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C&p Conflict Of Interest

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Rob m


I just received a letter that I have a C&P next month (no big deal), then I look and see that the C&P is with Dr. xx who is currently my primary care provider. What I think is funny, the C&P letter states " Your appt with a QTC examiner will be very different from visiting your primary care provider. The goal of the PCP is to treat you while the QTC examiner is to evaluate you".

My QTC examiner is my PCP.

I don't care either way, just glad to be getting this C&P exam and hopefully a positive award.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

If you have a good relationship with the Doc would wait and see what Docs says. I would be happy if my PCP was my C&P Doc.

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Some years ago now I was sent for a C&P ato a different VAMC than the one where I had received treatment for low back pain. When I showed up for the C&P the examiner was the Doctor who had been treating me for low back pain for many, many years. We had actually become good friends over the years and he knew about my family and I knew about his. We had discussed children, grandchildren and all kinds of things over the years.

When he saw me at the C&P at this other VAMC, some distance from the one where I was his patient, he asked "what are you doing here?" I said that I had been sent for a C&P for a low back pain claim. We had a good chat and he did the C&P exam. When I went to see him for a regular appointment at the regular VAMC he told me that he had to go to the other VAMC one day a week and do C&P exams. We both knew that he never should have been doing an exam on an old friend or long-time patient. At my next few appointments with him he asked several questions while he was completing his C&P exam paperwork.

The end result was a very favorable and well documented award. I still see this Doctor after many, many years and we still mention the old C&P exam from some 20 years ago.

Ya just never know with the VA

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