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Hello all............

Well I underwent a neurophysc workup/testing. I also had to see Neurology, whom said after everything was finished with the Neurophysc they would address and treat my migrains.

So, I'm waiting.......during this time my VA PCM went to another location. When I seen my new PCM she was talking about Neurology said they won't treat me due to Polypharmacy. I think this is a crock and was wondering if anyone else has been thru the road block. I do take one blood pressure med, one MH med, a couple stomach meds, metformin, thyroid pill, sleeping pill and an anti-fatigue pill which is eight in total.

I get really bad migrains, and my civilian neuro had me one a few meds but they did not help and now he is out of the pratice.

Any ideas? I do pick up my meds at the MTF so the VA as I was told can view the med list, I'm not sure if this is true or not.

Thanks in advance,


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This wasn't anything to do with a claim but you can still appeal their reason for not wanting to treat you? This was in Jan and I never knew this as I was told Neuro would contact me after I finished with the neurophysc. I also found that neuro said for me to return to clinic in 3-4 for Carotid Artery Test which was never told to me except the resident neuro said the clinic would contact me in June, so come July I went to ask my PCM but found I had a new PCM.

I did use that secure messaging and messaged my PCM just a few days ago to find out about this test. She was the one that informed me about the polypharmacy but did not really explain...now I do get my meds from outside the VA with exception to about two of them. But anyhow my PCM never said more than that the Neuro said I have too much meds and they don't want to treat them which was contridicting to what they told me but now I have my record and that is what it says.

So, I guess after every appointment I need to get my record and review the notes? Then how and to whom do I address what I disagree with? I've been told that is a bunch of bull and the only reason they don't want to treat them is since I've been on most meds to treat migrains they would probably have to give narcartics.


You have the right to appeal any decision made by the VA. Only 30 days with a VAMC Medical Decision.

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There are vets who take 30 meds a day. The VA is nervous about giving sleeping meds, valium type drugs and narcotics at the same time. They assume you will OD. I have heard the same story because I take clonazepam. The VA doctors told me that they were afraid to prescribe stonger fentanyl patches due to chances of my OD'ing. I would appeal as Pete suggests and start with patient advocate. If they drag their heels go to medical director. Write them a letter if you have to "certified mail" and discuss malpractice and medical neglect. The VA admits and brags about their obligation to treat pain. The facts is that after 4000 years the only drugs that treat severe pain are narcotics.

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