as they are hard to follow.

I understand

Mike aka SCID Vet

Edited by SCIDVET
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The Topic is: "Request reader consider my story here at Hadit, as posted, and try to post PEACEFUL CLEAR TRUTHFUL AND PERTINENT what has happened to me, and therefrom, I can ask the Federal Government to STOP.

Stop what? Stop naming a spinal cord disease a herniated disk.....or ELSE...

Problem: The story is untold because the teller (me) just seems to stop being the clear mechanic-electrical-amateur biologist and starts being cracked up, kind of, unclear and impossible to be succinct.


I cannot read every readers mind, so the opportunity to make myself clear is continuously eluding me. The better you know me the better we understand each other. It used to be called "Meeting a person" (wink!!!).

I have paranoia about being stupid, I dont let people around me know, they would eat me alive.

I have inner rejection of any problem, even as I say it with my own lips, am in such deep denial.

I have a mind that knows how to manage confusion very well, from long before this incident in 1980.

My mind learns and like pushing a big log, gets stronger with years. But not about this- the pieces fall into place (what happened when) slowly and I NEVER EVER am able to tell own story start to stop. (Can you tell?)

I hve paranoia about making the USA look bad, they have a way of doing to others then telling others not to.

I have a file cabinet that others helped me over decades build so that all that has happened is exponentially better arranged than the C-file

I do not seek to hate or impugn or harm the USA. I have written the President on over one hundred other occasions irrelevant to this topic.

This topic is like my lips (mind) is caught in the bear trap (the brain injury IS the case, and IS the story and IS hiding it) I can hardly chew my leg off if caught this way.

Consider. Have you ever heard of a Traumatic Savant? Nor have I!


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  • HadIt.com Elder

You are going to need to provide proof in the form of medical opinions and very likely medical test results to rebut a VA diagnosis of ruptured disk. With that proven, if the VA has and is mistreating your condition, you have additional options.

I'm not sure if you were asking for help or expressing your frustration with the VA system.

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..................You are going to need to provide proof in the form of medical opinions and very likely medical test results to rebut a VA diagnosis of ruptured disk.

Thanks, Chuck for taking time. I specifically am asking people to try to summarize the condition and the situation- your effort is appreciated, the truth is I said it wrong- I had a herniated disc, no question, but it is minor compared to the organic damage to brain, spinal cord, other organs as service connected to :"herniated disc" already. Problem: Some of what am S/C for is not possible for herniated disc to cause, like the nerves sticking together, the clumping, the brain and spinal fluid changes, the fact it is inoperable becase the scar tissue will not dissolve.

So herniated disc is real. Arachnoiditis very very bad and massively worse and progressive and inoperable.

Forcing me to go decades or never for TDIU after 20 some overturns is harming me with a failure to accept it's own VA doctors diagnosis.

Again am hoping some cogence can be lent to my case by you, Chuck.

......With that proven, if the VA has and is mistreating your condition, you have additional options.

I believe it is well proven, but the VA is not listening, Chuck..

......I'm not sure if you were asking for help or expressing your frustration with the VA system.

I have come here over years to get clarity on what is reasonable to expect of VA and more lately, how to remove the ugliness and describe the situation such trhat the Court can accept it as it is- no more 2-5 year delay claim cycle for the 24th or whatever time overturned- just an end to this.

Thanks Chuck!

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