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Thoughts Plz

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I have an appeal pending and then I filed additional claims. I received a call from someone at the regional office this Saturday who asked me to drive to my old national guard unit and get my medical records. She said she sent a request but never got a response and she feels that because the VA doesn't have my medical records to show my injury was caused from my deployment to Iraq, any examine she sends me to now will not help me because the VA doesn't have proof from my deployment in my medical records to connect the injury. She said this seems to be my problem from my past exams.

My question is why wasn't these records requested when I originally filed for disability in Apr. 2004. They were not requested when I went to my Gulf War examine either. Will the VA failure to get my medical records hurt me in my process for disability???


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In my opinion they were doing you a favor. If you can do it get the records but be sure and keep copy for yourself.

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YES...The C&P examiner needs these records to give you a proper and correct exam. Not having these records will more than likely either cause a denial, or a lower rating than what you deserve. Pete is correct. Always look out for yourself and go get the records yourself. That was perty nice of them to call you.


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It is often easier for the veteran to get the records from Guard/Reserve units. They tend to ignore the request from the VA which hinders the claim. They usually let you make a copy while you are there.

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