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Hello all, if a vet is sc for heart diseases from AO and he also work at bomb plant for the goverment for 15 years and he handle chemcials

that has been known to cause certain cancer and he has this from the work this cancer. The plant has a fund for those that have this cancer

the pay is about $150,000-$200,000 if you are still living. They say if the vet has recieve comp from AO from VA then he wouldnt be approve for the pay.

His AO is for heart disease not cancer. What can he do that can maybe could help to recieve this money. Anybody

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The company must have some sort of documentation about this fund.

"They say if the vet has recieve comp from AO from VA then he wouldnt be approve for the pay"

If I were you I would attain and read over whatever the company will release as this agreement not to pay any AO veteran might be defined better in their actual fund aggreement.

You might even be able to google this info on the internet.

I never heard of this type of fund.

Their Human Service or personnel department might have the info you need.It sounds to me as discriminatory to leave out anyone who has cancer and works there yet also gets comp for a different disability.

Associating Bomb plant chemicals and Agent Orange is like trying to compare an apple to a turnip.

Does he have a personal attorney he could contact?

DO you have and can you scan here-with his permission (Cover the personal stuff) anything the company has documented and given him, that says he is not eligible for this payment due to AO?

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Bertha thank so much you got me headed in the right direction I did find some info and contact information about the claims..From my understanding

and from some decisions i have find it just like a claim with VA with the same rules. ITS about ASBESTOS and lung cancer. My friend did 23 years in this

and he believe he had file but got denied and did not appeals. This guy who work with him just recieve his $150,000 about two months ago but the dr just

gave him 2-6 weeks to live. My friend started treatment and he stop after first treatment & dr gave him the same diagnois 1-6 weeks heck after he stop he

has live 5 months and doing better dr says this was the best decision he could have made. this is the site that has the information about this All goverment. Thanks so much

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Interesting but the annotation on top of the info concerns me:



The FAB decision or order you are about to view is no longer considered to be of precedential value and will not be considered binding on DEEOIC in its adjudication of future claims under the EEOICPA. This could have occurred because a later FAB decision was issued that overturned one or more of the conclusions of law contained in this decision or order, or because a portion of the EEOICPA relevant to this decision was amended by Congress after it was issued by the FAB. Even though the FAB decision or order you are about to view is no longer considered to be of precedential value, it has been retained in the database you are searching to document that there has been a change."

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