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Common VA Disabilities


14 Questions about Veterans Disability Compensation Benefits Claims 

When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about when it comes to filing VA Disability Claims.

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Self-Employment Track


I'm currently receiving SSD and Disability Retirement.

SSD is for a combination of service connected PTSD 50% and Back which is non-service connected.

My Back is what I receive Disability Retirement for from the post office.

My total VA rating is 80%.

I had a claim in for IU, but was recently denied. The VA stated I have not been found to be unemployable.

While I'm going through the appeals process, I applied for Voc-Rehab.

My initial meeting with a VRC is the 8th of January.

I have a very strong passion for music and wanna follow this dream I've had since childhood.

I am a writer, producer and performer. I've invested a lot of money in music equipment, and currently

Building my own recording studio. I've started my own music publishing company. I recently had one

Of my songs released on a national level. I know mostly the production side of music, but now I

Wanna learn the business side. My question is ?

Since I've already done most of the work to set-up and run my own business, will the VRC allow me

to go to school online to get educated in the business side of music ? Thanks for your replies.....

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They should do that, It depends on the counselor.


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I have a friend who did a degree under voc rehab in 2005.

He now wonders if he can go back and apply for self employment help.

Anyone know?

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Devil dog...

Go ahead and "Ask". The Voc counselor may go for it. If not, you can always try an appeal. You cant possibly fail if your determination to suceed is strong enough.

China Vet

Voc Rehab has much fewer hard "regulations" than does disability claims. Again, "go for it". The worst they can say is "no", and you can still appeal.

While I am not sure the Va will opt to let you "keep trying" different Voc rehab paths, I dont know that "2" is precluded, either. Go for it.

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Well guys, the Voc-Rehab Counselor denied my request for retraining because of my disabilities, but he did approve me for ILP and wrote a statement in support of my IU claim, which was recently denied

Through a DRO Review decision Oct. 2012.

Hopefully this will help.....What do you think ?

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Its great news you were awarded ILP!
Congratulations! ILP can be a big deal. I know one Vet who got about 10,000 of computer equipment for his ILP. You now need to think about what you would like for your ILP. ILP will be specific to your needs. IT WILL NOT be used, however, to help you become employed or self employed. Dont even ask for an ILP that will lead to a job.

There is stuff on ILP and you should look at what other Vets got, and think of what you want. You probably should have a "plan A" plan B and C. Example:

Plan A...I would like an Ipad and software to help me connect with friends and family..along with a webcam, etc. (under 5k)

Plan B.. I would like a woodshop with tools to make wood toys for grandchildren (10-20k)

Plan C I would like a green house, lawn tractor, etc. The VA ILP will NOT give you money for lawn equipment to start a biz cutting neighborhood lawns, so dont ask for that, however.

Frankly this sounds to me like the VA is "speaking from both sides of its mouth", but I would know better if you posted "reasons and bases" for your denial.

You see, Voc Rehab is for Vets who need retraining or need help becoming employed. ILP, however, is for people who are not employable, especially 100% Vets.

So, I dont get how they can say you are employable and also eligible for ILP which suggests unemployablity. This assumes you have sought TDIU.


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