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  1. my question is-isn't all of my current conditions (excluding Pre existing) stemming from original surgery as secondary? thanks It could be but you will need a doctor to put it in writing for you saying that what cause it
  2. I had this problem and I call the SSDI office and you can ask when did va request for your records
  3. either way if it is through VA or private doctor it can get approve just harder to do because of the money they paid last year, also they will fit you for another brace from VA and say you don't need that brace but we will fit you with another one that wont damage clothes. This is what they are doing if they want to.so what can we do, appeal for years? THATS VA, its what they do give and take
  4. they are getting very strict on the back braces they even want you to get a new one that wont wear clothes from prosthetic but if you can show how it damage your clothing it will get approved .I am going through the same thing I was paid last year but not this year or not yet anyway.
  5. I have a question I just cant find the answer for a friend that lost her husband from A.O.or it was determine if was from that anyway she said she receive a letter from VA saying they owe her $150,000.00 because of this. She is receiving DIC payment already. Is there any truth in this or is it a lie? I just don't know.
  6. justrluk, I just receive an approval for wrist brace but they denied the back brace saying I needed to take some worn clothing and a new prescription to prosthetic saying I need this type of brace, and go to primary care to get a new brace something that wont wear clothing. I was told the supervisor had complaints about not answering the phones so she is answering and giving the info over the phone after I call her I had the letter the next 2 days. Not sure if it is deposited yet got lock out my account. I think the number or ext 6162
  7. justlurk, which I could tell u somethng good but I hav not heard anything but will check this week when my appointment
  8. I learn if you want to get an EED where a large retro is involve hire the big guns you don't have to go it alone anymore its hard to win those eed claims but it can be done. This law firm who is helping me with mine got a IMO from a SSDI examiner and he done a great job and it didn't cost 7-8 thousand of dollars. I think it was $800 so I just wait and c
  9. autumn, their is some lawyers that charge 30% and I know because I have one. It will come out the retro it he wins if they lose you owe nothing. It was a topic on this some where in the forums but its very legal.
  10. Testvet, I wish I had knew this earlier I would hav been tried this treatment and I am hoping for the best of it. Old saying "if you don't know you better ask somebody"
  11. Chuck75 who knows if it will help, unless it's tried.good point My first appointment is 5-21 and I will be there. Massages works for me a little while. I met this big Chinese lady while in Flordia that was doing them at a market 20 an hour full massage and as soon as she touch my back she told me everything I had going on with my back and right where it was coming from when she finish I was walking and feeling better. I try anything to get rid of pain.
  12. Thanks everyone for the info I guess it works on some and some it don't. We are having a lot of rain this year and rainy weather makes old "Arthur" hurt all over. I will give it a try anything that cut my pain level by 1-2 points will help. I heard some good stuff about the treatment just hope it helps me. Broncovet, so its nothing like the injections you get for the back? they really hurt after a while of taking them that's why I quit with that treatment
  13. Hello all, just wanted to know if anyone ever tried (Acupuncture treatment) from VA medical center for pain relief and if so did it do you any good? After getting rid of my NP last week and getting a real doctor this is what she suggest we try first then maybe some massage therapy. Didn't know they even offer this at va
  14. Accidents happen even in peace time that could be PTSD,example 1979 Hunter Army Airfield Savanah GA . I was covering a rangers jump on post about 100 rangers as they was jumping they begain to tangle up about 30 of them I had bodies, bones, and men some living some not all over the place. Did I file a "frivolous claim" Vets get kill in peace time also even if its just training.Its their right to file.
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