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  1. Does anyone know which form to use/send to request P&T (my friend is already 100% scheduler) ? I'm helping a buddy who does not read very well and he cannot figure it out. I looked for awhile, but did not come up with a solid answer either. Thank you
  2. Buddy of mine filed a claim appox 4.5 years ago and did not agree with the findings (lowballed on a couple of items ) so he filed a NOD. Appox 2 years later he filed another new claim and was found to be 100% schedular. Now, 4 years after the original NOD he gets a packet in the mail wanting to know if he wants to pursue the NOD. My thinking is that there nothing to gain as he is already 100% schedular (but not P&T). The only thing I can think of if they try to or reduce him in the future, and increase via the original NOD may give him a few extra percentage points which could help offset any reduction if that happens in the future. Thanks, also I'm righting this for my buddy as he has difficulty reading/writing due to a TBI.
  3. My buddy has more or less the same note from his doctor and has been turned down twice for P&T and is up for review in 2018. I would say that the VA is reluctant to grant P&T for PTSD unless the vet has held the 100% rating for several, several years. I also agree with the above that if the vet is young, it will be especially difficult to get P&T.
  4. Be prepared to get a tax bill for the $11,500. It will be seen as taxable income.
  5. My buddy is a military retiree who also collects VA disability (50%) he's thinking of apply for SSDI which would give him 3 checks. He is also a FERS employee but may not be able to keep up the GS job much longer due to service connected problems and told me he was going to apply for FERS disability retirement giving him 4 checks. I told him I thought 3 checks were possible, never heard of 4 (quadruple). Any thoughts??? Thanks
  6. "To get P&T you must be 100% or TDIU. Are you working? If you are not able to work you should also file for SSDI. If you are 100% or TDIU for at least a year then your condition is static which means P&T". This is not exactly true, maybe in some cases, but not all. My buddy is 100% TBI, PTSD and several other items for 3 plus years and has applied/asked for P&T twice and turned down both times, heck he even ahs a letter for a neuro doc stating he will never improve and his conditions are permanent.
  7. My TBI award is non-combat related 40%. TBI's do not have to be combat related
  8. I'm helping a friend who has difficulty reading and writing due to TBI. He is currently 100% schedular (but no SMC award). He does get a special amount, I believe $100 per month for erectile dysfunction (could this be the SMCs award and just worded differently???) The conditions are: 70% PTSD 50% skull fracture 40 Fibro 40% TBI residuals 30% migrains 30% surgical scars 5 diffierent 10% ratings for ankels, knees, shoulder ect.. When he got his letter there was no mention of SMC s or P&T (we have submitted a claim to have his 100% schedular upgraded to P&T) and are awaiting an answer. From my general reading, I thought once a vet passes 160%, they were eligible for a SMC s award. Thanks
  9. This may be hard to believe, but it is true. I was in the same situation as you and recieved my letter (80%) July 2011 but did not receive any payment until Feb 2013. Now, I did file another claim after July 2011, but I do not see why that would have held up the payment. Bottom line, you may get paid today, or you may be waiting a year or more. My suggestion, do not make plans, spend money or allocate any of these forthcoming funds until you have the actual money deposited in your account, again it could take a while.
  10. Try ing help a vet put a request in for P&T. Please comment if you think this looks good or needs changes. Thanks OVERVIEW- Veteran has been rated by the VA (effective date of 01 Feb 2011) 100% schedular and requests assignment of permanent and total (P&T) status to this rating. Justification- Veteran suffers from several service connected debilitating injuries which have been determined though Neuro examination to be permanent in nature. According to neurologist XXX X. XXX MD the veteran suffers from the following permanent service connected disabilities. 1. Skull fracture currently rated at 50% 2. Post traumatic migraines currently rated at 30% 3. Sequelaes of traumatic brain injury TBI currently rated at 40% 4. PTSD currently rated at 70% Doctors Notes: This patients condition is permanent.(XXX X. XXX MD) Veteran's notes: While Dr XXX did not comment on the veteran's post surgical scars, it could be easily theorized that these scars (currently rated at 30%) are permanent as the veteran has had these scars for more than 19 years with zero improvement or changes. The 4 items summarized by Dr. XXX plus addition of the scars easily pushes the veteran's overall rating past 100%. Please consider and assign permanent and total (P&T) status to this service connected veteran. See attached notes from Dr XXX
  11. I put an appeal in (NOD) in Aug 2011 and still have not heard anything. Ebenefits shows it as recieved and nothing else. From what I've read around 4 years seems to be average.
  12. Buddy is 100% schedular (2 years now) but not rated P&T 70 PTSD 50 partial skull loss 40 TBI residulars (difficulties reading/writing, memory loss ect..) 40 Fibro 30 Migrains 30 scars numerous 10's (ankels, knees, shoulder ect..) He would like chap 35 for dependants. I'm thinking he should get a letter from his neuro doc stating the skull and underlying brain damage will never heal or regenerate and visable scars will never heal. Any other ideas? Buddy is 50 years old Lastly, if he does apply for P&T, is there a standard form to fill out? Thanks
  13. I'll try not to confuse anyone, but have a few questions. Can a person collect all of these at the same time without any offsets? I read that SSDI cannot be offset by VA comp, but not sure if all 4 of these (FERS disability, VA Comp, Military retirement and SSDI) can be collected without offset. Thanks
  14. Unless you lost conscience, you will be classified at mild and I highly doubt you have a shot at moderate, unless there is more than what you listed in your post. I'm a good example; I lost a 3inch by 4 inch piece of skull, have underlining brain damage and several sequeal problems and I'm classified as having a mild TBI. Loss of conscience seems to be the ticket.
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