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Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Victims



I attached the AWHTTN Newsletter. You can click on the hot link in the newsletter that says Form95help website and fill out your info on line, it is very short so you are not filling out the whole form 95. This law firm is handling the class action suit and will get back to you and notify you if you have a case based on your conditions, etc you believe could be attributed to the toxic water at Camp Lejuene. This law firm specializes in toxic suits. They have sent their own specialists into Lejuene and guess what? The level of toxic stuff is actually 35 times the safe level of 5 parts per million.

All of you that were stationed at Lejuene prior to 1986 have drank the water there and either them or their dependents have been afflicted in some way. Cancer, lukemia, cysts, and more to include death of them or their loved ones.

Fill it out on line, it's time we begin the counter-attack! Read the newsletter at least, something IS being done.

Semper Fi!!!!


Camp Lejuene 1966 - 1968


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Rocky-I just emailed the SF 95 site-

they are correct in saying to get a lawyer-

but they have not explained the SOL- Statute of Limits well-

A claimant can only file a SF 95 within two years they become aware of negligence- this is the statute- 2 years-

I suggested at that site and here- that a claimant filing the SF 95 regarding Camp LeJeune should put a date of publication of the first knowledge they had of the contamination at the Camp and that it could have caused death or disability. And hopefully that date is within the two years they have-from that point on-to file the SF 95.

Unless anyone here has other information-

Had a vet, helped him prepare the SF 95 and a Sec 1151 claim.

He doesn't remember who he gave the 1151 to at the VA-

He wanted me to find it- I cannot ask the VA questions on his behalf.

He waited and waited to send the SF95- two years from the date he was aware of malpractice at a local VAMC was looming close-I remember the very day the malpractice occurred-and reminded him many times to mail that form within the two year date and to get a lawyer- which he always seemed to have an excuse not to do-

He asked someone else to mail the form on the very last day he could get it in the mail.On a Friday at 4 PM-

Counsel called him from VA 2 weeks later -they got it postmarked a few days beyond the statute-he has no FTCA claim.

He called me relentlessly to see what I can do- there is nothing I can do-

That date (the day you became aware of the potential malpractice) is so important I don't know why the site did not mention it-

If Marines put down that they were contaminated in 1987 or something- they have to say they became aware of the potential negligence within two years of filing the SF 95 claim.

MOST are- this has been news only for about a year-

but the wording of the SF 95 is critical.

The wording I used in 1995 will help any vet with a FTCA malpractice claim against the VA- but

this is different so the site is right- all should get a good FTCA lawyer for advise on these types of claims.

I would even suggest that a claimant in the Le Jeune matter attach a dated internet printout to prove the day they became aware that negligence at Le Jeune might have occurred.

my opinion only-----

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  • HadIt.com Elder



Do you have a link to that site or the forms ... ???

I spent some time at LeJeune and drank oodles of their water there too.

Maybe that is what pickled my brain ???... B)

... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... B)


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Go to my post, the original post and click on the attachment I provided that is in .pdf format. Near the end of the newsletter there is a hyperlink www.form95help.com. Just double click on that link and it will take you to the website.

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Does anyone have any info about toxic water at camp Pendleton, or MCAS Tuston?

At this time they are both being cleaned up by the military.

Do you need to wait for a disease to hit before you file?

Why did the military only notify certain groups of people? ( Once who were married living in base housing )

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Go to this link http://www.watersurvivors.com/default.asp

The reason they notified the married folks is because there were three areas at Lejeune that had wells that serviced them and were considered at the time the culprit of the contamination that serviced the Tarawa Terrace dependent housing quarters area. Since, they have also determined Hadnot Point and also Holcomb Blvd wells. Holcomb Blvd wells are on the base and affected Marines on base.

Do some research on "Superfund", I believe it lists all the military bases with contamination and clean-up status.

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