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Vet Is Shocked At Va's Threats



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I have said a lot worse things publicly about some of the care I received from the VA. I believe if this were to happen to me, I would tell them "Bring it!" The internet is going to end up being the VA's worst enemy. There should be thousands of these videos posted every day! Things would change-fast!

No grounds what so ever for defamation! Even if he named names, if his complaints are true and accurate there would be no grounds. He could get into a peeing contest with the VA about "true and accurate," but the VA would have to defend their ER practices in court. I am sure everyone has seen those overhead video cameras in the ER-good luck with that!


If the VA were to sue him, they would have to sue the TV station and probably his ISP also. Texas statutes protect them all. He would have a lot of legal help real quick-ACLU and the press organizations. There would probably be either a preemptive suit against the VA or at least a counter suit against them. First order of business-get those video tapes!

As was often said a long time ago and far from home, "They can kill you, but they can't eat you!"

Threatening him was a violation of his civil rights. This particular set of words is very difficult to get around:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

If I recall correctly, and I do, defending this protection was part of the oath I swore! The VA would do well to remember who their clients are.

(PS-This really pissed me off!)

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Yep. Vets go to war and fight for freedoms, such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I think that means freedom of Youtube, also.

The Vets win the war, so the VA "helps" the Vets by taking those freedoms away from Veterans, and giving them to everyone else. If anyone, anytime, EVER deserved Freedom of the Press, it would be that Veteran and the rest of us, too.

This is a game changer. The VA has long pissed on Veterans, and then ignores him even when he gets the congressman involved. I have said this before..hitting them with your congressman does not work well, but hit them in "the media basket"...that is where it hurts them the most.

We should not have to hit them at all...but too many of us are very much too tired to be kept "beaten down" by the VA sloooooooow....and disrespectful service to Vets.

So, hit the Va where it hurts..not in the face, not in the belly, but in the media. Yes, it defames the hospital, but if the story is true it deserves to be told. People need to know that the VA does not always treat Vets right.

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NK, while its not always possible, when I see someone's name tag reversed, I point it out to them and tell them that veterans need, and have a right, to know who they are. Occasionally, I get some push back but just from those who are trying to hide their ID. I am not really an AH or HA but I am fed up with poor VA services.

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The reverse ID badge bugs me, too, but I'm always nervous and on edge so I don't want to risk a confrontation.

You know, the VA is the only medical environment I've ever been in where the people who are about to treat you or ask extremely personal question don't automatically introduce themselves. I still don't know the name of the nurses at the CBOC, and only know the name of the doctor because it's on the appointment letter.

Heck, even the kid at Denny's tells you who they are before they ask you what you want. Just about every server in the smallest hash-houses in the country wear a name tag you can read...

And if you go to a private medical facility, they always say who they are, at least their first names. Especially in the Emergency Room, where it's a psychological comfort and aids in the healthcare.

But the VA, they don't want you to know their names.

My podiatrist told me when she went to work at the VA briefly as a contractor that she was warned about the crazy vets. Maybe that's why they don't want us to know their names, they're afraid vets will stalk them or something?

It makes me sad to think that the VA has a culture of the veteran as a crazy, to be afraid of, to be dismissed. Or a greedy malingerer.

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Basically they do have the control, and can bounce one around on their power trip. You do as I say attitude...probably somewhat worse than your drill sergeant! It can be difficult for some vets...

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The VA has definitely made a move toward anonymity for VA employees. To bad we Vets dont get that.

My decisions are no longer signed by the rater...nope...they are signed by the VSCM, and the VA does not want to let us know WHO made the decision.

In some ways, I can see that. If I worked there, I would not want an enraged combat Vet coming after me because I had denied him. While many Vets are "justifiably angry" at their rater, others may just plain be angry.

My neighbor, who is a police officer, does the same thing. He has a "badge number"...

That way, if you write down the badge number you can report bad behavior by a policeman. But, you cant look up where he lives if he arrests you and you are mad he arrested you for DUI.

Some people drive drunk and then get mad at the police man for arresting them. I think that is misplaced anger. If you got caught driving drunk, you should either:

1. Be mad at yourself for bad judgement.

2. Be glad the police man caught you before you killed someone.

Preferably, number 2.

The problem is looking at your own case "from a distance" and not be emotional about it. You see, if you get denied, it could be justified, or it could be not justified. (Most of the time the denials are not justified). But, I will agree that sometimes its not the raters fault if you get denied..even if you deserve benefits.

What happens a lot of the time is the records never show up. So the rater denies based on no evidence in the file. Well, there may not be anything in the file, but that does not prove you dont have the malady..it simply proves there isnt anything in the file now. There is a difference. There are many, many reasons why a Vet could well be infilcted with the malady but there is no evidence in the file.

A few possible reasons are:

1. The evidence was lost.

2. The evidence was shredded.

3. The evidence was there, but the rater failed to read it.

4. The evidence never existed, through no fault of the Vet. Example: Vet gets treated in battle and the medic goes and treats another wounded Vet, and does not document the injury.

5. The evidence exists, but the Vet loses the original or, does not tell the VA about it, so the VA does not seek those records.

6. Sometimes the VA even alters the records to deny. See Cushman. Some of those Va employee lawyers will stop at nothing to win. The VA tells its lawyers: "This is adversarial. You beat this Vet..you get bonuses..now find evidence to deny". They tell congress and Vets: This is a non adversarial system.

7. Other reasons, some bizarre. For example the records were destroyed in a 1973 fire.

When the Vet gets the decision, he does not know

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