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Administrative Review

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Hey folks, i appreciate any help upfront. Here's the cliff notes version of my situation: I received an approval on an appeal for ptsd in 03/11 time frame with a 70% sc for ptsd. In the letter, the va stated that because i have had so many jobs and other problems since i have been out that unemployability was inferred and my file was being reviewed by the appropriate board. A week into april i receive a letter from the iu board with the required paperwork, instructions, etc. I filled it out and turned it in on around 4/30/11. On 5/9/11 i received my award letter stating that since they had not received my paperwork before it was time for a decision, the iu was dated back to when i had a c&p on 2/28/11 because that was the last time that i was reported as being unemployed. I thought nothing of it really, and figured that obviously the paperwork past each other in the mail. Fast forward to yesterday when i received a letter stating that the va has received my paperwork for disability and is currently working on getting it decided for iu. They don't need anything from me except from an employer who has not returned requested paperwork yet. So, needless to say, i was wondering what in the hell is going on because i never filled out or applied for anything since i turned in the paperwork for iu, which i was approved for. I checked ebenefits and it says its an administrative review. My question is....Is this the va trying to make sure and understand that the dates they decided i became eligible for iu are correct and i don't owe them money, or what is your opinion? Is this something that can cause me to lose my iu? That an ssi are my sources of income, so this has definitely got me stressed.

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I think it means your award is being studied for accuracy. It means it is being reviewed by someone higher up the VA food chain.

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“That an ssi are my sources of income, so this has definitely got me stressed. “

Do you mean SSI or do you mean SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance?

I think the VA might have called a CUE on itself as the evidence seems to show that your retro EED was wrong.

"ebenefits and it says its an administrative review" which could indicate they know they buggered the claim and want to fix the EED.

What is your SSI or SSDI benefit for? Is it solely for PTSD?

I requested an Administrative Review years ago that went to VA Central.They had never gotten this type of request from a claimant before.

Is it possible you have a vet rep who requested the administrative review?

I do believe they are cueing themselves on the EED and you should not worry about it-

however VA comp affects SSI benefits.

VA comp has no effect on SSDI benefits.

Can you clarify the SSA benefit you get?

I think (due to personal experience) you can possibly get up to an additional year of 100% retro here based on what you have told us.

Or at least retro back to the SSDI date if that date is within the last year prior to the EED they gave you.

Do you have a vet rep?

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Yeah, I meant ssdi...sorry for the mistake, and yes i did get social security for ptsd alone. I don't live in tn anymore which is where it was originally decided. I havent spoken to the rep since i last saw him at the end of march this year. I was at my having a hard time getting money for food and was really stressed out. I went down to see this man, who ended up becoming my rep, for some help in finding out what was going with my claim at the time. Back then, the DAV was my rep and had been working really hard for me...but at the time, because i still hadn't received my decision yet, i was really impatient and counldnt wait any longer. So what i did was change my rep from the dav to this man that worked for the vfw. He assured me he would get me some information, and the next day I had my money! All of this took place back in march, like i said. I guess I need to just try and get in contact with my rep to see what the deal is. I had a family emergency shortly after I posted this, so I haven't even thought about checking back on this post.

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