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  1. See below link. acceptable ships for AO exposure USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) [Destroyer Tender] multiple dockings to piers at Da Nang during April 1972 haleakal anchored in Dana get harbor August 27-29 1969 due to boiler accident and sent crew ashore prior to departure for Subic bay for repairs https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/docs/shiplist.docx
  2. Do you have a copy of your personnel records. Can you scan it minus the personal identification. There should be a sheet with like three maybe four columns that list from boot on out to a school to ships. It will say when you report. If you can scan that I might be able to help. Samuel Gompers (AD-37) Multiple dockings to piers at Da Nang during April 1972 - See more at: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/shiplist/list.asp#G
  3. If the va already made a decision in oth before and you didn't appeal within a year you will probably have to take it up with DOD. Also look at 38 cfr 3.12 regarding discharge reasons. You wrote a lot but kind of skirted the actual reasons for discharge. It is none of our business but if you want any further help regarding oth we kind of need facts and circumstances. This is all just my humble opinion. Good on your for still getting treatment. Best you can do right now.
  4. http://www.va.gov/vdl/documents/Financial_Admin/Auto_Medical_Info_Exchg_(AMIE)/tech.doc#_Toc221510013 7131/7132 VAF 21-7131 is a request for information. The regional office can log into the appropriate VA medical center and request a number of reports for a veteran. These include, but are not limited to, competency reports, admission reports, and asset information. Items such as 21-Day Certificate and Notice of Discharge are automatically tracked and issued only when the event occurs. At this point, they become a 7132, Notice of Discharge and 21-Day Certificate. Multi-divisional medical centers may transfer portions of the 7131 request between their divisions.
  5. You have to have two years of consecutive active duty after 1980. Doesn't matter wartime or not. OR OR Completed obligated period of service. Meaning called to active or served obligated time. Example. Desert storm. Called to active. Less than two years BUT served obligated time. Check remarks section on Dd214. It will say meet has completed obligated period of service. Now before 1980 all you has to do was serve a day other than a rice duty for training. Example bay of pigs/Cuban middle crisis or Berlin airlift OR of course be SC http://www.benefits.va.gov/WARMS/docs/admin21/m21_1/mr/part3/subptii/ch06/pt03_sp02_ch06.doc 4. Minimum Active Duty Service Requirements, Continued b. Entitlement to VA Benefits When the Minimum Active Duty Requirements Are Not Met An individual who does not meet the minimum active duty service requirements is not eligible for any benefit under 38 U.S.C. or under any other law administered by VA except benefits for, or in connection with, a SC disability or death insurance benefits provided by 38 U.S.C. Chapter 19, and/or refunds of a participants contributions to the educational benefits program provided by 38 U.S.C. Chapter 32. c. Exceptions to the Minimum Active Duty Requirement The table below outlines exceptions to the minimum active duty requirements. Exception Description/Restrictions Discharge under 10 U.S.C. § 1171 Description: Allows for an early-out discharge within three months of the expiration of the term of enlistment or extended enlistment. Note: This discharge is not available to officers. Restrictions for persons in the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps: This discharge is not available to persons in the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps who are discharged with less than 33 months of service, as the minimum period of enlistment for these branches of service is three years. Restrictions for persons in the Army: This discharge is not available to persons in the Army who are discharged with less than 21 months of service, as the minimum period of enlistment is two years. Acceptable narrative reasons on DD Form 214: Most discharges under 10 U.S.C. § 1171 have one of the following narrative reasons for discharge on the DD Form 214: Overseas Returnee Expiration of Term of Service, or Completion of Required Service. Continued on next page
  6. See section fifteen. And definitely look at the cfr references http://www.benefits.va.gov/WARMS/docs/admin21/m21_1/mr/part3/subptiv/ch03/pt03_sp04_ch03_secB.doc a. Criteria for Requesting Review Examinations For more information on the criteria for requesting a review examination, see 38 CFR 3.327(b), and 38 CFR 3.327©. Note: Do not request a review examination solely to confirm evidence listed in 38 CFR 3.326(b) and © that is otherwise adequate for rating.
  7. With the letter or notification it does say you can request a hearing. That will stall the reduction and give a chance to hear your story. While you wait for the hearing you should continue to keep getting paid. Jmho.
  8. Also hearing loss is measurable and tinnitus isn't. Mostly have to answer had tinnitus since service. Jmho. I love the part about hearing loss but not for va purposes. I failed the hearing test three times before I got out. Funny what a flight deck does to hearing
  9. JT24usn

    I Get 30%

    Also hearing loss is measurable and tinnitus isn't. Mostly have to answer had tinnitus since service. Jmho. I love the part about hearing loss but not for va purposes. I failed the hearing test three times before I got out. Funny what a flight deck does to hearing
  10. It's my understanding that the appeal stays with the RO. The va is about dates and numbers and there would be a hissy fit to transfer a 5 yr old appeal to another station. My guess it's probably stuck at at Pete. Sorry. Jmho
  11. 3/31/15 was day of my cp. I appealed my zero percent rating
  12. That's why I'm worried about effective date. I almost don't want to argue it fearing retaliation from Cleveland. I was thinking the scar might be 10 after cp. Got 29 and am wstatic. This will be my social security someday. Want to keep the 90% 70% anxiety/depression secondary to sc conditions 40% small bowel resection. Won on appeal recently 20% scar won on appeal recently 10% tinnitus. That is it. Nothing else in strs and fine with 90%. That effective date is going to bother me though if they make it 3/31/15 instead of 5/28/10.
  13. Stomach granted from 20-40 from 5/28/10 to 3/12/15. My second was a co exam for scar of stomach surgery. Granted from 0-20% effective 3/31/15 bringing me to 90%. Ecstatic is not the word. 5 years in the making. I do however have one question. Why would one be from 5/28/10 and the other be 3/31/15 to present? Here is my timeline for scars. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated 05/03/2011 Local VA Office Decision RO 05/16/2011 Notice of Disagreement (NOD) RO 05/19/2011 Appeal Pending RO 06/13/2012 Statement of the Case (SOC) RO 06/26/2012 Substantive Appeal (Form 9) RO 04/13/2015 Supplemental Statement(s) of the Case (SSOC) RO
  14. Brokering is one thing. This will be a system just dividing it up regardless of veterans location. I know about brokering. My RO is getting jackson st Pete New Orleans Detroits slop. Had a claim from at Pete where the strs had been ordered and were sitting in the file since July. Easiest claim to work. Ordered all exams and got the claim moving. RO's that are caught up are going to suffer because of others. I. Some ways it will be good but I. Others most will work a claim to get it out of their queue and never see it agan rather than give it a good once over. Jmho.
  15. so you knew about it? It hasn't gone into effect yet because they are still working out the kinks. It wa supposed to start alreadyThe implications of this will be big as it will slow down claims even more because there is now ownershipe to a claim. The people will just try to get the claim out of their queue. My apologies for wasting your time. But to think about it. This is like your claim going through LA to Waco to Detroit to jackson to st Pete to be worked. And from what I read on hear those are stellar ROs Maybe it will be beneficial to somebody. Thanks for letting the rest of us know about this news a year ago. I was only trying to give a background. My apologies. I shall put read at your own risk as could waste time
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