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What Is Vupd?



on bottom of my c&p award form from my c-file Is a note in "remards" that reads

"Dictated Letter Required: Potential Adverse Rating

Vital M/R Exists - VUPD is Required"

What does that mean?

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Never heard that before VUPS

I think the M/R means vital Military or medical record exists-

I am more concerned that they asked the C & P doc for dictated letter and already could determine potential adverse rating?

Or wanted the letter to make sure it supported that?

Dont know about you all out there but I would be pretty upset about this-and I would use the VA Query system and ask them specifically what this means.

did you get an adverse rating already due to this C & P?

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Sorry - it is VUPD - I just edited it.

Yes - I did get an adverse rating - 3 claims denied s/c only 1 granted at 10% (so far...) I've NOD them all.

The statement is on form 21-8947 C&P award.... it came from my c-file

I don't know if it is an internal form, I didn't think it went to the C&P exam? but I am very new at this....

I know I have vital M/R out there - but they can't find them (or hadn't when I requested c-file) I was thinking it ment something they needed to obtain my "vital m/r's" - very confused.....

So - it is form 21-8947 & at bottom in remarks it reads

Dictated Letter Required: Potential Adverse Rating

Vital M/R exists - VUPD is required.

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Carlie- I think it is a dictator code-

2 digits are usually dependency codes etc-denote combat etc - stuff like that

Dictator codes are usually four digits-

Don asked for a dictator code link in M21-1 about 2 months ago and I posted it here at hadit-

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No - nothing with Vanderbilt. I also think it is a dictator code - but I wanted to know what it stood for - so I could help them get it......

I do have NUMEROUS SMR's missing I got my c-file & they had only a small handfull of my records - Nothing about my back , nothing about my hypothermia, I had 2 operations - nothing on them either. Just a lot of ear infections & minor stuff - none of my major stuff was there........Maybe a code for trying again to get them?

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gwvet- have you attempted to get your SMRs at the NARA site with a SF 180?

If NARA confirms that they are all at the VARO-

obviously - they are not in your c file-but they are somewhere-

Do you have a vet rep or NSO?

Have a vet who VA said SMRS were all destroyed in the fire-yeah right-

Asked for c file copy-

found 3 SMRs- no water damage, no charring-

said to vet - file SF 180-

4 weeks later vets gets from NARA the whole SMR shibang- with the nexus to his disability in them-

It just amazes me how the most critical evidence a vet needs somehow "disappears"

sometimes. And then usually they put it back in the c file-at some point-

This vet's POA asked me if I thought the VA had this vets complete SMRS all that time-(time of his denial) and I said "of course they did-then they denied and sent them back to NARA but kept three" I dont know that for a fact but this is only way I could comprehend what happened-

They (the Same RO I deal with)saw Air Force and an enlistment date prior to 1973 on his DD 214 -and made up the St Louis fire bull crap-robably without checking with NARA at all ---this tactic has worked for them to deny many many claims for years.

I even had a vet who they denied due to "burnt records-St Louis" blah blah-no SMRs-

and he had enlisted years AFTER the fire-

He got his SMRs from NARA and got his SC award.

Your SMRs are somewhere at the RO or still at NARA.

(unless you applied for SSA or SSI?-try there too)

They are critical to your claim and you need them to succeed.

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